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Horoscope for the week from August 24 to 30

Horoscope for the week from August 24 to 30

What do the Stars promise us in the last week of August? How to spend the last days of summer with the greatest benefit? This will tell you our weekly horoscope for the period from 24 to 30 August.

Aries this week will have to worry a lot. But astrologers claim that your experiences will most likely be in vain. Probably, you have turned out to be not the easiest period in personal relationships. But be that as it may, it is worth experiencing.

You shouldn’t be in vain, and even more sad because of the past.

Taurus in the last summer days need to learn to listen to others. It is very likely that you are biased. But still it is worth considering whether you could hurt someone unintentionally?

Ask for forgiveness in time if you know that you have some kind of fault. This will give you the location of Fortune.

During this period, Gemini will actively contact others. Wait for friends who want to see you in the last summer days, or colleagues inviting you to kebabs. Communication can be beneficial if your goal is just a useful acquaintance.

But do not get too carried away by the person who has appeared in your life.

Representatives of this Sign will work hard all week trying to get away from internal problems. Horoscope week recommends not to dwell on the past. Perhaps an old acquaintance will awaken in your memories dormant for the time being.

But think carefully about whether the present is worth the past.

It’s time for the lions to think about the people around you, including at work. Take a closer look at those who praise you at every opportunity. You may have become a target for gossip or slander.

It is not necessary to look at each person suspiciously, but if you have not been comfortable in a circle before, feel free to change your surroundings.

Stars tell Virgos that their help will be needed by close people. Pay attention to what is happening around you. The hand extended in time will return good.

Even if you do not believe in the «boomerang principle» — it’s time to make sure that the universe is fair.

The horoscope for the week warns Libra against discord with loved ones. You can be offended, but even if it happened, do not hold on to evil. Try to be less upset and direct the energy in a more positive direction.

For this purpose, suitable creative hobby or watching your favorite series — sometimes it can be very useful to escape.

The highs of this week may be overshadowed by falls, so it is better for Scorpios to spread a straw softer beforehand. Weaknesses, things that you are not sure about — all this life can put to the test. Therefore, do not lose contact with loved ones.

Stars are advised to be more careful with hot items.

The time has come given Sagittarius, to understand themselves. Perhaps it’s time to start a personal diary to make it easier to deal with experiences. Turns of fate in this period can be unpredictable, so it’s worthwhile to navigate on the road of life in advance.

Negative emotions in Capricorns this week are likely to be caused by subordinates or superiors. Stars can turn away from you if you do not cope with their negative energy. Nervous tension and problems with sleep are not the best companions of the last week of summer, so use any opportunity to stay with a close friend and forget about everything.

The end of the summer will result in a summary for Aquarius. But recalculating the money spent on vacation or remembering who and how many times this week washed the dishes, do not forget the main thing. Those close to you treasure, and your feelings would not hurt a little romance.

Banal coffee in bed can be a new round in the relationship.

Horoscope sets Pisces on a positive wave. Stop thinking in negative categories: each “I can’t do it,” hears your Destiny. Convince her and yourself that you can handle everything, and things will go uphill.

The main thing is to believe in your own strength, even if it suddenly seems to you that the Stars turned away from you.

The end of summer promises to be fickle. Someone will have to sum up the past season, and someone will have to start thinking about the future. Do not be afraid to make plans, no matter how impracticable they may seem to you, and you will succeed. Enjoy the last days of summer and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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