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Horoscope for the week from April 3 to April 9

Horoscope for the week from April 3 to April 9

The horoscope for the week often provides significant assistance in achieving the cherished goal. It reflects the main aspects of the influence of the planets, which can both positively and negatively affect your Sign. By following the recommendations, you will be able to plan your time properly and easily cope with all adverse factors.

Knowing the planets patronizing your Zodiac, you can use their influence for your own benefit and spend a week productively. And in order to reduce the negative impact of antagonist planets, astrologers are advised to turn to meditations. Such exercises help to energize and strengthen the body’s resistance to external stimuli.

The week for Aries is generally favorable: the Sun, your ally, takes a strong position and neutralizes the active influence of the Moon on April 3 and 4. The moon, which almost the whole week will have either a low or medium level of force, will not cause you any significant problems. This arrangement of the planets is favorable for active actions both at work and in personal relationships. April 7, be careful: the opposition of the Sun and Jupiter can cause conflicts, destabilize the emotional background.

At this time, you should not be taken for the decision of responsible tasks. The very next day, the squaring of the Sun with Pluto will give you the energy to move forward. The main thing — time to send it in the right direction.

For Taurus week promises to be difficult. This is the fault of the Moon: most of the time it will be in a weak or neutral position, therefore it will not be able to give you enough energy. Your patron will take a strong position on April 3rd and 4th.

Tuesday is the most auspicious day for vigorous activity. On Monday, 3 numbers, the opposition of the Moon with Saturn will lead to problems with self-realization, misunderstanding with the people around them and internal conflict. On this day, you should avoid active contacts and spend more time in solitude.

On April 5, the trine of the Moon with Venus favors the realization of creative potential, the solution of acute problems and creative activity.

For representatives of the Gemini Sign, the week will be successful due to the active influence of Venus, the patroness of your constellation. However, it is retrograde, and luck at any moment can turn into disappointment. Twins should make an effort to achieve their goals and economize on energy reserves. April 8 squaring Venus with Saturn can lead to an increase in negative energy, which will affect the relationship.

On this day, you should listen to the voice of reason and carefully weigh each step. This will make it possible to achieve success and provide an opportunity to realize its full potential

Cancers have a very successful week due to the active position of your patron, Venus. The period from April 3 to 9 can only be darkened by the weak position of the Moon from the 7th to the 9th. These days, Cancers need to concentrate on the goal and achieve the planned, despite some inconveniences. Weekend is worth devoting full rest and planning.

Also during the period of a weak moon, exercises that increase energy will be useful for representatives of your Sign.

For Lviv this week will be under the strong influence of the Sun, your patron. The whole period will be in a favorable position, but on April 3 and 4 the reinforcement of your opponent, the Moon, may confuse the plans. These days it is worth taking care not to make mistakes.

At the end of the week, from Friday to Sunday, the Moon will be in a weak position, which is good for action. On Friday, the influence of Jupiter will help make the right decision, which will be given with difficulty, but will have the most successful consequences.

In Virgos, the horoscope week is quite complex. This is the fault of the moon, your patron. On the 3rd and 4th, she will be in a strong position, which will allow you to develop active actions aimed at achieving well-being. However, she will spend the rest of the day in a neutral or weak position, and this time will be your test of strength.

From April 7 to 9, it is better not to take responsible decisions and to devote the end of the week to current work, as well as to rest and solving issues that do not require large amounts of energy.

Venus, your patron, is in a strong position from April 3rd to 9th. Increased energy can be sent to fight with their uncertainty. On Monday, the aspect of the Moon and Saturn will give the opportunity to realize their potential and spend this day productively.

On weekends, the strong influence of the enemy of your Sign, the Sun, can deprive you of strength and turn off capricious Fortune, however, with due diligence and inner harmony, you will have a chance to complete current affairs to devote the next week to active actions.

A difficult start of the week for Scorpions will be due to the active position of the Moon, the opponent of your Token. During this period, you should not make important decisions that affect the fate and achievement of goals. On Wednesday, the trine of the Moon with Venus may well deprive you of your strength, so focus on doing things of secondary importance. Thereby you will save power for future accomplishments and fruitful activities.

The active intervention of the planets will subside towards the end of the week. The moon will take a weak position, and Scorpions will have the opportunity to do important tasks.

Streltsov is predicted to be a very mixed week. On April 3 and 4, the Moon, which gives you inconvenience, takes a strong position and is capable of confusing plans. On Monday, she will come into opposition with Saturn, and this aspect can lead to conflicts and internal confrontation.

During this period, it is worthwhile to postpone important business to avoid unforgivable mistakes. Wednesday and Thursday also do not have a favorable effect due to the trigon of the Moon with Venus on Wednesday and with Saturn on Thursday. This position of the planets calls for caution in communication, and also forces us to leave the most significant issues until a more favorable period. Closer to the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, the Moon will take a weak position, which is conducive to action.

Good luck and add your supporter the sun. His strong position gives positive energy that will allow you to show an extraordinary approach to solving accumulated issues and affairs.

For Capricorns, the beginning of the week promises problems: The moon, your opponent, is in a strong position on Monday and Tuesday. On April 3, the opposition of the Moon and Saturn can be the beginning of a clash of interests, which will give rise to conflicts and negative about the opponent. On April 5 and 6, the Moon will take a neutral position, and on the 5th of its day, the trine with Venus will enable you to realize your dream.

On Thursday, the aspect with Satun will allow you to step out of the shadows and make important decisions aimed at achieving well-being. The moon will weaken its position from Friday to Sunday, but even this time will not give Capricorns the opportunity to reach their full potential. Squaring the Sun with Pluto contributes to frequent mood swings, which increases the likelihood of inadequate judgment and actions.

Sunday is a rather favorable day for Capricorns, in which you will be able to devote time to creative affairs and the acquisition of new knowledge.

For Aquarius, the week from April 3 to 9 will be ambiguous. On Monday, the Moon in opposition with Saturn will provide positive energy for vigorous activity and the opportunity to resolve important issues. Tuesday will be a critical day because of Mars, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to Aquarius, and give your Sign a negative. Lucky days are Wednesday and Thursday.

The moon on Wednesday will be in trigon with Venus, and on Thursday with Jupiter. These combinations will allow you to be active and creative in solving problems. From Friday to Saturday, the active Sun is in a strong position. Your antagonist can be very confusing and endow you with aggressive energy.

This effect will be a kind of test of strength: to stay on top, you will need endurance and common sense.

The beginning of the week promises a good mood for the fish, because the Moon, your patron, has the maximum power on April 3 and 4. Her opposition with Saturn on Monday can cause some inconvenience in communication, but with attention to your actions and words, you can avoid conflicts. The most stable day will be Wednesday and Thursday. During this period, stability will manifest itself in everything, and even the trine of the Moon with Venus on Wednesday, and then with Jupiter on Thursday will not give you any great inconvenience, but on the contrary, will help you unleash creative potential.

The weak position of the Moon from Friday to Sunday will force Pisces to suspend active operations, although with proper quickness on Sunday you will have the opportunity to realize bold ideas relating to business.

Every day is filled with unique energy, which can both help and harm. To prevent this from becoming a decisive factor in making decisions, use talismans according to the Sign of the Zodiac, and also listen to your intuition, which can suggest how to accomplish the tasks set, regardless of the negative influence of the planets. We wish you success in business, and do not forget to press buttons and

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