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Horoscope for the week from April 23 to April 29

Horoscope for the week from April 23 to April 29

A weekly weekly horoscope helps you plan important things, as well as avoid problems in love, friendship and family relationships. The tips of astrologers will help you to successfully complete the coming days.

The period from April 23 to 29 will be influenced by Mars and Pluto. The impact of these planets in the astrological world is considered a powerful source of energy and vitality. In addition, this energy is orderly and balanced, and therefore there should be no drastic changes, especially of a negative nature. This week, astrologers recommend taking advantage of the good location of the planets and constellations.

It is time to build long-term plans, to advance the work ahead, to realize the desires, to carry out things for which previously there was not enough strength. The interaction of Mars and Pluto will strengthen your ambitions, which will help determine the goal and consolidate the results.

Aries, Mercury in your Sign indicates that you have a lot to say. You will be a bad listener, but prove to be a convincing adviser. However, remember: communication in an equal format will harm you, therefore, follow the chain of command and do not rush to openly engage in dialogue.

Only those situations in which you are ready to listen will be successful for you.

Astrologers advise to concentrate energy on becoming an interesting storyteller. Speak in public, write articles, read out lectures, pass interviews. At this stage, you should speak, say all that lies in the soul. In any case, try to pronounce your plans out loud.

By announcing your intentions, you will set yourself a program in which events will spontaneously begin to unfold in such a way as to bring you closer to your goal.

The Sun will continue to dwell in your Token this week, which means the beginning of the period when you should take care of yourself and your business. Stars advise to pump initiative and self-discipline. At this stage of life, it is important for you to solve all personal problems as successfully as possible, or at least a part of them.

Particular attention should be paid to self-education, spiritual quest and the creation of a positive image.

This week, all you need is to act strictly in your own interests, without being distracted by other signals and requests for help. It is necessary to realize your strengths, recognize your talents and try to bring all this to those around you and close people. The sun will provide you with the necessary amount of energy and will to easily cope with matters that require self-development and order.

This week, the Twins will have to become themselves again. Astrologers strongly recommend to take care of themselves and their development. You should not associate your well-being, success and prosperity with other people, start creating your own world. In the period from April 23 to 29, you do not need to puzzle over the solution of problems.

Just set a goal and move towards it. All problems and contradictions will be resolved on the way, by themselves.

The influence of Venus, the patron planet, which will pass into your Sign on April 24, will suddenly arouse interest in life, new impressions and pleasures. You will begin to actively seek out information about self-development. You will be pulled to where you can get pleasant emotions and vivid impressions.

You will become more concerned about mental health.

Raki, the moon is growing this week, which means you will be in your most «energetic» phase. Your attention will attract everything that happens around. This is a special condition that can deprive you of balance. For example, on a waning moon, you listen primarily to yourself, and only then assess the situation depending on your mood.

On the growing Moon, as it will be this week, the opinion of others is more important for you. It is the opinions of others that become your guideline on the basis of which you act one way or another.

Astrologers advise to enter into a state of equilibrium with the outside world and trust fate. Release a situation, become not its participant, and the detached onlooker. Make it a rule this week to do everything in the easiest way.

Astrologers recommend Leo to give up the fighting mood, stop going ahead: instead, you need to start listening to your intuition and your desires. Your character is strong, but this week the voice will belong primarily to the physiology and psyche. This means that before you start solving problems, you need to hear your physical needs, understand your mood, identify fears or irrational sympathy.

Otherwise, life and events can be completely out of your control.

If something goes wrong as you expected, release the grasp and accept an unexpected change of plans in your script. Pluto will give you a lot of energy so that you can cope with a large amount of work and living obligations, but only if you stop forcing yourself to do something with the help of willpower.

This week, one and the same thought will often visit the representatives of the Sign of the Virgin: «life will change soon.» The life events that Mercury retrograde recently brought to you will finally begin to sort out. Your life will again be organized and controllable.

You can plan, build long-term plans and stick to them without hindrance.

If over the past few months in your life there are some new circumstances or a rift, then this week you will feel that you have come to grips with them. Any stressful conditions are now for you only a part of the usual reality. In the period from April 23 to 29, you will find active mental work, a lot of new impressions, entertainment and a long-awaited meeting, but astrologers do not specify whether it will be a meeting with a person or with new opportunities.

The culminating event of the coming period for you will be the transition of Venus from the constellation Taurus to the Gemini Sign. This will leave a special imprint on your lifestyle and will change the significance of various changes. Life will be much easier and easier.

You will rarely have to complain about the problems and aggravating sluggishness of life situations.

In addition, it will be possible to gain mutual understanding with loved ones. In family life, the importance of sex will diminish, as the importance of common plans and morals will grow. It will be possible to come to an agreement with your loved one, discuss issues of concern and find compromise solutions.

The influence of enhanced Mars will give impetus to your endeavors. You are waited by the dynamic beginning of a week which should be devoted to various affairs. Astrologers advise to create around them an atmosphere of vigorous activity. In the period from April 23 to April 29, a kind of energetically powerful situation awaits you.

Most likely, it will be an acquaintance with an influential person who will help you realize your desires.

In the middle of the week, relationships with loved ones will receive an extra charge of activity. You will manage to achieve harmony in a pair, defend your principles, show yourself from the best side. This means that from Wednesday to Sunday favorable conditions will be created for strengthening personal and business contacts.

A huge amount of energy will go on moving around the city and short-term business trips, trips to nearby cities.

Strengthened Neptune in Pisces will give you a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of great ideas. It often happens that there is not enough power for their implementation, and the circumstances are not always suitable for this. But this week everything will go well. Thanks to the positive effects of Neptune, you will receive a huge boost of energy.

This energy is enough to turn the world.

Astrologers recommend to direct energy to the embodiment of financial and personal plans. The result of the work done during the week is unlikely to disappoint you, so feel free to do business, make deals, increase income, look for the possibility of additional income. The main source of energy will be food, so watch your diet.

As for the internal energy, it can be enhanced with the help of energy practices: gymnastics, meditation, reading mantras.

This week, representatives of the Capricorn constellation will have to independently build their lives. At the beginning of the week, the main condition for your success will be enhanced ambitions and bold decisions. Until Wednesday, you should stock up on energy to realize yourself in some important business for you. Thanks to the positive participation of Mars, which will remain in your Sign, you will be able to change yourself, the world and life circumstances in your favor.

Nothing can stop you this week.

It must also be remembered that adrenaline rush in the blood, so the desire to waste your potential on risky plans and extreme entertainment can go sideways. Astrologers advise to stay away from potentially dangerous situations, it is better to direct vitality to useful things. For example, to convince the authorities, to insist on their life principles, to discuss an important issue, to give up the bad habit.

Remember that this week you alone can cope with everything that prevents you from developing and becoming better.

From April 23 to April 29, the most promising business for Aquarius will be the solution of material and practical issues that relate to family life, life and real estate. This week you will have monetary luck — provided that you are ready to act. Sitting on the ground and waiting for the weather by the sea is a deliberately disastrous strategy.

From Monday to Friday, an active, diplomatic and manipulative approach will help to improve the financial situation. It is necessary to conduct a hidden fight with secret enemies, competitors, envious and detractors. However, you need to choose only one profitable business in order to fully concentrate all your resources and strength on it.

This week you are awaiting the completion of some important stage, so do not sit back.

The coming period is the time of communication, receiving new emotions and news. It is this week that communication with friends and like-minded people will leave behind you the most vivid impressions, which with a new force will ignite your interest in life. Astrologers recommend not to be shy, but to actively participate in public life.

Attend seminars, hold meetings, organize entertainment events, group tours, creative associations.

Use the favorable astrological influence of Neptune, strengthened by staying in your Sign, to gain leadership in the society of interest to you or to become the soul of the company among friends or relatives. This week you need to focus on communication, giving up everything else.

This week everyone should rely on the reliability of partners, friends, sincerity of sympathy. A week can start with unexpected events, but all problems can be quickly resolved. No need to succumb to false alarm, obsessive thoughts, hidden fears. The coming period is the best time to set priorities, allocate resources and benefits.

The universe will be waiting for you not only desires, but also real evidence of your intentions. The weekly horoscope wishes you a great mood, success in everything and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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