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Horoscope for the week from 9 to 15 January

Horoscope for the week from January 9 to January 15

From January 9 to January 15, the Moon changes the phase, which means that in the horoscope of many Zodiac Signs there are changes and unexpected surprises. In order not to be trapped, you can always look into the future — in astrological forecast or in the lunar calendar.

This week, Aries will have to rely on themselves. In order not to be alone with problems, without support and support, you can use the power of your zodiac element — Fire. Meditating on the flame of a candle will help to find answers to many questions, and a warm gamut in clothes will give you confidence in your abilities.

Taurus can face problems that tend to grow, like a snowball. To avoid this, solve small problems immediately, as they appear. Then the current January week will be a great start to a fruitful year.

At the beginning of the week, the Moon will enter the final stage of growth and will be in your Zodiac Sign. This means that on Monday and Tuesday you will be on a horse, and very incidentally you will have a decisive act where fate has long awaited your willful decision from you.

On Thursday, the Full Moon will enter the constellation of Cancer, so you can use the power of the Full Moon for one hundred percent. Many folk signs and rituals are associated with the Full Moon, so that its energy will positively affect your future.

Friday and Saturday — the length of the descending moon in your zodiac sign, so you can feel a slight breakdown. Astrologers advise not to plan time-consuming affairs at the end of the week and weekends, and if this cannot be avoided, try to accumulate strength in advance and strengthen the energy.

From January 9 to January 15, Sunday is the best day of the week for Virgos. And this means that it is then that you should take on the business, in the successful outcome of which you doubt. Any kind of completion will be especially good — for example, the final touches of a creative project, the end of repairs, and also long overdue changes in personal relationships.

Scales in this January are often in shock, and therefore it is so important not to lose fighting spirit. Remind yourself of your victories, use the method of the carrot and not the stick — self-criticism at this stage can only harm, but believing in yourself will support you and help you not to lose your luck.

Time is money, and this week you should not spend it on people who do not believe in you, and on things that you are not interested in yourself. Favorable horoscope can easily spoil if you waste the location of stars in vain and sprayed on those things that you really do not need.

In an effort to catch everything at once, you can chase after two hares, and eventually run up to the broken trough. This is especially true for the second half of the week. when the moon’s energy goes into decline. But unpredictable decisions and bold experiments can be your forte.

Capricorns will have to face conflicts. But do not be in a hurry to get upset: it is quite possible that you have a good chance to become a winner in a long-standing dispute or to reach a compromise in a protracted confrontation, be it business problems or personal misunderstanding.

Aquarius astrologers recommend to be attentive to the little things and details. Without losing in the small, we ultimately lay the foundation for great accomplishments. Minor inattention, lack of agreement in relationships, housework transferred to tomorrow — all of this may not remind you of yourself in time and confuse you with all the cards.

At a time when the overall energy goes down, Pisces may feel a surge of strength. Use this contradiction to your advantage. By insisting on one’s own, many issues can be resolved in their favor — even those in which, as you think, victory does not shine.

We wish all the zodiac signs a happy week. Do not forget to celebrate Old New Year and recharge yourself with a festive atmosphere and positive energy. And while your wishes come true, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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