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Horoscope for the week from 7 to 13 May

Horoscope for the week from May 7 to 13

The coming week will be difficult, which is fraught with an unstable emotional state: irascibility, agitation, obsessive thoughts. The tips of the astrologers will help you avoid problems in these seven days.

This week is predicted to be an active time that is best for communicating with friends, like-minded people and family members. At the beginning of the week pleasant emotions are waiting for us, many issues will be solved thanks to a collective discussion. This is the best period for training, solving financial issues, new acquisitions. As for the mood, in the second half of the week it will become wavy: there will be self-doubt, fear of uncertainty.

Cope with the chaotic emotional state will help the recommendations of astrologers for each sign of the zodiac.

This week, astrologers are not advising representatives of the Fire Sign to overload themselves with responsibility and take on new business and projects. The period from May 7 to 13 is not the most appropriate period for planning and important events. The stars advise Aries to temporarily stop planning and prefer free and sudden routes to thoughtful routes.

This is the last week Uranus has been in your Sign. It is recommended to take time out. Ahead you will have a serious work, a new stage of life, and now astrologers strongly recommend to do what supports your spirit, serves as a source of inspiration, stimulates and prevents you from extinguishing.

In many situations this week you can rely on lucky luck, because in these seven days a naughty fortune will be favorable to you.

The influence of Venus weakened in Gemini can force Taurus to strive towards the ideal in everything. This desire will limit your freedom. Astrologers recommend refreshing your life with light adventures, it is advisable to deviate from your chosen course and try something new, exciting, unusual.

Practicality and prudence in these seven days will be resisted by romance, adventurism, humor, and the stars are advised to trust the free flow.

In these seven days, it is advisable for you to change the situation and stop controlling this world. Both the beginning and the outcome of the coming week is largely determined by chance. You will have to show willpower in order not to succumb to the influence of unpleasant circumstances and maintain a trusting relationship with the Universe.

It is important for the twins this week to capture the atmosphere of the atmosphere and match it. Consider: Venus will remain in your Sign during these seven days — the patroness of love, beauty and female energy. That is why the stars advise to show more sensitivity and attention to the mood of a loved one, colleagues at work and other people who will be close to you.

It is advisable to respect the opinions of others and to reckon with the beliefs and desires of others.

The coming week is your time, which you can and should spend as seriously and responsibly as possible. The energy of life will become less every day, the influence of Venus is not the best helper for you. You have to face a difficult choice or a risky business.

It is important to increase precautionary measures: it is your forethought that will be the best defense against possible problems and complications.

This week, Cancers may feel that they are closer to their main goal, that you feel like someone is helping from above. In part, this will be true: enhanced Neptune in Pisces will be your faithful companion in the next seven days. At the beginning of the week you will receive a hint, a secret sign that will help you understand how to proceed. Astrologers call this week a time of change, spiritual practices and attempts at self-knowledge.

The influence of Neptune will bring with it a change of priorities. Trust the inner instinct.

Also, astrologers recommend to pay attention to the weekend. On Sunday, you will have the chance to make the right decision, to find peace and harmony in life. On the eve, it is advisable to communicate with family, parents or other people whom you trust: they will give you wise advice on which your future success will depend.

This week, astrologers advise Lions to focus on their careers. The events of the coming days may require you to choose between personal and business life, but you will win only if you prefer to family matters issues related to work and finances. The fact is that the strengthened Mars will be the patron of this week.

His stay in the constellation of Capricorn is associated with monetary success and the attainment of financial stability.

Despite the fact that the events of this period will be quite favorable for you, it is advisable to find a person in your environment, communication with which will give you positive emotions. This will help not to lose balance. The most auspicious day for the horoscope — Wednesday.

Try to assign all the most important questions to it.

Between May 7 and 13, Dev’s life will be influenced by Saturn’s retrograde. Old unresolved issues, problems, conflicts may return. The stars advise Virgos not to succumb to emotions and obsessive thoughts: a cold mind is your only valuable ally this week.

At the beginning of the week, as astrologers report, you may have clashes with superiors, conflicts with colleagues. Saturn will bring restless situations at work, caused by dissatisfaction with your work or behavior. In love, everything will be exactly the opposite: prudence will be replaced by romance, sensitivity, emotionality.

In this sphere, the stars promise you unexpected, but pleasant moments. So if you know how to manage emotions and independently switch your mood, problems will take you off guard.

This week, Libra will temporarily lose its peace-loving character and diplomatic skills. You will be inclined to treat those around you extremely straightforwardly, to ignore their opinions, to bend your line. People, especially close ones, will keenly perceive these changes and will begin to resist such an assertive style of communication.

As a result, you may feel a strong discord between your behavior and the not-so-usual reaction of those around you.

The second problem this week is the weakened position of your patron, Venus. Your strength is barely enough to do the duties assigned to you. Chance of getting nervous disorders and injuries. Especially clearly manifest on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Astrologers recommend to please yourself with new purchases and pleasant communication with the family.

This week, astrologers recommend scorpions to risk, do without adventures. Otherwise, you risk making a lot of annoying mistakes. Strengthened ambitions will make you go against common sense, you will not be able to stop until you are left without money, luck or the support of loved ones.

Also, the week that will be held under the auspices of the retrograde Jupiter, which is in your Sign, is a financially expensive time to maintain a love relationship. Astrologers recommend to postpone expensive gifts for their loved ones — the choice may be unsuccessful. This week you will be unusually attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Do not be surprised if you will be overly attentive to you, and do not refuse gifts. This is a good chance to find your love, which will fall out to lonely Scorpios.

The coming week is best suited for contemplation, self-knowledge, and various spiritual practices. Astrologers recommend self-development, read more good literature, listen to classical music, be enlightened spiritually.

From an astrological point of view, this is spiritual time that needs to be spent away from material concerns and problems. Avoid large purchases, better start saving money. But in matters of love, it is desirable for you to give freedom both to yourself and to your partner.

Under the influence of the semi-weakened Sun, you will be prone to impulsive, and sometimes aggressive actions; you will begin to act contrary to the opinion of close people. Those people whose authority you were previously considered may suddenly step aside this week. Especially it concerns those situations when you will start to control, patronize or in something to limit.

For almost the entire week, Capricorns will be in a state of internal disharmony, heightened nervous excitement, the cause of which will be the influence of Uranus in the constellation Aries. Stars do not recommend strangers to trust, communicate with strangers and bring their problems to the public. However, no one should lie: this week it is important to maintain honesty in front of you and the people.

It is possible that you may be drawn into a dark and even illegal activity, which is why you cannot trust the words — their price this week is not high.

The influence of Uranus will limit your activity, which will cause internal discomfort. But in the middle of the week the influence of this restless planet will open up new horizons for you. Your ideas will find support from the inner circle.

From Wednesday your desires can begin to be fulfilled by themselves, without direct efforts on your part.

In the period from May 7 to 13, astrologers do not advise Aquarius to take an active part in public life and have fun in companies. Holidays to make you spend an unforgivable amount of money. This is especially true Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

These days it is undesirable to borrow, and also to recall existing debts. This can be a cause for frustration caused by the financial collapse.

The end of the week is much better. Enhanced Saturn will help you achieve your goals through secret diplomacy. Astrologers call this period a great time to study psychology and self-improvement.

From May 11 to 13, listen to your intuition — it will not deceive you.

Astrologers advise representatives of the Sign of Pisces to pacify their ambitions. This week you will be inclined to go ahead, achieve your goals at any cost. Any obstacles in the way or disagreement with your point of view will be perceived as a hostile challenge, as a signal to attack.

During the period of weakened Venus, a feeling of degraded dignity is very characteristic of the representatives of your Token. For seven days you will feel that you want to humiliate, insult, ruin your reputation, dishonor. Astrologers argue that the lion’s share of such suspicions will form in your mind, having nothing to do with reality. So you can harm yourself by provoking conflicts where this is unnecessary.

Stars recommend to work on self-esteem, get rid of feelings of dissatisfaction.

Middle of May may seem difficult to many people. All because of the unstable behavior of the planets and constellations, which by their influence will make us feel an acute lack of vitality, enter into a sharp conflict with ourselves. However, for the most part, this feeling will be caused by the fact that daily activities interfere with spiritual development and hobbies.

In many ways, the coming week is a spiritual time that should be devoted to working on yourself. We wish you a great mood, success in everything and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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