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Horoscope for the week from 7 to 13 August

Horoscope for the week from August 7 to 13

Stars always take an active part in the development of our luck in any of the spheres of life. Our mood, motivation and desire to move forward largely depends on them.

The horoscope for the coming week will help you to plan your affairs correctly and to maintain energy at a high level. So you can quickly understand what you really want from life.

This week, astrologers mark out for you two main planets that will most influence you and your energy. Saturn, who is your enemy, will be retrograde and moderately active, so you shouldn’t do things you don’t want to do. This will be a great reason to relax or change the atmosphere. On August 10, the planet will be in a negative aspect with the Moon, which will enhance its negative effect.

Mercury will also be set against you, since its increased energy in Virgo is very destructive. On Saturday, he will begin to move in the opposite direction, so the situation will change for the better.

In the next seven days, Mercury will be your mentor. His energy is creative for you, so the week will be very productive. Try to make new acquaintances that may be the starting point of a new love or business union. On August 12 and 13, the planet will be retrograde, so from close people you can expect a little betrayal, which you should not pay special attention to.

On the 10th, the planet will be sextile with Venus, so your business will receive creative help. Use every day with maximum benefit for yourself.

It is time to reconsider their priorities in life. Jupiter and Pluto will be the two most important planets for you, even though their energy is destructive. A moderately strong Jupiter in Libra will affect your consciousness and attitude.

It will require a change, so if you want to spend the day in complete indifference, then you will lose in love and work. Pluto will be in Capricorn and will be retrograde. This indicates two things — you should not trust anyone and it is advisable to be in solitude this week.

Already in the morning of August 7, you may be disappointed about your friends, colleagues and loved ones, but do not give them too much importance.

Ruckau will have three patrons this week: Mars, Saturn, Neptune. Let’s start with the negative aspects of the influence of the planets. Mars in Leo will negatively influence your determination, so you will have to listen to other people’s advice both in love and in deeds.

Saturn knows the motivation and ability to step over the obstacles: this can cause problems. Set yourself a feasible task. You may have to step over some important rules to keep your balance.

This will help you Neptune in Pisces, which will be very strong. On August 10, Neptune and Mars will be in the quarons, so it will be easier to make important decisions.

Lviv in the week from August 7 to 13 will have plenty of opportunities to learn something new. The main thing now is not to risk openly and too arrogantly. Try to ask someone close to your back to help protect your rear and give way to retreat. Most of all it concerns the monetary and business sphere.

In love, you need a stable activity and a desire to go forward, since the Sun in Leo is now powerful and creative for you. On August 10 and 11, it will be in positive aspects with Pluto and Jupiter, so these two days will be the best for romance, new acquaintances and meetings with close people.

Among the energy patrons of Virgos, only the Moon will have power. The first two days will be held under the auspices of Aquarius. Because of this, the moon will be moderately strong, which can be called good news for you.

Your performance on Monday and Tuesday of the 7th and 8th will not be up to par, but at least stable. On August 9 and 10, the Moon will turn into Pisces. The energy background will increase, so things will go uphill.

Particularly good news is that the Moon will be in a positive aspect, first with Uranus, and then with Saturn. These two days will be the most productive. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days of Aquarius influence.

The energy of the moon will weaken a little, making you less active, so do not overload yourself with things on weekends and on Friday nights.

Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Cancer are two planets that will rule the ball for you. The most positive days for you will be Wednesday and Thursday. On August 9, Venus will be in the quintile with Uranus, so all your business should be solved with the help of a creative approach.

On the 10th, Venus will be in sextile with Mercury, so try not to keep close people at a distance from yourself. Trust your intuition throughout the week, because Jupiter will strengthen your sixth sense, reducing everything else. Try to find inspiration for yourself.

If your work is not related to creativity or intellectual activity, then try to throw out your emotions, for example, through hobbies or hobbies.

You will need physical activity like air, because you can be very irritable in the coming period of time. Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra will be stable and moderately active. Astrologers recommend increasing energy and vitality exercises. If you want to relax, then the rest should be active.

If you want to work, then let it be physical labor. These two planets will be similar in their action, so there will be no dissonance. The only thing you should avoid is overeating, drinking and passivity.

The moon and the sun, the two warring parties, will fight for the right to control you and your energy. The moon will be a source of negativity. All week it will be active or moderately active, but both are destructive for you. This means that internal contradictions and fears, uncertainty in feelings and desires are possible.

Especially it is worth highlighting on August 9 and 10, when the Moon will be the strongest in Pisces. At this time you should be extremely careful in everything. The sun in Leo will be carelessly strong and favorable for you. On August 11, it will be in a very positive aspect with Jupiter, so dedicate Friday to something special.

It will be the best and most powerful day of the week in terms of energy.

This week, astrologers advise Capricorns to concentrate on feelings and emotions. The love sphere will have to come to the fore for you, because of the two planets that will be relevant between August 7 and 13, one will be Venus. It is she who is responsible for the feelings, love, kindness and tenderness.

You may feel that the priorities are wrong, but this is not the case. This strong Neptune in Pisces will try to make you believe that you are doing something wrong. Because of this, there will be a slight discord within you, but do not let logic take precedence over feelings and desires.

This week only the sun will be relevant for the Aquarius. His energy, as always, will be destructive, but not everything is so bad. Being in Leo is not the worst thing that can be.

To avoid getting into difficult and unpleasant situations, you just need to avoid people who charge you with negative energy. Life will be like pushing a heavy stone uphill. You can try your best and keep yourself in hand, while remaining cautious, but then make a small mistake that will derail everything.

Willpower and attentiveness will be the cornerstone of successful management of any business.

Pisces this week will be hard to cope with their weaknesses. Your fears will come out, and it will take a lot of strength to curb them. This week will be so dangerous because of Saturn, which will be neutral, staying in Sagittarius and moving in the opposite direction.

Love affairs and financial do not combine. Do not try to change anything and act strictly according to the situation, then you will manage to avoid a fiasco. People may try to deceive you by using your trust for personal gain.

But this is only possible if your ambitions go ahead of you.

It is necessary to get rid of parasitic words that directly affect our energy. Every word you say should be as thoughtful as possible. Allow positive thoughts to take a material form so that success is always with you. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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