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Horoscope for the week from 3 to 9 September

Horoscope for the week from September 3 to September 9

Horoscopes help people fulfill their dreams and maintain a good mood. Astrologer tips will tell you how to attract luck in the coming week, as well as keep it close to you.

If you want everything in your life to occur only in the best and favorable way, it is advisable to start working on your thoughts, because the law of attraction is the most efficient and effective in trying to change life for the better. In conjunction with horoscopes, this will help to significantly improve the standard of living.

It is time to develop your intuition, because the patron of Aries Mars will be strong, starting from September 5 to the very end of the week. Whole five days will be for Aries really favorable and filled with creative energy. Mars activates the sixth sense of the representatives of this fiery Zodiac Sign.

Aries will not feel the destructive energy of Venus. On Sunday, this antagonist planet will lose all its trump cards when it goes to Scorpio. It will be a very good week, perfect for any important business.

True, the first two days still require caution.

The best days for Taurus are the days of power of the patronizing moon. It is about September 5 and 6, when the Moon will be in the Sign of Cancer. On the 6th, the opposition with Mars will further increase the chances of Taurus success in family matters and in work.

This day can help them understand what they really want from life.

The 7th and 8th are dangerous days, because the Moon will completely lose its influence in the Sign of Leo. Taurus may become more vulnerable to quarrels and unforeseen circumstances. In this work, the enthusiasm may disappear, the intuition will weaken, and as a result, Taurus will want to be alone in these days.

From an energy point of view, this week will be positive for Gemini. The patron of this Mark Mercury will increase its influence because of the positive aspects on all days except September 6. Accordingly, the remaining days of Gemini is better to devote to solving the most acute problems.

Every day of this week is perfect for any financial or love affairs, although the business sphere will be an order of magnitude more important for many Gemini. The most important thing is not to be afraid to move in the right direction, and also to look for allies, to maintain relations with close people and friends. This week is a great start for a good fall.

In love, Gemini can use the compatibility check by name in order to quickly understand how well they fit the potential second half.

This week will be very polar and extremely dynamic. Monday and Tuesday will be positive days. First Jupiter, and then the Moon will be in strong favorable aspects.

The first day can be devoted to mental work, collective work. Tuesday is a day of communication with family and loved ones. 4 numbers you can safely go in search of the second half.

The next five days, starting on September 5, astrologers and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru consider dangerous. The antagonist Mars will be in negative aspects with other planets. Problems can literally come from nowhere.

Plots of luck will help Cancers to get dry out of water in any of the spheres.

The best day of the week for Lviv is Saturday. On the 8th, the Sun will be in a double aspect with Mars and Neptune. Lviv’s pride can be a salutary for them on this day. It will be a great time to conduct business negotiations and debriefing in family matters.

Sunday and Monday will be at the mercy of active Pluto, the second protagonist of Lviv. These days it is advisable to stay close to those whom the Lions can call loved ones.

On the 5th and 6th the negative Moon will be strong in the Sign of Cancer. These days negative virus programs may become aggravated, there will be a desire to change something that cannot be changed. Special meditation for purification is a good way to neutralize the effect of the moon.

Absolutely every day of the week for Virgos in the coming week is positive in terms of energy. Trying to benefit the representatives of this Sign will be their patron Mercury. In the first and last three days, his activity is due to being in very strong aspects. 6 number — the day of the transition of the planet in Virgo.

This will also be a momentous and extremely favorable moment, which should be used with maximum benefit.

In spite of the fact that there will be no energy-dangerous days during the week, astrologers recommend using psychics’ tips on how to learn to understand people. The only danger can come from them, because otherwise Dev is all right.

Weights better avoid jealousy. On Friday and Sunday, the negative Sun will increase its activity. That it will provoke Libra to the manifestation of possessiveness. From this the love sphere will suffer the most.

It is advisable not to give anyone empty promises these days. Because of the adoption of rash decisions in the life of Libra can come the black line.

Monday and Saturday will be dominated by an active positive Venus. These days, on the contrary, will be the most successful for the representatives of this Zodiac. They can devote to work and not be afraid of physical exertion.

On Saturday, you can do outdoor activities.

On Monday, Venus will be reinforced with sextile with Mercury. It is not worth thinking that day far in advance, because this aspect impairs the ability of people to plan things properly, as well as solve important current problems. On Tuesday, it is advisable for Scorpios not to get involved in adventures, because a negative Moon can provoke unforeseen problems.

If on this day the Scorpions manage to cope with troubles, it will be an indication that they are on the right track.

From Wednesday to Sunday, the patron of Mars will be very active. Scorpios should be the middle and the end of the week to spend in business, as energetically as possible trying to win and go to their goals. Scorpios will be easier to find out their energy potential, because the Universe will try to test them for strength.

Sagittarius in the coming week is better to avoid communicating with selfish people. This is especially true of the first three and last three days of the week. From 3 to 5 and from 7 to 9 September, the antagonist in the face of Mercury will have increased strength.

This planet will become a dangerous enemy for those Sagittarius, who will think only about themselves. It is desirable to devote these days to charity and help to close people. It is better to put own interests on the third or even the fourth place.

The 6th number is also not the best day, which means only one thing — from 3 to 9 September you need to keep your ear sharply, moving towards the targets as carefully as possible. It is not worth spending a lot of money, and also to borrow them.

Mars, the patron saint of Capricornus, will be strong from September 5 to 9. These days it will be possible to forget about everything in the world, except the most important thing in life, be a little selfish and focus all attention on yourself. Living according to the five basic laws of the Universe will be the best choice for representatives of this Sign.

Harmony with the cosmos will bring them a lot of luck.

The most dangerous day is September 3rd. On Monday, a negative-minded Jupiter will try to deprive Capricorns of motivation and desire to move toward their goals. It is better to step over the desire to do nothing.

Aquarius of the planet-patrons in the face of Saturn and Uranus will help on Monday, as well as Friday and Sunday. These days are marked by increased positive emotionality, as well as efficiency. On September 3, 7 and 9, you can safely start new business, go on a trip or spend money.

On Saturday, negative Pluto will be in a square and a half with Mercury. This aspect means that the life of the Aquarius can be filled with feelings, stress, worries and quarrels. There are three ways to instantly attract luck — they will help Aquarius to stay afloat.

This week may be unfavorable for Pisces. The reason is the increased activity of the negative Mercury. This antagonist planet will be in powerful aspects with other planets from 3 to 5 and from 7 to 9 September.

Astrologers advise in difficult situations to maintain a sense of humor and a positive attitude in general, because Mercury is only waiting to provoke failure, where everything went on as usual.

On the 6th the creative Moon will be in the Sign of Cancer and in opposition with Mars. It will be a calm and auspicious day, which is desirable to devote to financial matters. Making a favorable first impression on others will be much easier.

The life principles of most Zodiac signs will come in handy at the beginning of autumn. Despite the large number of conflicting energy flows, this week can be very productive for many of us. Astrologers wish you a successful start and end of all important things. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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