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Horoscope for the week from 20 to 26 August

Horoscope for the week from August 20 to 26

Horoscope — a great helper for every day for all of us. Representatives of any signs of the zodiac need help in a particular area of ​​life. Astrologer advice will give you this support and help clarify any situation.

One of the most important principles of happiness for every person is control over oneself and over one’s own energy. We have five helpful tips on how to manage it properly and effectively. This will help anyone to anticipate negative events and tune themselves into the desired way much faster than usual.

In dangerous periods, such skills will be indispensable.

Attracts positive changes in their lives Aries are likely to succeed on Wednesday and Tuesday, as well as on Saturday and Sunday. These days, the Sun, the energy leader of Aries, will be in a good position. This will contribute to the smoothing of conflicts, the removal of acute problems, the emergence of internal harmony.

The hidden potential of Aries will be realized easier than usual, but astrologers do not advise to spend all forces cleaned up — these days you need time to rest.

The most dangerous date of the week is August 23, the transition of the Sun from the Leo Sign into the Sign of the Virgin. This time is the borderline state of the Sun, and the antagonist Venus will be in a powerful double aspect with Neptune and Jupiter. This day is desirable to devote a measured work.

Aries need maximum caution.

Good luck to Taurus may smile on August 23, 25 and 26. These days, the planet-ally Venus will be very active because of the reinforcing aspects. The relevance of this planet will open new doors for the Taurus, and will also allow closing the old ones. This is a good time to complete a relationship that has been exhausted, to leave work, for a new spiritual quest.

This is especially true for the weekend, which can be just magical. Energy reserves Taurus will increase many times.

On the 23rd of the day Mars will also be strong, therefore it will partially repay the positive of Venus with its negative presence. On August 22, the red planet will be in Quixone with the Sun. It will be a day of creative stagnation.

Strong conspiracy for luck will help smooth out problems at work and in the personal life of Taurus. Conflicts and quarrels on this day are especially devastating.

Gemini will succeed in becoming better and more successful any day of the week, except August 23. Throughout the week, everything will be calm, because the direct antagonists of Jupiter and Neptune are in the shadows. On the 23rd, they will simultaneously increase their influence through aspects with other planets.

It will be a day of disharmony and total chaos in the world of Gemini.

On any other day, the chances of success will increase, because there will not be a negative impact on the calm and measured Mercury from antagonists. This may be one of the quietest weeks in the past month and a half.

Cancers should focus all their attention this week on the financial sphere of life. This is a great time for shopping, especially on the 25th and 26th, when the Allied Moon will be very active. At the weekend, you can safely do the work, not only intellectual, but also physical.

People with financial problems this week will be helped by three effective ways to increase their income. Perhaps the problems of Cancers are purely energetic in nature.

Good day for love is monday. On this day, all the planets, the Sun and the Moon will be as calm as possible. You can safely meet and flirt, as well as arrange a date. Dangerous days — August 22 and 23.

Negative Mars will become very active, so caution in dealing with strangers and unfamiliar people will not be superfluous for Rakov. This is a time of conflict and aggression.

To Leo on August 21, 22 and on the weekend, luck will smile much more often, because favorable solar energy will become more powerful due to the presence of the Sun in strong aspects. Astrologers and specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru note that this time is perfect for creativity, recreation and love adventures. Leos better avoid solitude these days.

Another good day is August 23rd. Negative Moon will be as weak as possible in the Capricorn Sign. On Thursday, fears, self-doubt can recede.

Lions will be able to defeat depression, fatigue and depression. There will be no strictly negative days for Lviv this time, but in difficult life moments you can still use strong plots for good luck.

This week for Dev can be difficult. August 23 will become apparent the worst traits of the Dev. All negative planets, including Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, will be in this day in intensifying aspects.

The problems will begin spontaneously, so that in conversations with close people and colleagues, I have better control over myself, not letting my emotions go.

Allied Mercury will be stable and inactive, so on all other days success will depend only on Virgins themselves. Mercury will give a little incentive to move forward, but will not drag Dev along. The Universe gives representatives of this Zodiac Sign the opportunity to overcome all difficulties on their own, to learn something new.

Difficulties — the best teacher, so that the Virgin can gain important life experiences.

August 23, 25 and 26 A powerful Venus will bring luck to Libra. This patron planet will be reinforced by special aspects that will help get rid of negative attitudes accumulated over a long time. Success will be born within, not come and go.

Venus will help Libra to learn diplomacy, love, and also to gain motivation for a long period of time.

On August 21 and 22, the Libra antagonist, the Sun will be very powerful due to interaction with the Moon and Mars, respectively. These days, astrologers advise to devote a measured work and rest. If you have to work hard, it is advisable to find at least a few minutes every hour in order to just relax and not think about anything.

Astrologers also pay attention to the fact that Libra can have complexes and unreasonable experiences these days.

Scorpios, it is advisable to avoid contact with unpleasant people on the weekends. The moon and Venus, two sources of negative energy, will be very strong. 25 and 26 numbers will be more difficult to restore power and energy after unpleasant communication.

That is why astrologers advise to spend this weekend in solitude. Material losses due to stinginess or pettiness are also possible.

On August 22 and 23, the ally of Scorpions Mars will be very strong in aspects with the Sun and the Moon. These are great days for work and physical activity. Even in the love sphere, Wednesday and Thursday can be helpful days.

Relations with people around you will become more harmonious if you are active at the right moment.

Planet-antagonist Streltsov Mercury will be calm for all seven days. This means that the likelihood of unforeseen problems is minimal. This week you can devote to work or start a rest, a change of scenery. Astrologers say that during such periods it is good to start a repair or relocation, buy a new home, change your appearance.

Morning meditations will be very useful for those who are in the process of spiritual quest.

August 23 is the day of the power of Jupiter and Neptune, two assistants to Streltsov. On this day, intuition will increase. Astrologers advised to seek inspiration on Thursday, throwing all their strength to overcome difficulties.

This day will be very dynamic and favorable, so you should not waste it not empty conversations and meaningless things. Defeating depression and apathy will become much easier.

Capricorns a lot of problems this week can deliver an active moon on August 21, 23 and 25. Being in intensifying aspects, the Moon can make the representatives of this Sign feel some empty. Capricorns can become more vulnerable, soft and vulnerable.

You need to fear gossip, as well as stereotypical thinking.

August 22 will be the day of the force of the allied Mars, and on the 26th will be the day of the force of the friendly Saturn. These are the two most positive days of the week for Capricorns. They are ideal for forming a new opinion, for finding inspiration and strengthening positions at work, in business and in love. It is desirable to create a positive energy in the house.

This can be done in many different ways, ranging from the purchase of plants and ending with general cleaning.

Change the future will help the power of words and thoughts. 23, 25 and 26 numbers Neptune, Uranus and Saturn will be strong, replacing each other in turn. These days, Aquarius is desirable to behave like a predator, tracking down the victim.

This concerns not only the business sphere, but also love. You should not run ahead of the locomotive or chase two hares at the same time. The sequence of thoughts and desires will provide Aquarius with great success.

On August 21 and 22, an antagonist of Aquarius, the sun will be very strong. The beginning of the week may not be set, but this does not mean that you need to panic. On Tuesday and Wednesday problems can be solved, but you should not save them.

Activity pays off, but laziness will remain a heavy load, pulling the Aquarius down.

Pisces this week will be very lucky, because the only strong opponent in the face of Mercury will be extremely weak and helpless. This week, astrologers recommend devoting active affairs in all areas. You can go on a trip, visit another city or country, start searching for new sources of income. Every day of this week can also be successful for love.

Do not be afraid of new acquaintances and unbridled feelings.

The most auspicious date in the week is the day of the power of all the protagonists. It is about August 23. The Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune will be in intensifying aspects. Thursday will be at the mercy of only positive energy.

This day can be safely devoted to any important affairs, to risk, to achieve their goals. The main thing — do not build illusions. Astrologers advise to pay attention to events that warn of change for the better.

To program yourself for success will be obtained in almost all people. To do this, you can use five ways to influence the subconscious. If you want to succeed in something, you will have to adjust yourself to victory internally and mentally. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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