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Horoscope for the week from 2 to 8 July

Horoscope for the week from July 2 to July 8

The first full week of July is just around the corner. For many, this summer month can be the most stressful. To cope with the loads and not lose luck, use the advice of astrologers.

This week, astrologers recommend that all of you beware of the vengeful signs of the zodiac and do not burn with hatred for other people. Because of the negative in such periods, luck can turn away from anyone, and at the most inopportune moment.

Dangerous for Aries will be only one day this week — Friday. The reason lies in the fact that your enemy Venus will be in a very powerful aspect with Pluto. Last weekday is a time of creative stagnation, so you should not focus on spiritual development. It is better to simply devote as much time as possible to rest or duties, monotonous and difficult work.

The remaining days on the background of Friday will be quite favorable.

Mars and the Sun, your main assistants and friends, will help you find success and good luck on Thursday, July 5th. They will be reinforced by favorable aspects. Especially useful will be Mars in opposition with Mercury.

This aspect will awaken the power of the element of Fire that will help you succeed in love. According to the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru, you will have every chance to please anyone this Thursday, and you may not have to do anything for this, which is quite nice. Keep a sense of humor, even in the most difficult situations, so that people reach out to you.

Mars, Uranus and Pluto, your antagonistic planets, will be able to suppress the positive forces of Venus and the Moon on July 5 and 6, because they will be greatly strengthened by particular aspects with other planets. The 6th is the most dangerous day of the week for you. Your insight will be at zero, as well as creative skills.

Your spiritual harmony can be broken, forcing you to worry about any occasion and not to waste time on the things that you should.

Venus and the Moon are your best friends. Venus will be in the shadow of the enemy planets, but nothing will prevent the Moon from making this week very positive for you on any day except Thursday and Friday. The most positive day for you is Sunday, because the Moon will be in your Sign.

This will strengthen it to the maximum, which will bring you a lot of enthusiasm, the desire to live and develop. The secret of happiness for you will be extremely simple on Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Moon will be strengthened in Pisces. This position will give you the opportunity to succeed in love and work.

On July 3rd, 5th and 7th your master mentor Mercury will be incredibly powerful in positive aspects with other space objects. These days, astrologers call for you the most positive and favorable. Try not to lose faith in yourself these days, because any work will be arguing, any love problems will just evaporate under the onslaught of your charisma.

These will be great days for changing habits and getting rid of things that harm your mood and health.

One of your enemies, Neptune, will be strong and will be able to interrupt the power of Mercury only on the 6th. Friday will be a dangerous day. It may seem like a black line, but it is not. Just try to live this day, not making any important decisions and not making hasty conclusions about people and events.

Move more on Friday because physical stagnation can lead to indisposition.

Saturn, Mars and Uranus are your enemy planets. They will be strengthened on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These three aspects control the creative beginning, so most of the problems will most likely be related to work.

Making unusual decisions will be more difficult, because thoughts will be confused and foggy. Many Cancers will probably want to get success as soon as possible these days, but hasty decisions will only worsen the situation. Beware of narcissistic people, because they can betray you.

Your narcissism is also worth a little to diminish — try to look at yourself objectively in these three days.

The moon is the only one who can help you make life better in these seven days. On July 3 and 4, she will be reinforced by staying in Pisces. This will be a very important two-day period.

Your intuition will sharpen and prompt you the right steps in any area of ​​life. On Sunday there will be a similar situation, but the Moon will become even more powerful in Taurus. The last day of the week will be a great time for love, dates, romance and meetings with relatives.

The most dangerous days of the week for you are the days of the power of the moon: July 3, 4 and 7. Sunday stands alone, because on this day the Moon will be in the Sign of Taurus, because of which its strength will increase to the maximum. On the last day of the week you can become impulsive, touchy and deprived of all hope for a bright future.

Predict the approach of problems will help you 8 signs of the universe, warning of the danger.

Only on Thursday and Friday the Sun will try to save you from despondency and apathy. It will be strengthened by powerful and stable aspects these days. On July 5 and 6, serious problems may come to naught, your inner state will be harmonized, favorable conditions will be created for work and rest, for a change of scenery and the beginning of travels.

Friendly Mercury will completely overwhelm all your enemies. This planet will be powerful in the days of antagonist gain, so your only problem between July 2 and 8 can only be inaction and laziness. July 3, 5, 6 and 7 you will have great things to do. Your energy will be extremely harmonious and positive.

Non-standard situations, creative approach to work and love will help you to feel the favor of the Universe. Astrologers advise to recall the lessons of the past, in order to avoid mistakes now.

More or less problematic day can be only July 6, Saturday. Close people, partners and acquaintances may disappoint you with their behavior. The advice of psychics will help you learn to understand people.

Do not give anyone empty promises and money borrowed on Saturday.

July 5 and 6 will be extremely unfavorable days for you. Cosmic objects hostile to you, the Sun, Mars and Pluto, will be in very strong aspects with other planets. The conquest of heights and the incentive to self-improvement may disappear in almost every representative of your Zodiac. Motivation may fall sharply, and because of that, performance will fall.

Look these days for any source of emotional nourishment — pleasant people, for example. Breaking your life on Thursday and Friday can be bad habits.

On Tuesday and Saturday, your friend Saturn will be extremely strong. Both of these days will be days of reinforcing aspects with Mercury. You may have a huge incentive to develop your personality these days. July 3 and 7, it is better to deal with matters related to numbers.

This could include work, shopping, paying bills.

Mars, Uranus and Pluto, your patrons, will make favorable only two days — Thursday and Friday. Try to complete all the main tasks at work at this particular time. It is safe to leave unresolved important responsibilities at the end of the working week so that it is easier to deal with them directly on July 5 and 6.

There is a chance that internal stress will subside due to the resolution of disturbances at home and at work.

The most dangerous days for you are the days of the strength of your enemy, the moon. On the 3rd and 4th, it will be strong enough in Pisces to make you go the wrong way. On Sunday, the Moon will be in Taurus. This is the hardest day for you, which is better to devote to housework and relaxation.

Do not set yourself any important goals and objectives if you do not want to be disappointed. People dependent on the opinions of others may create unfavorable conditions for themselves on Sunday.

Sagittarius luck bring Jupiter and Neptune. This week, these planets will be strong only on July 5 and 6. Creative aspects will increase the energy of these planets, causing an increase in the intellectual potential of the representatives of your Sign.

Wisdom will help you to avoid painful and acute trouble in love and financial sphere.

On Saturday and Tuesday, your antagonist, Mercury, will be powerful. His negative energy will be very strong, so you have to fight gossip, control your emotions, not allowing them to control you. You will need to filter incoming information as carefully as possible, separating the negative from the positive and the truth from the lie.

On July 3 and 7 it is better not to meet people and not to forgive your offenders.

On July 3, 5, 6 and 7 your antagonists, Mars, Saturn and Uranus, will be incredibly active. These four days will be very dangerous for change at any level and in any area of ​​life. With new acquaintances, you need to be as careful as possible, as well as with money spending. Try not to plan things for the future these days.

Representatives of creative professions can be very unlucky in business. Your worst traits can make your loved ones turn away from you.

On July 4, the Moon, your friend, will be in the Sign of Pisces. On Sunday, her energy will be even more powerful because of her stay in Taurus. You can use these two days as you like — you can relax completely or, on the contrary, close the gaps in your work.

Three days out of seven will be incredibly favorable for you. Saturn and Neptune, your main mentors, on July 3, 7, and 8 will be enhanced by positive aspects with other planets. This will mean that any problems these days will be very easy to solve. It is enough only the desire and motivation to turn any negative into something good.

To become better, you can use useful tips on working on yourself, proposed by experts in bioenergy.

Sun with Pluto — the team of your enemies. They will be strong 5 and 6 numbers. These days can be a time of troubles for you, emotional instability. Thursday and Friday with high probability will be deprived of peace and tranquility.

It will be incredibly difficult to realize even a part of your potential in work and love, especially for those who doubt themselves.

This will be a very favorable week in terms of energy. Five out of seven days will be good for you. On July 3 and 4, the Moon will be in your Zodiac.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you can try to understand what you really want from life. July 5, Jupiter will be in trigon with the Sun. It will be a day of creative flourishing and stability. Venus and Neptune will be strong 6 numbers, so you can get lucky in love — it is better not to ignore new acquaintances.

Sunday is another day of the power of the moon. It will be in Taurus, so on the 8th you will have maximum freedom of action.

Saturday can be a really dangerous day. Mercury will be enhanced by the aspect with Saturn. Astrologers recommend July 7 not to start anything new, but to focus on everything old.

Strengthen positions where you have already settled earlier — do not risk in vain.

There are things that are better to give up in order to become happier. These things include indifference to what is happening around. Selfishness this week can lead to bad consequences, so try to listen more often to the requests and desires of loved ones. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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