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Horoscope for the week from 12 to 18 December

Horoscope for the week from 12 to 18 December

Stars can have a favorable mood for us, and no. Astrological predictions are needed in order to know what difficult situations may arise in our way of life. Horoscope for the week will tell you how to solve problems.

The New Year of the Fire Rooster is getting closer and closer, so all Zodiac Signs should slowly complete important tasks, preparing for a new period. The week from December 12 to 18 may be unfavorable, but only for those who will ignore the advice of loved ones and will not listen to their own heart. The adoption of any decisions in this ambiguous period should occur on the basis of a symbiosis of wisdom and intuition.

The whole Universe is rebuilt, changing, slowly moving to a new state. year will explode space and time with their energy, astrologers say.

Aries luck in the week from December 12 to December 18, in addition to the above advice, can also bring spiritual development. Try to fall into a small weekly hibernation. Forget about problems and affairs, for these seven days having closed from the whole world. Of course, situations can be different, so if you are forced to crawl out of a den, show everyone who’s boss.

Be careful, cold, but adamant. Let this world not forget who is in charge here.

This week will be perfect for shopping. New Year is just around the corner, so go shopping at the weekend and choose a gift for a loved one. In the financial sphere, the second half of December can be very favorable for you. Do not be afraid of rework — the more you do now, the better it will be.

Finish the year effectively and beautifully, getting rid of all the annoying problems that should remain here. In the future, there is no room for negativity.

Remember that great successes in one area in most cases lead to problems in others. Horoscope advises to determine for themselves the direction of development in advance. From December 12 to December 18 the stars will demand a lot from you, but also give a lot of luck, so try not to relax in this period of time for a second.

Hardness of character and determination will help you to cope with difficulties.

The representatives of this Zodiac sign horoscope promises success in the financial sphere. To keep up with the other, you will have to abandon self-centeredness, impulsivity and indiscretion. Astrologers also recommend not to recall the past and not to mark time — be prepared for serious changes, then they will occur.

You should not wait until the stars give you good luck, so just act, and Fortuna will find you herself.

Be realistic and do not give up on pragmatism. Think ahead, losing all possible scenarios. The next seven days can show you your true nature, revealing the secret of who you really are — the winner or the loser.

Winning this fight with yourself will help you a high level of energy and a positive attitude that can become more accessible with affirmations for good luck.

Count on the coming period only for yourself. Soberly assess your capabilities and boldly go forward. Remember that past mistakes and mistakes can come back, so be prepared for anything.

According to the horoscope, this week will be a period of reality. Virgos should forget about fairy tales, where everything is always good. Now everything depends not on the case, but on your actions and on your state of mind.

Try to make all your ideas real at least in your head. Set the right goals by making a choice. If you do not want to give your luck into the hands of someone else, then show everyone that you are in the game and are not going to give up.

It’s too early to show the white flag on the battlefield. At the end of this year, you will have to fight for your happiness, otherwise you risk losing it.

Restrain your emotions this week. Stay close to Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. They will share with you their peace of mind and wisdom. Beware of feelings like envy, anger, contempt.

In the business sphere, it is better not to strive for power and leadership — take a break from the constant battles. In the love sphere of life, beware of selfishness, which can deprive you of good luck for a very long time.

Sagittarius this week is better to act. As they say, less words, more deeds. In conflict situations, either immediately go on the offensive, or sit down at the negotiating table, but do not mince on the ground in fear. Do not show your opponents that you are confused or doubt yourself, because the stars in this period can make you nervous.

The period from December 12 to December 18 will be very dynamic and active.

The horoscope warns: many Capricorns will experience emotional instability in the next seven days. Because of this, representatives of your Sign may have serious problems in business and in relations with people. Try changing your environment by agreeing to new work assignments or a business trip. Avoid spontaneous actions and do not cross the road to those who can declare war on you.

If your fists itch, be patient for these seven days.

Aquarius success in all new endeavors will bring increased caution. Lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy yourself. Put yourself in order, change the style or buy new things. If you think that everything is okay, then get busy with things that do not require delay.

In addition, the stars will desire your spiritual development and new knowledge.

Pisces success can bring predator tactics. Try to just be observers in this world. If you notice that the situation is good for you, then grab your prey.

If this is not the case, then just relax and unwind. In general, look at the situation. Do not miss the opportunity presented by the stars.

Astrologers also advise to be careful, because health problems are possible.

May this period be as favorable for you as possible. Before the New Year every day counts, every minute can be life-changing. Do not allow yourself to relax once again from 12 to 18 December. it is necessary to complete the year with dignity, for it is a leap year. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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