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Horoscope for the week from 11 to 17 September

Horoscope for the week from September 11 to September 17

September fully came into its own, while the autumn blues is gaining momentum. The weekly horoscope will help you cope with emotions and point out the most significant changes in the coming week.

Each week, the position of space objects changes its trajectory, which brings energy changes to all members of the zodiacal circle. There are new successful opportunities that highlight the way out of impasse. Astrologers urge to tune in a military way, because you can change your fate in just one day, and you will have a whole week left.

Aries this week will be prone to viral diseases: the enemy-Moon will gain its strength, which will weaken the body’s defense. This is especially true Monday. As long as the lunar energy gets stronger and grows, you will be prone to a sharp decrease in vitality and immunity.

Astrologers strongly advise you to do wellness treatments so as not to miss the joyful days that are expected on September 16 and 17.

The second half of the week will bring new ideas, hobbies, and acquaintances into your life. In the period of the lunar transition to the constellation of Gemini, which will be held on Tuesday, the negative impact will subside. Until Thursday nothing will prevent you from creating, realizing your talents and loving. Romantic relationships will be filled with pleasant surprises.

But on September 14 and 15 spend away from worries, pampering yourself.

At the beginning of the week Taurus may face problems in his personal life. First of all, because they do not trust themselves and their own intuition. Blind skepticism is your main enemy and adversary.

Look at the world and people more optimistic, not trying to keep up with imaginary ideals, and then good luck will not lag behind.

Two space objects act as the patrons of Taurus: the Moon and Saturn. The moon is your helper and protector of your happiness, and Saturn is the herald of financial triumph, good luck and prosperity. Do not rush to make hasty decisions. Try to choose an active position in one area or another.

In any case, luck will be on your side, but the responsibility will fall entirely on your shoulders. The fateful moments may come on September 11, 14 and 15. Be prepared to act decisively and quickly.

This week, Gemini may be in a deadlock situation, the way out of which will be prompted by experience. A halo of luck between September 11 and 17 will mark the financial sphere of life. The fact is that Mercury, a symbol of monetary luck, chose an active position for itself, settling down favorably in the constellation Virgo. Being in this Sign only strengthens your patron.

Mercury will come out on top by influence. You will be able to overcome many financial problems by taking the path of wealth.

The twins need to show their strengths, to show that they deserve to carry the title of the happiest sign of the zodiac. This is the command of the stars. Otherwise, the week will be full of failures, disagreements and various kinds of confrontations, which will be based on internal dissatisfaction. Do not let fears and complexes overshadow your sanity.

The most successful days will be September 12 and 14, when Mercury enters aspects with Pluto and Mars.

The upcoming week will help Cancers say goodbye to another illusion or painlessly accept reality as it is. Jupiter will be your assistant and motivator in this difficult task. His energy is positive for you, and the location in Libra will only strengthen the moderate activity of the planet, opening up new horizons for you.

The mental activity and the ability to concentrate will be enhanced, which will help to cope with a number of interesting questions. Astrologers advise to show more diligence, organization, independence and vigilance. A significant increase in vital forces is expected during the period when the Moon is in your Sign.

September 14 and 15, you can safely rely on intuition.

Leos should notice the tips of the universe this week. Excessive activity and initiative from September 11 to September 17 will be severely punished. Astrologers advise to prepare for the fact that the situation of the coming days will take a negative color.

In your sign will be Venus, the patroness of love and family well-being. However, you need to take into account that Venus is your energy opponent, so you should lay down arms.

At the beginning of the week, Lions, who are accustomed to the fact that they are lucky, may be acutely aware of its lack. There may be dramatic mood swings, moments of despondency and disorientation. The relief will come on September 14 and 15, when Venus will be marked by a positive interaction with Pluto and Jupiter.

At this time, it is worth changing tactics and striving to achieve goals.

This week, happiness for the representatives of the Sign of the Virgin will be hidden in the details. Try to change the view of the world and people around. Mercury will help you with a positive impact.

A surge of strength and an acute need for action is expected.

According to experts of the site dailyhoro.ru, a number of factors will interfere with taking an active life position — in particular, the plans postponed earlier and negative attitudes. The list of obstacles can also include your personal worldview. Astrologers advise to adhere to evasive tactics when solving important issues, not to succumb to someone else’s influence and not to respond to provocations. A week is best spent on finding your own destination.

Get organized in thoughts.

Stars advise Libra not to ignore disturbing signals, even subtle. Pluto will appear on the horizon, whose negative influence on your Sign will eclipse the effects of all other planets. Your financial life will be a problematic topic this week.

It is better to choose assistants, to be more critical of the services offered and not to blame your partner for monetary losses. Regarding finance, fully rely on yourself, take the initiative in your hands, learn to avoid rash actions.

Do not assume that the positive side of the week will pass you by. You will not be lacking in good mood and moral support. Your positive thinking will help not to lose faith in a happy tomorrow.

Scorpions this week may feel the desire to fully trust the sixth sense, but the stars are advised to rely on intuition only in emergency cases. The week will be held under the auspices of Mars, which is favorable for you. However, the energetics of the warlike planet will set traps on the way to the dream, sow delusions and illusions.

For happiness will have to fight.

But Scorpios will be able to get rid of the shortage of funds if they show more activity. Trust September 16th will bring nothing but disappointment. It is expected to intensify your detractors, they will want to deceive you.

Gain strength to repel the blow.

Astrologers advise this week to strive for restraint, control over their emotions, habits and desires. The upcoming seven days can make you feel a burden of responsibility. Only the positive activity of the Sun will illuminate the hopeless days with its beneficial effects.

During the work week, important issues should be addressed. The period from September 11 to September 17 is most favorable for a painstaking and thoughtful attitude towards difficult matters. Perhaps fear of failure, criticism and ridicule will be exacerbated.

However, new victories will be an excellent investment of your personal time and vitality. Remember that success is not at all an inaccessible niche, but a direct result of your efforts.

Beginning of the week Capricorns will meet in a scattered and depressed state. Astrologers advise to distract from routine affairs and household obligations. You need a new breath of freedom, vivid impressions and positive emotions.

The active planet for your Sign will be Mercury, which is marked by an enhanced position. For a breakthrough in business and personal life, you lack only a fighting spirit.

The second half of the week will be more favorable. Beginning from Wednesday, Capricorns will experience a soulful elation The boundaries separating you and monetary luck will be erased.

However, it will be possible to see this in action only in the future, so work for the future. From September 12 to 14, there will be a chance to leave the comfort zone once and for all, striving for success and well-being.

The energetics of Saturn and the Sun will enter into discord this week. Aquarius awaits a period of disorientation and frustration. You can fall into depression, plunge into false feelings, close your eyes to reality, if you do not find a point of contact.

It is important to maintain neutrality and wait for favorable conditions. Practice positive thinking and sift out the negative in all available ways.

Astrologers do not advise to engage in an open struggle: this week it is best to prefer a measured lifestyle to business activity. Do not mindlessly spend personal strength and energy. The main successes await you in the field of creativity and love. Do not delay self-realization and the establishment of relationships with your loved one.

The most auspicious day for the horoscope falls on September 14th.

The influence of Jupiter and Mercury will set the limits and conditions for Pisces, limiting your inner freedom. Mercury, the patron of the financial sphere, will cast a shadow on the business side of life. For success will have to fight, pushing personal desires into the background.

At the same time, Jupiter will help you to say goodbye to inner fears and illusions. Yes, a happy life is expensive, and its price is performance. Understanding how the world works, you change your outlook. Stars report that in your hands will be able to manage the events of the week.

The most important thing is to notice barely noticeable and listen to the advice of people close to you.

Weekly horoscope — your universal assistant for all occasions. With it, you can choose the best time to leap ahead. Do not wait until the dreams come true themselves — it may take years. Start acting now.

We wish you a great mood and a good week. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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