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Horoscope for the week from 11 to 17 December

Horoscope for the week from 11 to 17 December

With the help of a horoscope, everyone can make plans for the week and use the energy of stars and planets to achieve well-being. Astrologer tips will help you not to lose your luck.

According to astrologers, this week will be successful for active affairs. You will be able to do much more if you leave laziness and start working on Monday. The middle of the month is conducive to the completion of annual projects, the establishment of personal relationships.

In order to leave you in a positive mood, start to create a New Year’s mood: in your free time, decorate your house, go shopping, and look for gifts to your close people.

For Aries this week will come a period of peace and stability. The activity of the planets will decrease, and you will be able to actively engage in any business, establish personal relationships and avoid conflict situations. The most impulsive representatives of the constellation astrologers recommend using meditation.

They will help you find an inner balance.

The beginning of the week will be successful for active affairs at work. Conduct meetings, develop a business plan, conduct procurement activities. The work will be more effective if you act as a team, help colleagues and do not hesitate to ask for advice from more experienced employees. Starting on Friday, Aries will be able to establish family relationships thanks to the positive energy of the planets.

Lonely representatives of the Sign experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend using love whispers.

You will be helped by the Moon, the patron of Taurus. Her energy will be enough for you to be able to complete the planned tasks. Beware of trouble is only 14 and 15 December, when the night light will weaken, while in Scorpio.

These days, astrologers advise to avoid important matters that require large amounts of energy and thoughtfulness. At this time, engage in routine duties and complete minor matters.

Aspects of the planets on Monday will help Taurus «take the bull by the horns.» Good luck will be with you, so do not delay important achievements. At this time, an inner voice will help you find the right solution, avoid trouble and take a leadership position.

On Friday, the aspect of the Moon with Pluto can deprive you of strength. On this day, beware of deception and rash decisions.

Gemini trouble adds Mercury. His weak position and retrograde movement can take away your strength. In this regard, you should not refuse the help of friends and colleagues. Astrologers note that this week, collective work will do more good than hard, hard work alone.

Do not forget about your loved ones. Their support will be very important.

The energy of the planet patron, despite its weak position, will allow you to do family business. You will be able to rally all relatives, to establish a personal life and enjoy family gatherings. This week you will not need any accomplishments, so just continue to do your work, not hurrying and not urging yourself.

The Cancers will be influenced by the Moon and Jupiter. These planets will help you rethink not only your goals, but your whole life. You can succeed if you really want it. Use the techniques with which you can get what you want only by the power of thought.

Stable energy week will be good for you.

This week only a couple of days the moon will be in a weak position. On Thursday and Friday, try to eliminate cases of increased responsibility, and also do not start anything new, so that your project does not stall due to some trifles. Energetics of Jupiter will help you to spend these days in peace

On other dates, feel free to use all your abilities to achieve what you want, leave behind the enemies and do not indulge their whims.

The beginning of the week at Lviv will be successful. Your patron Sun will be active, which will give you strength for active work. On the 13th, luck may turn away due to the negative influence of Mercury, which will be in aspect with the Sun.

This day may be unhappy for you, so use the amulets of good luck. Lions this week should pay special attention to the business side of life. You will be able to do all the work if you don’t be discouraged and put them off until later.

On Saturday, astrologers recommend that representatives of your Token to exclude important transactions and not to provoke conflicts. The aspect of the Sun with Uranus can disorient you, affect your mood and completely discourage the desire to do something. Spend this time in a relaxed atmosphere, without forcing yourself to work.

Virgos in the period from 11 to 17 the number will come to the aid of energy Mars. His presence in Scorpio will be good for you. You will be able to actively begin your duties, find a non-trivial approach to responsible tasks, and also develop creative abilities. The energy of the planet will be a happy sign for you.

Virgos should show ambitions and not retreat from the plans made earlier.

On Friday, the aspect of Mars with Mercury will endow the space with positive energy that Virgos can use to start or further develop romantic relationships. You can also establish relationships with colleagues and superiors, show yourself as an excellent specialist, take leadership positions in a team.

Weights this week you can count on the support of Venus. Your patron will help in love, give you a positive attitude. Thanks to this positive influence, you will be able to succeed in business communication, attract financial flows and complete all complex projects on time.

On Tuesday, the aspect of Venus with Jupiter will somewhat slow down your activity, but with proper attitude you can overcome laziness.

Beware of surprises Libra should be on Friday. The aspect of Venus with Mercury and Pluto will affect the emotions, and the day will be very busy. Dangers and troubles can be expected from Sunday.

On this day, Venus in aspect with Mars will endow the space with negative energy.

The positive energy of Pluto and Mars will provide Scorpions with vital forces. This week, Mars will help you get rid of obsessive surroundings, say goodbye to people who prevented you from enjoying life. Also, the energy of the planets will promote activity at work.

Take up a feasible business and do not be intimidated by large volumes — you will be in time if you are not distracted by secondary tasks.

Caution is worth showing on Friday. This day will be dominated by the triple aspect of Pluto with the Moon, Mercury and Venus. Such an abundance of energy can be confusing.

Astrologers recommend Scorpios to spend time in seclusion, so as not to spoil relations with loved ones. Tune in to the positive in the morning so that a bad mood does not hinder the implementation of your plans.

Sagittarius should pay attention to their internal state. The energy of the planets on Tuesday can negatively affect your mood, and this, in turn, will affect your activity. Jupiter in aspect with Venus will call for caution and solitude.

The trick is not worth waiting on Mercury. He is in a weakened state, so he cannot prevent you from engaging in daily activities.

On Sunday, the aspect of Saturn and Neptune can bring trouble to Strelets. Spend the last day of the week in a calm state to avoid mistakes and troubles. Trust your close people.

They will support you and help you make the right decision.

For Capricorn week will be quite difficult. Weakened and retrograde Mercury will not help you. This means that you need to exercise caution and prudence.

Do not meddle on the rampage and do not indulge in sudden desires. Impulsive decisions can throw you back in the business environment.

Try Capricorns will be able to happiness on Friday. On this day, aspects of Mercury with Mars, Pluto and Venus will allow you to be active, improve your financial situation and create the foundation for new accomplishments. Love luck is also possible if you show care and respect for your partner.

Aquarius will need all the restraint and rationality this week. The confrontation of the Sun, your antagonist, with Saturn, your patron, will have a strong influence on you. This week may seem difficult to you, but with proper skill and patience you will be able to overcome all the obstacles in the way.

Beware of conflict, so as not to fall into disgrace with your own friends and colleagues.

To overcome the turmoil alone, astrologers do not advise. Seek help from people you trust. Their support will be important this week, especially in the second half. The situation will clear up on Sunday.

Strong Saturn will allow you to improve family relationships, protecting your peace from nasty solar energy. On this day, single Aquarians can try their luck in love.

Fish this week will be forced to fight for their happiness. A strong Mars will test your feelings for strength, so avoid any aggression and negative. Help those who need your support, but do not forget about their responsibilities.

Carefully monitor the changes in order not to miss the signal to action.

It is important for fish to be active this week. In business, you will succeed if you make an effort over yourself and do everything you have planned. Do not be afraid and do not panic.

Measured work and a positive attitude will help you cope with all responsibilities.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, additional efforts are added to everyday affairs. In order to be in time and not to stay “at the broken trough”, use the recommendations of astrologers. Begin to prepare a shopping list for the New Year’s table and make a plan for holding a holiday, so as not to miss a single trifle of the view. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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