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Horoscope for Taurus in May 2019 — how to act in different areas

Horoscope for Taurus in May 2019 — how to achieve success

I want to offer you an interesting and reliable horoscope for Taurus in May 2019. Horoscope can help us in life in many ways, prompting the right decision of the situation and motivating to move in the right direction.

Therefore, I invite all Taurus to find out right now what awaits them in May.

Horoscope for Taurus in May 2019 - how to act in different areas

Prediction stars for girls Taurus in May 2019

Horoscope advises in the first decade of the month to take on various initiatives. Now you have a very high chance of winning.

And do not listen to anyone who tries to lead you astray with your doubts and skepticism.

In the period from the 14th to the 20th, the Telchikhs are at great risk not to disassemble their own desires. You will be thrown into extremes and will want to get one, then the second.

The advice of the stars here is the following: you shouldn’t waste your valuable energy in vain, chasing after a false goal.

It is much more efficient now to provide yourself with the most relaxed atmosphere, taking up your hobbies, watching interesting films and reading books. And you will perform professional tasks later.

From May 22, you can watch the awakening of your intuitive abilities. Taurus girls will be able to understand, without any particular effort, who is in front of them and whether to continue communication with this person.

Listen carefully to your inner voice in the process of shopping: now there are big risks to get something defective.

Horoscope for May 2019 for male Taurus

Until the fifteenth of May, the ambition of Taurus will be reinforced by the picture in the sky. You will have a lot of new incentives for your daily cultivation.

For example, you may be promised a wage increase or a transition to a new, more promising and highly paid position.

Are you yourself a boss or a business owner? Then restrain your often exaggerated demands and claims regarding your subordinates.

Otherwise, you only make people angry, but you can’t motivate them to work better.

Until the sixteenth of May, Taurus will be engaged in the revision of their work schedule. They may want to come to work earlier or later or, for example, shift the time of their lunch break.

What caused such a desire? Perhaps by visiting diverse courses or trainings. The desire to cultivate is a very positive thought that will visit your head.

In no case do not give up personal development.

In the period from May 17 to June 1, the situation in the sky will create some brakes for Taurus in matters of money. It is not excluded now to receive a seemingly tempting business proposal, which you should not agree to.

You will not see finances from it, but you can even remain in debt.

In general, the stars indicate that Taurus should be very careful at the end of May, even with those whom they have known for many years. In matters of finance, the likelihood of fraud is not excluded.

For now, stop spending, and leave your ideas about possible earnings until the first days of the next month. Talking about the plans and ideas that come to mind at this time is absolutely not recommended.

Horoscope for Taurus in May 2019 - how to act in different areas

Love sphere of life

In the first half of May 2019, the stars will push Taurus to a critical analysis of their true love relationships. Suddenly there will be a desire to study the partner, as if under the lens of a microscope, trying to look for various disadvantages in it.

Give up this behavior strategy: your soulmate is now quite vulnerable and will not accept criticism correctly. And with the help of your good intentions to change your loved one, you will achieve only a noticeable cooling of the relationship.

People born in the first decade, falling under the influence of the planets, begin to think about how to end the relationship. Such thoughts are not true, at least for now.

Already after the sixteenth of May, your opinion will change and you will be able to forgive your soul mate for something that a few days ago brought it to a state of real rage.

Let us now turn to the lonely Taurus. They have a fairly high chance of establishing new relationships, especially after mid-May.

Do not neglect dating sites, since, most likely, you will not be left disappointed with your virtual interlocutor.

Horoscope for Taurus in May 2019 - how to act in different areas

Plus to the aid after the twenty-second of May comes your sixth sense, allowing you to see the people through.

Health Overview

You can overcome the migraine, triggered by weather changes. To rid yourself of it — rest a bit more and do not torture yourself with bad thoughts.

Remember that sometimes it is better to lie down for a few days at home, completely abandoning everything that has fallen on you.

Most likely, you yourself provoked a deterioration of health, taking on increased obligations. You need an emotional break.

Some Taurus even forced to turn to the instrumental study of his body, to prevent the onset of pathology.

At the same time, there is a risk of infectious diseases with head complications. It is important to seek medical help as early as possible if something starts to bother you.

Characteristics of career and money

A high percentage of Taurus will now wish to improve their knowledge and skills. Many will go to get a second or even third degree.

And some will try to find work in the area where they have never worked before.

Brave representatives of the mark will succeed and succeed in moving up the career ladder. And those who feel timidity to their boss, will continue to sit in the same place of work.

Engaged in business now is a difficult time. You need to think about all your steps in order to be ahead of your rivals.

Do not neglect the help offered by someone close to you.

But you can talk about the stability of the financial situation. True, provided that Taurus does not associate with risky projects and will not start playing in casinos or gambling.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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