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Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018 — relationships, work, health

Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018 — relationships, work and health

In the last month of spring, many Taurus celebrate their birthday. What will May bring to the representatives of the elements of the earth and the pets of mysterious Venus?

The horoscope for Taurus on May 2018 is full of contradictions: fatigue affects the end of the annual cycle, the emotional sphere is unstable. Consider the question: what to expect in this period in the personal, financial and business sphere?

Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018 - relationships, work, health

Characteristic of the month

Absent-mindedness and fruitless dreams — these are the moods that Tauruses will prevail in May. You need to try to pull yourself together and wait for the coveted birthday in order to be filled with new energy for the upcoming annual cycle.

Do not indulge in sadness about unfulfilled dreams — life is not over. You have new victories and achievements ahead, because Taurus is a tireless worker and a responsible family man and worker.

The natural charm of Taurus always comes to the rescue, therefore interesting meetings and events are expected in May. Do not sit out the evening at the TV — go out more often in people.

Even the family Taurus does not need to stay at the hearth, it is better to go for a walk with the family. Nature walks will help the excited Taurus to survive the unfavorable period of the end of the annual cycle.

If you do not control emotions, make new problems and even enemies.

Try to tune in to a positive wave, even if cats are scratching their souls and you want to crush someone’s cozy little world. Touch the trees, walk barefoot on the grass and the ground — this will help remove excess tension and get rid of negative energy.

In family relationships, you also need to show wisdom and not strive to take control of every step of your second half — a reasonable freedom and trust will serve well in your personal field of family relations.

Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018 - relationships, work, health

Business and work

In May, excessive arrogance and ambition can spoil a lot in the business field. It is not necessary to go too far and to shoulder all the problems at once — you can not stand it and break. Astrologers advise to be more tolerant of others’ shortcomings and not to suffer perfectionism — will come out sideways.

Show loyalty, close your eyes to errors — and you will see how beautiful the world is in its diversity.

At the beginning of the month there may be a misunderstanding between colleagues. This is a normal working environment, so you should not chop off the shoulder. It is necessary to clarify controversial points and come to a consensus.

From the middle of May, the situation will become calmer and more favorable for fruitful cooperation. Taurus will begin to think about the prospects of raising the career ladder.

This dream can come true if you do not spoil the relationship with your colleagues at the beginning of the month.

The new moon is considered an unfavorable day for solving serious issues — it falls on May 15th.

Do not make appointments, do not sign contracts and do not make responsible decisions. This day is better to spend in solitude or just to step back from all affairs.

Meditation, a walk in the park, a visit to the pool or sauna is the best solution for a given day.

Love and relationships

Surprisingly, pets of Venus, the goddess of love, can completely forget about their personal life and dive headlong into their work. Cause time — fun hour? This saying does not always justify itself, so it is possible to remain alone in solitude.

Therefore, do not dissolve in the work, and establish a personal life. May is a great time for romantic meetings and picnics, you just need to find a desire to leave the house or not to stay at work during overtime.

Women can upgrade their wardrobe, purchase new perfumes and perfumes, dye their hair in a contrasting color. These small changes can cause a whole whirlwind of positive emotions that will benefit. Do not try to demonstrate your independence and self-confidence — it does not paint a woman.

It is better to choose the role of a defenseless stranger in need of support and guidance — it works flawlessly. Let the man feel strong and powerful — this will give him courage and confidence.

In May, Venus will be supportive of her pets and will give a chance to restore lost relationships. If you regret the break with your ex-lover, there is a chance to get everything back to normal.

Family Taurus should try to strengthen the relationship with their halves, and not to shock them with flighty antics. Decrease your fervor or find something to your liking, so that you have less time for inter-family skirmishes.

Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018 - relationships, work, health

Taurus is constantly looking for and finds stressful situations, if they are not there, he stubbornly creates. However, stress is a direct path to illness, so conflict situations simply need to be avoided.

If there is an unhealthy atmosphere at work, it is better to drink herbal soothing teas or motherwort extract. Soon the heated atmosphere will end and everything will go back to the usual business course — and you save your nerves.

The body can react to stress by the development of skin diseases that cannot be eliminated at times. Pay attention to the daily menu — it should include dishes from natural products. Do not get carried away tasty, but unhealthy food.

The skin is a large organ that belongs to the excretory system. For any failure in the body, this organ begins to react with rashes and inflammations.

Pay attention to a full sleep. A person needs a night rest of at least 6 hours, not 3 or 4 hours.

Adjust the mode of rest and work in order not to become a hostage of accumulative stress. This is especially true of the fair sex:

  • do not get involved in snacks between main meals;
  • exclude carbonated drinks and tonics from the menu;
  • unlearn the habit of eating junk food.

Summer is coming, and the figure should fit your idea of ​​beauty. Otherwise, a fashionable swimsuit will have to be put off to the farthest section of the closet. Drink more mineral water and herbal teas — they remove toxins and excess water from the body.

Fresh vegetable salads help cleanse the body, if you do not fill them with a thick layer of harmful mayonnaise. A minimum of fat, more vegetable proteins — this is the best diet for Taurus.

If it is not possible to cope with nervous tension on your own, visit a psychologist. Sometimes a couple of sessions with a good psychologist can replace a bunch of expensive tranquilizers.

All in your hands.

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