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Horoscope for Taurus for July 2018: finance, love and health

Horoscope for Taurus for July 2018: finance, love and health

Midsummer will bring Taurus many new impressions and interesting acquaintances. Many will relax in the resorts, process the dacha, or climb mountain peaks. But for the working Taurus, fate also prepared surprises.

So, the horoscope for Taurus for July 2018 — what do the stars foretell interesting? Consider all areas — love, work and health.

Horoscope for Taurus for July 2018: finance, love and health

General horoscope for the month

Vital energy is literally the key in the veins, the blood plays, the fresh summer wind caresses the skin. Taurus will plunge headlong into the search for new sensations in dealing with people and nature.

Just do not try to help everyone — you need to think about yourself. Astrologers recommend Taurus to take a vacation (albeit at their own expense) in order to unwind from the bustle of the city.

Moreover, at work, nothing new is foreseen in terms of career growth — a common routine.

Taurus, who are accustomed to bring everything to perfect perfection, will have a hard time at work — all the same, there will not be enough time for everything. Nerves are at the limit, and the colors of summer are raging outside. Drop everything and go on holiday.

If it’s impossible to go on vacation, go out of town for a barbecue. It is strictly not recommended to stay at home and constantly think about work or any unfinished projects.

This can lead to depression.

Horoscope for Taurus for July 2018: finance, love and health

Love relationships and family

On the love front there is a period of calm. You have many applicants for the role of partner, but something in them does not suit. In family relationships, there was a sort of winter cold, although it was summer outside.

Everyone is busy with their own questions and problems, nobody cares about anyone. Periodically there are clashes and a showdown. This suggests that it is time to change the situation — go on vacation.

At home, the tension will only increase, and each will express his displeasure to the other.

So, July does not favor amorous matters, so do not set a goal to have an interesting affair with a pleasant person.

If the stars do not bless on amorous success, then you need to wait out time. Taurus may unexpectedly fall in love with someone, but this feeling is unlikely to be mutual. Why do you need additional experiences?

Therefore, dedicate time to yourself and getting new information about the world.

Horoscope for Taurus for July 2018: finance, love and health

Business horoscope

At work and in business, no dramatic changes are foreseen, everything will remain in place. You will be annoyed by the routine and bustle around minor matters that need to be completed on time. From this amount of work will fall on everyone’s head — it is not clear.

Then it turns out that you need to redo the old project, which the bosses did not approve — an additional headache.

Astrologers do not advise in July to carry out large real estate transactions and make investments in a business or shares.

The only interesting event in July 2018 could be an invitation to work or study abroad. Astrologers advise not to refuse the tempting offer, as it can change the fate for the better.

As for monetary gain, it will increase markedly this month. Either you do a lot of work in your permanent place, or you get the possibility of additional income.

However, spending all the money on purchases is not worth it — you can buy a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary.

Overwork at work can adversely affect the cardiovascular system, so more time should be devoted to rest. Allow yourself to just do nothing and rest. Do not forget about a full sleep, which restores the vital resources of a person.

Work in the forest will not run away, because not a wolf. All the money still does not make money, and it is very easy to overstrain health.

Summer is the ideal season of the year to replenish the body with vitamins. Try to try all the berries that are rich in July. Enough to eat one kilogram of berries to replenish the body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Do not forget to drink more mineral water without gas, because in the summer the body loses a lot of fluid with sweat.

July is a rather dangerous time to get sick.

Keep your skin from burns and do not drink too cold water, so as not to catch a cold vocal cords. Do not eat stale foods, especially dairy products: at this time you can easily get poisoned and go to the hospital.

Also, the stars do not have to active recreation — it is best to just sunbathe on the beach or enjoy the cool forest at the campsite.

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