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Horoscope for Taurus for December 2018: summing up

Horoscope for Taurus for December 2018: summing up

The outgoing 2018 left a pleasant impression, was filled with interesting events and memories. Taurus until the New Year holidays will work with enthusiasm, forgetting about the rest, strive to complete unfinished business.

The horoscope for Taurus for December 2018 warns that all things can not be redone. Leave some time for rest, otherwise stress will lead to illnesses.

Horoscope for Taurus for December 2018: summing up

General trends of December

Pre-New Year fuss, summing up the year — this time is dangerous with nervous breakdowns and many troubles. Running time can not be stopped, however, in the holidays, you can allow yourself to relax a little: so as not to lose strength. You will be able to correct some mistakes made in the past month, if you keep your temper and calm.

A little positive, too, does not hurt.

The heavenly patrons will help Taurus in every way to achieve their goals, so do not concentrate on the negative aspects, but move boldly forward. In December, extra experiences and emotionality will only harm and retard progress.

Stars caution with caution to treat office romance in December, as you can stay with the nose — and without a lover, and without work. To search for the second half, it is better to go on a trip to the country or just more often to get out of the house.

Love and family relationships

Family Taurus will enjoy a period of peace and harmony in relationships, since at the very beginning of December they will be able to resolve all intra-family conflicts. Married couples will think about replenishing the family, raising their glasses on New Year’s Eve.

In December, you can get a mortgage for the purchase of an apartment and generally think about improving living conditions — it is also possible to move to a new housing.

Tauruses need to control the feeling of fear of any changes. It is deep in the subconscious and quite often interferes with the way of life.

Relax, stop panicking and trust fate.

Lonely Taurus will be able to create a trusting relationship with the candidates for the hand and heart, however, this relationship will not go beyond the framework of meetings and courtship. Stars are not advised to rush into marriage, you need to carefully look at all the candidates for the spouse.

Feelings and emotions this month can bring along with intuition, since the strong influence of the moon does not contribute to the objectivity of perception.

However, one should not forget about one peculiarity of Taurus women — she has a tendency to pay attention to all applicants for the hand and heart, therefore as a result there is only one. It is also necessary to temper a little heat and temperament, as these qualities deter many men.

You need to calm down and swim through the romantic waves in complete mental equilibrium.

Horoscope for Taurus for December 2018: summing up

Finance and work

The end of the year is characterized by large expenditures; therefore, it is necessary to deal with monetary issues with particular attention. Unfortunately, the volume of financial income in December will be small, and this circumstance may encourage Taurus to apply for a loan.

But the stars are not advised to tie themselves with new financial obligations at the end of the year. Bargains are possible, which will save some of the costs.

The main thing for Taurus — not to go too far, achieving results.

Things at work will go quite successfully, it is even likely to take off the career ladder. If you persistently sought to raise, in December, the dream can come true.

Astrologers advise not to refuse to visit the New Year’s corporate party, this event can be special and beneficial for further work in a team.

In December, it is necessary to take part in all scheduled public events.

If at the beginning of December disagreements may arise with colleagues on working issues, then closer to the New Year holidays all misunderstandings can be resolved in the best way.

Horoscope for Taurus for December 2018: summing up

Winter time is always adverse to health, especially if you do not pay enough attention to it. Viruses, colds, overwork, lack of vitamins, stressful situations — the body works at its limits. In order not to fall under the New Year’s Eve in bed, carefully follow the diet and do not allow yourself excesses.

Vitamin complexes should always be at hand, and clothing for the season — the old proven remedy for colds.

Taurus manages to bring any circumstance to extremes, but before the New Year holidays you should reasonably save your energy potential. Therefore, you do not need to work until exhaustion, and you can not have fun on holidays until you drop.

Energy waste is the main problem of December.

At corporate parties do not get carried away with alcohol, as this can lead to unpredictable results and spoil everything. A lost Taurus can break wood and get into a bad story.

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