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Horoscope for September from Paul Globa

The horoscope for September of the year from Paul Globa

How will the stars affect our destiny in September? Who will be with good luck on a short leg, and who will have to try? The horoscope for September from Paul Globa will tell you who favors the stars.

Almost the entire September horoscope falls under the influence of the Virgin. This means that the stars will be attentive to the details of life and will expect the same from us. Pavel Globa advises not to miss trifles, but at the same time pay attention to the main thing, as representatives of the Sign of Virgo would do.

Sky patrons in September of the year

Together with the constellation Virgo, our planet will control our life during this period. Mercury. At the beginning of the month, sensitive Venus.

This union means that heightened emotionality, which Venus alone could bestow on us, will be neutralized by Mercury, and emotions cannot interfere with decision-making.

The negative impact of the planets in September

It can negatively affect people’s lives. Neptune. This mysterious, water-related planet this September may endow emotional people with doubts and a gloomy immersion in themselves.

Born under the influence of the element of Air (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) The astrologer recommends being cautious at the beginning of the month. At the end of September, when the patronage of the Stars turns to Libra, you can safely devote time to self-development and spiritual growth, but for the first two weeks you should think about more mundane things — they also deserve attention. Your attention will require the monetary sphere, so think about your wallet.

Signs of the Zodiac of the Elements of Fire (Leo, Sagittarius and Aries) in a whirlwind of change, we must not forget about health. Judging by the horoscope and the position of the stars, you need to be especially attentive to your well-being in the first third of the month. The influence of the Sun on biorhythms will increase under the action of magnetic storms, so do not dismiss a slight headache and rest in time.

Representatives of the Elements of Water (Crayfish, Scorpios and Pisces), devote your free time to self-development. Learn the practice of meditation, master a new hobby. Surely you have long thought about something, but you did not have enough time.

Bought notes three years ago and still haven’t purchased a guitar? Great, it’s time to remember the old plans.

The signs of the zodiac element Earth (Taurus, Virgos and Capricorn) The stars are especially favored, because most of this month is governed by the Virgin. You will be in stability, and this is not surprising, because in order to build a lasting life, you need an appropriate foundation. Stars advise you not to rush and consciously address the main issues that you are now concerned about.

It is easier to go when you see the goal of the path.

Follow the advice of the Stars, received from the astrologer Paul Globa. Move in the right direction, and the first month of autumn will develop for you safely, becoming a springboard for new achievements. The astrological horoscope for September wishes you good luck and

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