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Horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019 — financial forecast

Horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019 — love forecast

I have been fond of astrology for a long time and I am well versed in this subject. I made a detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019.

My prediction will help this zodiac sign to figure out what the first month of the year has prepared for it. This will avoid many surprises.

Now I will tell you in detail why January will change the life of Sagittarius for the better, what should be expected in the personal and financial sphere.

General horoscope

Sagittarius likes to be in the spotlight. They are the real soul of the company, it is easy to make acquaintance with them, because people born under the sign of Sagittarius are notable for sociability.

Despite their desire for leadership, they are always ready to make concessions and make contact with the person.

Horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019 - financial forecast

It is worth noting that spoiling the mood of Sagittarius is quite simple. This person always builds his ideal world bit by bit.

And the insulting word can easily destroy those castles in the air that Sagittarius built with such difficulty.

Sagittarius live by impulses and emotions. And often this becomes the reason that the Archers are in a quandary.

They just can not think sensibly and it is quite difficult for them to collect their thoughts and begin to actively act. Such laziness always worried the relatives of Sagittarius especially strongly.

After all, they were confident that dealing with it would be quite difficult. Here only the representatives of the sign miraculously manage to do it.

Forecast for the beginning of the month:

  1. It should be noted right away that it will be very difficult for Sagittarius to move away from holidays. For a long time they will be nostalgic about the festive atmosphere. And therefore in the first working days various incidents are possible. As the authorities, most likely, will not appreciate the fact that one of the subordinates is still hovering in the clouds.
  2. No need to rely too much on making profit at the beginning of the month. Better just to learn to save. No, Sagittarius are not at all inclined to spend money on any unnecessary trivia. And so they always have small savings. However, they are too generous. Many to whom they borrow money in January will not be returned. Therefore, it is recommended to try to take control of the unwise desire to help others. After all, few of them are really worthy of help.
  3. January 6 and 21 are extremely unfavorable days. Because Sagittarius will feel emotional exhaustion. These days you cannot make important decisions, sign contracts or open your own business. Moreover, special care should be followed by those who work with finance. Since it is likely to make a mistake in the preparation of the report.
  4. It is better to refuse to travel around the country and abroad. It is recommended to postpone them for a better time. But to refuse to attend a party or going with friends to the bar is not necessary. This will help get rid of the blues and get a boost of energy for several days ahead.

Horoscope for women

Women born under this sign always compare favorably with other people. After all, they are very active and can perceive with humor even a not too pleasant situation. They are difficult to keep in place, they prefer to travel a lot.

Since the ladies of Streltsy are distinguished by the burden of everything new and unknown, they are literally interested in everything in the world. It is for this reason that they can immediately combine several hobbies.

Horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019 - financial forecast

Despite being busy at work, they always find the strength to have a good time. And so many people envy them. After all, not every person after a hard day of work has the strength to continue to enjoy life.

But Sagittarius is not prone to depression and trivialities on trifles. They prefer to think positively in any situation.

Love horoscope for women

It’s time for free ladies to seriously consider why they are not able to build relationships with the opposite sex. And this is not about a one-night relationship.

Ladies have enough lovers, but at the same time they can not find a permanent partner with whom they want to link life.

It’s time to admit that the reason for this is the woman herself. After all, she categorically refuses to build relationships with men who have at least one flaw.

But the ideal people do not exist, it is necessary to accept and try to find a soul mate.

  1. Do not be afraid to give a person a chance to express themselves. After all, the opposites really attract. Perhaps it is this flaw of character that so frightened a woman that will become a pole of attraction. Remember that innocent flirting does not commit to anything. And so you can allow yourself to be a little more relaxed in communication.
  2. Lovers of Sagittarius consider themselves the happiest. They are ready to fulfill any whim chosen. But at the same time, they completely forget about the fact that mutual relations, respect and trust should reign in relations. You can not build a relationship with a person who simply uses a partner. Because ultimately it will not lead to anything good. In order to protect oneself from unnecessary suffering, women are advised to take a closer look at their chosen one.
  3. Family Streltsy urgently need to think about how to return the spark to a relationship. After all, they gradually become hostages of life. The work absorbs Streltsov so much that they simply cannot be seen with their other halves. And this, of course, cannot lead to anything good. Therefore, it is urgent to take matters into your own hands and solve the problem of lack of communication with the chosen one. Otherwise, the divorce will not be avoided.

Financial horoscope for women

January will be penniless for Sagittarius, as they spent too much money on holidays. But worst of all, after they went to work, they could not get rid of laziness.

As a result, the boss refused to encourage them with a premium.

And therefore the Streltsy will have to tighten their belts and wait for February. It must be remembered that it is in the first days of February that the Yellow Pig will begin to fuel everything. And she absolutely does not like lazy people.

If Strelets Troops fail to tune in a working mood for a month, then very serious problems will await them in the near future.

Particular attention is recommended to pay and relationships in the team. It is necessary to acquire at least one faithful friend who will not betray and will help to hide minor mistakes in work from the boss.

After all, until now, the Sagittarius was concerned only about how to make more acquaintances, but at the same time did not choose the circle of communication very carefully.

Horoscope for men

Men Sagittarius can accomplish much. But for this they need to overcome laziness.

After returning home from work, representatives of this sign tend to lie down on the sofa. They are absolutely not interested in the prospect of actively doing sports or even going to a bar.

Horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2019 - financial forecast

But in the new year they need to try to overcome laziness, because the coming year has prepared many pleasant meetings for them. But you cannot meet an interesting interlocutor, who can later become a loyal friend or partner lying on the couch.

Therefore, Sagittarius should pre-adjust themselves to great things and clearly go to the intended goal.

Love horoscope for men

Cupid will patronize only active men. It’s time to come up and get to know the girl you like, and not watch her from afar. After all, more confident gentlemen who are ready for much to get their attention are always hovering around the beauties.

And therefore to sit with folded arms, this is not the best idea, especially for single Sagittarius. Because they are at risk and in the new year to remain in proud loneliness.

The only salvation in this case is the struggle with shyness. You just need to come up and start a conversation with a woman.

Easy flirting will not oblige Sagittarius to anything, but at the same time it will present an important experience of communication with the opposite sex.

Lovers of Sagittarius put in the first place their soulmate. They may even begin to ignore their friends and relatives.

Since all thoughts are occupied exclusively partner. Of course, such a reverent attitude can please many girls.

However, it must be remembered that it is appropriate only if the girl reciprocates. Otherwise, you need to end the relationship and try to find a permanent companion who, like Sagittarius, wants to start a family.

Financial horoscope

Recommendations that will improve the financial position of Streltsov at the beginning of the year:

  1. Special zeal at work is recommended to show it in the first working days after the weekend. Since this will help significantly increase the level of trust from management. Seeing with what zeal Sagittarius fulfills orders and at the same time does not complain at all that he has not yet managed to depart from the festive atmosphere, the boss will be subdued. It is possible that he will even clap in front of his superiors about giving such a responsible person a boost. In addition, financial rewards will be guaranteed in any case.
  2. No need to relax. Special care must be taken when communicating with superiors. Since this time the ambitions of Streltsov can play a cruel joke with them. The supervisor will not be exactly delighted by the hints that the recently vacated position must be handed over to Sagittarius. He may consider such an employee self-serving and too intrusive.


  1. The Yellow Pig will patronize Sagittarius. All their undertakings will be very successful. But to grab luck by the tail, you must overcome laziness.
  2. Lonely Sagittarius is recommended to look at the nearest environment and start making new friends. After all, Cupid has prepared them a surprise.
  3. Couples should try to build relationships and bring them new sensations. Trips abroad, which will surely please the second half, will also be very useful.
  4. Success at work guarantees the Strelets Troops additional profit.

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