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Horoscope for Sagittarius for September 2018: the time of accomplishments

Horoscope for Sagittarius for September 2018: the time of accomplishments

The beginning of autumn will bring the Sagittarius a sea of ​​energy and inspiration. It is time for accomplishments and action.

The August depression is over, a new period of life has arrived. What prophesies horoscope for Sagittarius in September 2018?

Good luck and happiness await you!

Horoscope for Sagittarius for September 2018: the time of accomplishments

Characteristic of the month

Finally, fortune smiled at the almost desperate Sagittarius. He happily beats his hoof and confidently directs his bow to the target.

Sagittarius unusually lucky in everything, for the fulfillment of desires do not need to put a lot of effort. Only it is necessary to balance the energy between personal life, work and communication with friends, so as not to squander your energy potential.

A streak of luck can turn the Sagittarius, and they will feel the taste of permissiveness. However, astrologers advise you to be attentive to your actions and making comments to people and friends around you — all this can turn against you.

Luck expects Sagittarius and on a personal front. You will plunge headlong into the waves of romantic impulses.

This will affect even those who have long built a married nest. Try to enjoy the moment, turning your everyday life into a small holiday.

Favorable days of September: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27, 29.30.

This month you will want to realize a lot of different ideas and ideas, because the energy is in full swing and requires its implementation in action. Many representatives of the fire element will wish to take courses for self-improvement or advanced training.

You can attend several courses at once, if you have enough energy and time.

Horoscope for Sagittarius for September 2018: the time of accomplishments

Love horoscope

Lonely Sagittarius it’s time to go in search of the second half, it’s time to settle down. Astrologers are advised not to choose a contender for the hand and heart only in appearance, because behind an attractive facade there can be a very complicated character.

Joint hobbies are not a criterion of the truth of choosing a partner, either, as well as financial situation. The wealth of the inner world is what you should pay attention to.

If now you have nothing to talk with the interlocutor, how to lead a life together with him?

Stars recommend to women Strelets Troops to take a closer look at friendly-minded men, because friendship between a man and a woman is a rather rare phenomenon. Most likely, this is your secret admirers, which you did not even suspect.

Streltsy in love should not be forced out of the second half of the daily declarations of love, because the manifestation of care and affection is already proof of sincerity and the power of feelings.

Family Streltsov expect home battles and showdown. You probably got bored with your marriage, and you decided to “refresh” your feelings a little? Stars are not advised to start a showdown on the 9th of a new moon: a showdown may result in a grand conflict.

Try to restructure your work schedule so that you can spend more time with children and relatives. Do not try to have an affair on the side, it will not lead to anything good.

Horoscope for Sagittarius for September 2018: the time of accomplishments

Finance and work

Creative and productive inspiration will help the Strelets Troops climb the next step up the career ladder. Some will even smile on popularity.

Entrepreneurs will be able to enter into lucrative deals and restore lost business ties. Servants Streltsam should pay less attention to the mistakes of their colleagues, because the holiday season is just over, and not everyone was able to get involved in a working rhythm.

On the full moon of September 25, do not schedule important meetings or sign contracts.

Those who doubt their abilities should not miss a good chance to change their financial situation. Because of the fear of failure, you can spend all your life on a limited salary and achieve nothing.

Feel free to go on a journey for their welfare and do not refuse the help offered by friends.

Self-realization is the goal to be pursued.

Of course, you can spend all your free time on the couch, convincing yourself that life is already a wonderful thing. But time passes irrevocably, but self-deception cannot be eternal.

In financial terms, everything will be fine. You can return the old debts, pay for work already done or make an advance payment for the order. It is also possible to pay a bonus or a substantial salary increase.

Anyway, September will please the Strelets Troops with cash receipts.

Energy Streltsov in September will be very high, so you should not worry about health. However, the cardiovascular system is not always able to cope with increased loads, especially if you lead the wrong way of life.

At the first symptoms of indisposition, a politeness visit should be made to the therapist or cardiologist, as well as to take care of a reasonable diet.

Fatty, fried, smoked — this refers to the category of unhealthy food. If you add evening meals with Vkontakte’s friends and a still life to such food, you can quickly waste your life forces. Make a rule — walk at bedtime every day at least 20-30 minutes instead of sitting at the Internet.

Women should not postpone a visit to a cosmetologist and a nutritionist — those extra pounds are rapidly accumulating, and the complexion leaves much to be desired.

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