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Horoscope for October 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for October 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Mid-autumn makes us happy with purple and golden trees, a slight nostalgia for the warm summer and anticipation of the winter holidays. What foreshadows the horoscope for October 2018, what changes? Many seek to look behind the curtain of the secrets of the future and are interested in the order of the stars.

Let’s see what they tell.

Horoscope for October 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Characteristic of the month

Autumn sadness disposes of thoughtfulness and thoughts about the frailty of being. Nature is preparing for the winter cold, forest animals are looking for shelter for the winter. Confusion and anxiety for the future appear in the soul.

Uncertainty causes conflict and misunderstanding of others, therefore, astrologers advise to refrain from clarifying relationships and avoid unpleasant people.

Autumn sadness can provoke a desire to acquire completely unnecessary things to somehow muffle mental turmoil. Do not do this, because waste can significantly facilitate the wallets.

However, in the middle of the month self-confident and goal-oriented people will be able to achieve the location of fortune and get the bonuses due.

Bold ideas, activity and sociability will be the trigger for achieving the goals.

The cold weather and the gloomy sky can depress some people, and they want to get more attention and care from their loved ones. If your second half shows insistence on your own person, pay more attention to her.

This will help build trust.

In October, the priority will be given to traditional values ​​and preferences, family coziness and spiritual comfort.

In October there is a risk of becoming a victim of one’s own illusions, overestimating opportunities and seeing the perspective in the wrong light. This applies to labor and business relations. You should be very careful about financial issues, and best of all — leave the decision-making until the end of the month.

At the end of October, the situation will begin to change due to a change in the location of the planets, and it will be possible to soberly assess the real state of affairs.

Horoscope for October 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Zodiac signs in October

Autumn sadness will leave an imprint on the mood and behavior of female rams. The need for care and affection will attract the attention of a strong half of humanity. Hobbies, new hobbies can save from the blues and apathy: try to look at the world in a new way.

Fortune will smile at the hardworking Aries and reward with the implementation of the planned projects. This month you can safely change the place of work, if it was previously planned. Just do not give in to the feeling of laziness and take the initiative, otherwise it will not work.

Cold weather can provoke colds and exacerbations of chronic ailments, so start taking vitamin complexes.

For conservatively-minded Taurus October will be held in a wonderful family atmosphere. Tribute to traditions, care for loved ones — this is what is necessary for the pets of the earth and Venus.

Just do not forget about job duties, otherwise there may be «blockages» at work. Try to coordinate time to have enough for everything — work and communication with loved ones.

The autumn period provokes Aries to aggression, which in no case should not be allowed. Try to keep yourself in hand, pay more attention to the positive moments.

Do not overstrain, rest more. Activity at work will bear fruit in the second half of October, it will be expressed in additional income and a positive assessment from the authorities.

Aries health will depend on their behavior. If you allow yourself to get annoyed on every occasion, the heart and nervous system will be under attack.

Try to lead a healthy lifestyle and do not overstay a visit to the doctor if you feel unwell.

Horoscope for October 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Autumn sadness will negatively affect the state of health of Rakov. You should not see the world in black colors and seek out negative moments.

This can lead to problems at work, reduced productivity, and complaints from the authorities. If you manage to cope with the autumn blues, in the second half of October it will be possible to get a good amount of money.

Health can fail because of an unbalanced diet — problems with digestion. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens.

October will bring great profit to Lions and many joyful events. Energy will allow you to implement any plans.

However, can lead to a tendency to conflict, which must be pacified. Self-admiration and arrogance are not the best qualities of a character.

October is a great time to invest in the future, investments and your own business. Health will be good, but you need to exercise and more often walk in the fresh air.

Strict Virgos will have to learn to be loyal and condescending towards other people’s shortcomings. Frequent mood swings can cause conflicts and ailments.

Your work will be appreciated, and dividends will not keep you waiting, if you do not find fault with colleagues on trifles. In the middle of the month a small trip to another city or a business trip can happen.

However, you should be careful not to get a cold from hypothermia.

The sparkling energy that fills the Scales in October will help to achieve all your plans. You can even afford to commit reckless acts without fear of consequences. The only thing is that in the second half of October there may be large cash costs due to spending on entertainment.

If you manage to hold back on purchases, you can invest in investments or your own business. However, overwork can cause headaches — do not overstay a visit to the doctor.

Persistent in their goals Scorpios will be able to achieve significant results in the labor field. The pursuit of wealth and power does not leave them for a minute. Pay attention to self-education, which will help you achieve your goals faster.

In October, you can already begin to save money for future investments in their own business. To improve your health, review your diet — give preference to healthy food, not fast food.

October will bring Strelets Troops many positive emotions and privileges. You can conquer any peak if desired.

Expected large cash receipts, salary increase or other unplanned income cash. However, in all this fuss you need to maintain emotional balance.

Astrologers are not advised to invest money at the first available opportunity, and also to give everyone a loan. Autumn cold does not contribute to health promotion, so there is a risk of chilling the urogenital system.

Dress according to the season, do not enter into intimate contacts with unfamiliar people.

In October, Capricorns will thoroughly reflect on the conformity of the labor invested to incomes. If you are thinking about increasing capital, there is a chance to organize your own business.

Stars have to this company, if you think about everything well. In addition, by the middle of October, Capricorns may experience financial difficulties, which will force them to look for additional sources of income.

Health can also fail: pay attention to the kidneys and the musculoskeletal system.

Autumn depression will force Aquarius to indulge in melancholy. This will adversely affect productivity and performance of official duties. Aquarians will not be able to generate brilliant ideas and will simply mechanically perform their tasks.

Astrologers advise to engage in self-education, attend trainings and courses. This will help to distract from sad thoughts and survive depressive time. To promote health, you should do moderate exercise at home or under the guidance of a trainer.

Dress for the season, so as not to chill the kidneys.

Bad weather and gloomy sky will cause a melancholic mood, which you want to get rid of with the help of acquisitions. However, an exorbitant waste of money will lead to even more internal devastation, so save money for more suitable purposes. Astrologers are advised not to issue a loan or lend money.

Depression can quickly lead to conflicts with others or colleagues, try to restrain yourself and not succumb to negative emotions. Simply look at life, look for a positive and control your speech — do not allow yourself harsh statements about other people.

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