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Horoscope for November 2018: conflict overcoming

Horoscope for November 2018: conflict overcoming

Last month of autumn will be controversial and ambiguous. Good luck in the financial sector will result in discord in your personal life, and love idyll will result in bad luck in money.

That’s how the stars ordered. Consider the horoscope for November 2018 in detail.

How will the circumstances of each of the signs of the zodiac?

Horoscope for November 2018: conflict overcoming

November General Trends

I’m not lucky in money — lucky in love. Why is this so?

And why love disappointments turn monetary fortune? November will bring a lot of conflict situations not only between friends and acquaintances, but also in public places.

There may be fights and serious disassembly on the basis of misunderstandings or accidentally expressed insults.

Astrologers advise you to be attentive to all the words spoken and not allow yourself to express remarks to strangers.

Negative emotions should also be contained at work in order not to get involved in a conflict situation, which can later be regretted for a long time. The risk to anger the bosses — quite large.

However, from mid-November, the passions will subside and the atmosphere will become more friendly and safe. Showing prudence, you can bypass the unpleasant situation and stay in the win.

November is the month of revaluation of values ​​and conflict situations.

Lonely people should not expect to meet the second half, you need to give all the power to work. Even if a romantic meeting takes place, the relationship will not last long.

Horoscope for November 2018: conflict overcoming

Signs of the Zodiac in November 2018

One of the most difficult months of the year has come, when it is necessary to show miracles of patience and endurance. Aries will have to do what the soul does not lie — circumstances will force it. This is a month of fuss and hassle, you have to do a bunch of senseless unnecessary things.

The situation is exacerbated by a variety of conflict situations in which Aries will have to participate. If you manage to use the circumstances with profit, you can earn good money. Health may suffer due to excessive waste of energy.

At the slightest indisposition, you should consult a doctor.

The conflict will not bypass Taurus, who are accustomed to react sharply to any irritant. The situation is complicated by the fact that impulsive Taurus can not cope with their nature, although the mind and understand that you should restrain emotional impulses.

Pets of the earth can complicate the situation by acting in contradiction — they do it in spite of their opponents and themselves. The result of the conflict will be a break of established relations.

Do not chop off the shoulder, because the break in a relationship does not end with anything good. Take a vacation, wait out the adverse times away from everyone.

In November, a lunar eclipse is scheduled in Gemini. This is a great chance to radically change your life, get rid of bad habits and unnecessary connections.

This month will bring a lot of positive changes to the air sign, it will allow you to achieve your goals.

Water signs are often subject to emotional outbursts, however, the lunar eclipse of November will have a positive effect on the state of health of Cancers. They will be able to achieve recognition at work, even get promoted. In the family circle, too, everything goes well.

Astrologers advise to go on a small trip or on vacation in a boarding house with the whole family — this will serve to strengthen the relationship.


For royal persons, November will bring only positive changes. Fortune will choose this sign for his patronage.

However, remember that happiness loves silence, and do not trumpet your success at every corner. How long have you been visiting senior relatives?

They need your attention. You should not make excessive demands to the second half — you will later regret the break in relations.

Pedantic Virgos will have to participate in all conflicts at once — in the family, at work and between friends. In this situation, you should show wisdom, do not take offensive words to heart and try to find compromises.

Even if it seems that everyone has turned against you — just wait out the unfavorable time. Nervous situation does not promote health, there is a risk to reduce immunity.

Therefore, take vitamin complexes, drink herbal teas — this will help not to fall into the bed from the overstrain of forces.

Horoscope for November 2018: conflict overcoming

November will not allow Libra to hesitate in making decisions, it will be necessary to show miracles of perseverance and self-confidence. This conflict period will help to clearly determine who is a friend and who is pretending. Maybe it’s for the better?

In the family circle, too, will not do without tension, but you will need to try to find compromise solutions and get out of the conflict with dignity. To calm the nervous system, it is recommended to drink soothing herbal tea or visit a psychologist.

The main task of Scorpio in November — not to bring the aggravation of relations to extremes. This applies to both family and business relationships. Aggressive behavior in November may end in a formidable conflict involving several people at once.

Scorpios should be cherished by close people, because in difficult moments only they can provide 100% support. Despite the stable financial situation, you should not invest in attractive projects — wait a little.

Fire Sagittarius will strive to do everything in its own way, despite the discontent of loved ones. In November, you risk losing your sense of objectivity, so the stars advise you to listen to the opinions of others. Sagittarius can reassure partners with promises that cannot be met, as well as undertaking deliberately impracticable instructions.

Should not complicate relations with the second half and make a complaint. All this can lead to a deterioration of health, so it is better to undergo a preventive examination in advance.

This month will bring a lot of positive moments if Capricorns do not take on their shoulders the overwhelming burden of responsibilities. The main thing is not to do anything extra. Astrologers advise to relax and devote time to personal relationships.

Sometimes it will seem that everything goes wrong in love — but this is only speculation and suspiciousness.

November can bring a lot of good Aquarius, if they stop mope because of trivia. Conflict period can be used for reconciliation with an old friend — to dot the «and» and forget the insults. Dissatisfaction with the second half is not a reason for breaking off relations: it is better to talk in souls and find the right way out of this situation.

Autumn melancholy ends, ahead is a productive creative period. Think positive, and everything will work out.

The desire to argue for any reason is the wrong choice in November 2018. Listen to the opinions of friends, do not contradict their arguments.

The tendency to disputes in professional activities is especially dangerous — restrain your impulses, do not go on about emotions. November is not the best time to make important and responsible decisions, set them aside for later. Astrologers advise to be extremely careful with finances, there is a certain risk to invest in the wrong project.

It is better to settle tensions with the second half immediately, before it reaches a serious conflict.

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