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Horoscope for May 2018 for Scorpio: the main aspects of the month

The horoscope of Scorpio for May 2018: health, love and career

In May, fun and optimistic Scorpio will be lucky in everything. He will be able to achieve success in any business that he undertakes.

In addition, you can count on the help of others, because their location this month can be achieved with just one smile. Horoscope Scorpio on May 2018 foreshadows the accomplishment of long-conceived plans, if he does not become lazy and doubt his abilities.

Horoscope for May 2018 for Scorpio: the main aspects of the month

General astrological forecast

Scorpio at the end of spring will be full of energy and determination, which will help him make drastic changes in his life. First of all it will concern love relationships.

Lonely representatives of this zodiac sign will be surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex, which will certainly amuse their self-esteem. They will be pleased to take care of their fans, go on dates and flirt.

At the end of May, the former lover will appear again “on the horizon”, who will want to resume the relationship, but before giving him such a chance, it is worthwhile to think carefully.

In the professional field, the Scorpions also expect some changes. In the middle of the month there will be an acquaintance with an influential person who will help realize long-term plans and build a brilliant career.

But first you have to try to interest him with your own ideas, and show their viability. In addition, Scorpio will receive offers to earn extra money quickly, but it’s better not to agree to such adventures, because they will lead to ruin.

In late spring, you should not devote all your time to work, you must leave time to relax with your loved one and friends. Also, do not forget about relatives, you need to visit them more often, and soon some of them will need your help and support.

May will be quite an active period — attacks on nature, long-distance travels and business trips are coming.

Horoscope for May 2018 for Scorpio: the main aspects of the month

Health horoscope

Scorpio boasts good health and good physical fitness, but do not flatter yourself, because even the strongest people sometimes get sick. In May, the chances of catching a cold are high, so preventive measures should be taken to strengthen the immune system.

In addition, you need to dress according to the weather, because, in spite of the fact that in the late spring it will be already warm, the evenings will still remain cool.

If in May, Scorpio neglects the rules of personal hygiene, it can get into the hospital with dysbiosis or even poisoning. You also need to carefully monitor the quality of consumed products, especially those that tend to deteriorate rapidly.

When visiting catering establishments, it is better not to order fatty foods and dishes that include mayonnaise sauce.

The horoscope recommends that the Scorpios in May give up smoking and alcohol consumption, because these bad habits are extremely negative for the whole body. This is especially true for those who are planning to have children in the near future. To improve your health, it is worth going to a healthy diet and starting to go to the gym.

And to help the body cleanse itself of harmful substances, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of purified water, green tea and homemade fruit and berry compotes.

Horoscope for May 2018 for Scorpio: the main aspects of the month

Horoscope career and finance

For those who wish to move up the career ladder and improve their financial situation, in May they will have to work hard. Nothing escapes the chief’s keen eye, so you shouldn’t even try to dodge work or shift your responsibilities to someone else.

Yes, and colleagues will try in every way to spoil the reputation of Scorpio. Only those representatives of the mark who will show maximum restraint, perseverance and hard work will be able to achieve recognition and praise.

In May, it is better not to change jobs, even if it hasn’t brought pleasure for a long time or you don’t see prospects. With this decision it is worthwhile to wait at least until the beginning of summer, but for now start looking for suitable options.

Also it would not hurt to enroll in any courses to learn new skills or even another profession. At the end of spring, there will be a tempting offer of cooperation from a new acquaintance, which should be carefully studied.

Perhaps it will become the “golden ticket” to the secured future.

Scorpio in May 2018 will have to urgently «save» their financial situation, otherwise the problem runs the risk of dragging on for a long time. During this period, the stars do not recommend lending money from friends, and even more so to contact banks for loan processing, because to pay off debts in time will be difficult.

If there is an urgent need for finance, it is better to find a side job, especially since Scorpion has enough time and energy for everything.

Horoscope for May 2018 for Scorpio: the main aspects of the month

Horoscope family and relationships

In May, Scorpio will be in a romantic mood, so he will start looking for a mate for himself. Many representatives of this sign finally come to know the present, sincere, and most importantly, mutual feeling.

But they should become more attentive and decisive in order to select the person who will be fit in character and temperament.

Despite the fact that Scorpio will have a lot of work at the end of spring, which will have to be performed in an emergency mode, it is necessary to allocate time for personal life. Lonely persons should look at others, perhaps someone has long been trying to get your attention.

Those who have the second half, the stars are advised to make more pleasant surprises for her. Scorpios, who have been in a relationship for a long time, it’s time to decide to marry.

The family representatives of this zodiacal sign will not have a particularly favorable atmosphere in the house. Due to the constant employment of Scorpio, his relationship with a loved one will be shaken. Often there will be quarrels, and even scandals, and almost «out of the blue.»

It is possible that relatives will try to help, but this should not be allowed, because the situation is only getting worse. Scorpio will have to show patience and restraint, and instead of maintaining disputes, quietly talk to your spouse to find out the cause of discontent.

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