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Horoscope for Libra in November 2018

About what will tell the horoscope for Libra in November 2018

With the help of horoscopes, we have a great opportunity to somewhat lift the curtain of the future and find out what it has prepared for us. In particular, the horoscopes for the month for each of the zodiacal constellations are perhaps the most popular today.

In this article I want to share with you an interesting horoscope for November 2018 for Libra.

Horoscope for Libra in November 2018

What do the stars prepare for Libra in November 2018?

Stars promise people-Libra in the second month of autumn a manifestation of maximum sincerity towards others, and, first of all, towards themselves. How will such sincerity end?

Other people will be able to understand what kind of person you really are, and personally you will be able to achieve real deep harmony with yourself.

Useful advice for you — make a list in which indicate all those things that prevent you from feeling happy and enjoying life and gradually begin to get rid of them.

How stars and planets affect Libra in November

In principle, Libra is not typical to practice self-knowledge. And the fact that they suddenly decide to plunge into the depths of themselves will be dictated by the influence of their November patrons.

Now even the traditional opponent of the sign, the cold-blooded planet Mercury, is on your side. In November, she decides to change her anger to mercy and will begin to actively help Libra.

Plus, of course, the customary defender — the goddess of love and beauty Venus, will continue to patronize them.

Speaking about the impact of the planet Mercury, it should be noted that it will somewhat change its usual behavior strategy. As a rule, Mercury patronizes the material side of life. But with respect to the Libra people in November 2018, its impact will widen.

He will surely convince Libra that their eternal rule: “happiness is not measured by the number of monetary units” is in reality nothing more than ordinary laziness and inactivity.

And you finally realize that you no longer have any desire to constantly save money and watch as more active and hardworking individuals buy more and more material goods.

The planet Venus is now also taking the side of Mercury, it wants to tell Libra that their passivity in matters of personal relationships will not end with anything good.

Being under the influence of such a powerful duet of the planets, Libra will be able to make the right conclusion that it is necessary to fight with laziness and inertia and set about changing your usual life.

But, unfortunately, the only November pest, the terrible fiery planet Mars, will prevent starting a new life “here and now”. Struggling with its negative action, the most important thing for Libra is not to give up his goals and continue to implement his new plans and ideas in life.

Characteristic of the amorous sphere of life

As for the love sphere, no significant changes are foreseen in it in November. The only unpleasant moment that is likely to happen is that your partner decides to make you a scandal and will begin to compare your relationship with him with the relationships of other, more successful personalities.

If you are in a state of loneliness, then in November 2018 you will cease to assert yourself at the expense of the opposite sex. Having shown his maximum sincerity and openness, Libra will finally be able to “shoot out” all those fans whom they kept close to themselves purely formally, “for show” and will begin an active search for their true second half.

Horoscope for Libra in November 2018

Health Overview

In November 2018, Libra will be healthy, energetic, but somewhat restless, flighty and nervous, which sooner or later will provoke a great emotional exhaustion. If you are not able to behave more calmly, then at least sleep enough time.

In general, November 2018 will be an important occasion for the health of Libra people. They need to love themselves and take care of themselves as much as possible.

If necessary, do not delay with appeals to experts and conducting a survey.

Also November 2018 becomes quite favorable at times in order to take a course of vitamins or perform other general strengthening programs.

And yet — this is a fruitful time for personal care. If you want to try something new, then start to accustom yourself to the new very carefully, especially if you have a tendency to allergies.

And in all other respects — you can show complete freedom in hovering your beauty and gloss.

What is foreseen in the financial sphere of life

In matters of money, the situation in November is quite good. Expected regular cash flow with a marked increase in their number.

All your financial plans will necessarily become a reality, and all acquisition expenses will bring joy not only in the process of making them, but also the end result.

In November 2018, Libra promises to be very insightful in any monetary matters and will be able to find places for potential earnings at the level of intuition. You will not miss your own profit, but preferably less tell about your income to others.

To get quick money Libra can even resort to adventure and speculation. And by saving money, they will manage to gather up a decent amount of money that will allow them not to feel anything in need. Plus, they will receive financial assistance from their families and parents.

Income is also expected from the delivery or sale of real estate.

Approximate numbers, when you probably get the largest amount — the seventh, eighth, sixteenth, seventeenth, twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth of November.

Overview of the scope of business and work

The horoscope for November 2018 promises Libra the opportunity to display his business and professional knowledge. You need to create the image of a good employee now, but do it honestly, without embellishing anything.

Gratitude will be not only receiving a laudatory ode from the authorities, but also encouraging financially.

The main part of the month will be spent on solving monetary tasks in practice. You will get almost everything that you will not take, but get ready for the fact that other people can now have seven Fridays in a week and because of this you will have to discuss some topics many times.

This mainly concerns non-resident partners and colleagues from abroad. They, most likely, will now want to play a very evasive game, fraught with non-binding and incorrectness.

Because of all this, you will not only slow down the state of your activity, but also run the risk of a strong conflict with others at the end of 2018.

Horoscope for Libra in November 2018

But don’t be in a hurry to be very nervous and upset — after all, all these difficulties are only temporary and they will definitely come to naught by December. Plus, it can be noted that you have repeatedly encountered similar problems before, so you have successful experience in solving them.

Scales-entrepreneurs and managers of all plans in November 2018 should carefully monitor their subordinates. It is possible that the latter will now decide to show inappropriate autonomy and their actions on the outcome will cause you damage.

Most likely, you decide to dismiss such an employee.

Scales-employees must minimize stress, abandon the hustle and initiative. The second month of autumn is not the right time to start new business and make drastic changes.

On the other hand, you have enough time to prepare yourself for change and new affairs. Enough time for a true analysis of what is happening, the detection of shortcomings in their work, as well as in their plans for the future.

This is what all professionally active Libra people should do now.

Stars recommendations for November

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, get ready for the fact that some of the cases may be delayed or delayed «until better times.» Therefore, do not hurry and fuss, better trust Providence. A lot now depends only on your constancy in desires and the importance of set goals for you.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth — any opportunities and ways of life open up before you, however, you should not forget about the importance of harmonious cooperation with others.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second number — be careful. Do not enter only on beautiful words and false promises, because otherwise you risk to be in networks that are insidiously arranged for you.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirtieth — be patient and persistent, plus be thrift and do not waste your time, money and energy on trifles. If suddenly you make a wrong move — always remember that it is simply impossible to learn something in life without your own mistakes.

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