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Horoscope for Leo on April 2019 — money and career

Horoscope for Leo on April 2019 — love and relationships

The horoscope for Leo on April 2019 says that life can change drastically if you do something new for yourself. Then Lev will be able to live in the flow of creativity and inspiration, without making a special amount of effort, while being successful and productive.

Read the recommendations and predictions of astrologers below.

Money and career

The most favorable time to change something in financial matters is the period from April 10 to 20 inclusive. These days, Lviv may have very promising opportunities for growth and development.

It is important to notice and not miss.

Horoscope for Leo on April 2019 - money and career

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. It is very important to be active and not be shy about taking the initiative. You should be noticed, so try to stand out using all the resources at your disposal.
  2. To do this, a lot of effort does not have to. In April, Lev will be the generator of ideas that will appear in his head constantly. It is important to choose the most promising of them and begin to implement. It will not be superfluous to share your plans with close people and bosses — this will help attract the necessary resources in order to achieve your goals.
  3. It is also important to responsibly perform their work duties, avoiding negligence. Perfectionism is your best friend and companion, so strive to bring everything to a perfect result. Efforts will not go unnoticed, and in the future you will be adequately rewarded for your work.
  4. Lions-leaders must be alert. It is possible that a series of inspections from government agencies is coming. Therefore, all documentation must be kept in strict order, and reports are provided within the prescribed time limit.
  5. The situation in the financial sphere of life is still far from ideal. There may be some problems that will keep you on your toes. But this situation will last only the first three weeks of the month, and in the last week everything will stabilize.
  6. The amount of your income in April will depend on how hard you have worked the previous months. If you are lazy and tried a little, you will receive a minimum payment for your labor. If you actively tried to level out the financial situation, were looking for new sources of income, realized goals, then expect a huge advance up the career ladder, and, accordingly, wage increases.
  7. Large purchases in April should be avoided. Leave it until a more favorable period. Carefully keep track of your budget and plan it carefully. All expenses must be kept under control, otherwise there is a risk that all money will go to nowhere.
  8. Be attentive to the people you communicate with. They may try to draw you into dubious adventures that will not end well and result in serious financial losses. Be careful and turn your head on before making important financial decisions.

In general, everything will be fine with money, provided that you begin to notice the opportunities that come into your life, use them and faithfully fulfill your obligations to customers, partners and colleagues.

The energy potential of Lviv in April will be almost at zero. Therefore, you can become passive, apathetic, the desire to do something will disappear.

From this state you need to try to get out as soon as possible.

Horoscope for Leo on April 2019 - money and career

Do not lock yourself inside the four walls. Through the power go out into the street, walk, communicate with people.

If you do not do this, you risk becoming bogged down in inaction for a very long time.

If you have a chronic illness, they can worsen in April. It is better not to allow this and visit the doctor in time to keep the situation under control.

Listen to your body and keep track of the slightest ailments, engage in prevention.

Astrologer’s advice: it is in April that you should give up bad habits once and for all. Even if you couldn’t stop smoking or drinking for years, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

Learn to relax with other, more useful things.

Love and relationships

On the love front will have to endure some bright drama. What will be the finale of this story is unknown. But you need to find the strength to cope with it and move on.

You have to understand: whatever happens, it should have happened, you couldn’t have any influence.

Lions alone can fall in love unrequited and live a whole gamut of suffering from unshared feelings. Astrologers do not recommend trying to drown out emotions.

On the contrary, live them completely. This will help to quickly cope with the situation and let go of the object of passion easily, having healed from the surging love.

Horoscope for Leo on April 2019 - money and career

Those in a relationship are faced with flashes of unfounded jealousy. A loved one may begin to suspect you from scratch. It is important to talk and explain, trying to convey their point of view and prove jealousy.

Lions, that hide, adore flirting and do not limit themselves in it, even in a relationship. Therefore, the suspicions of the second half may not be groundless at all.

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Astrologers’ recommendations

  • Try to travel more. And not alone, but in the company of friends. Remember where you dreamed of going and go there. Be sure to find time and money, do not limit yourself to anything. Such a vacation will help give birth to new ideas and relieve the burden of past problems.
  • Learn to talk about what you don’t like and what you want. Try to defend your borders. In no case do not suppress emotions in yourself, but share your feelings with others. Contrary to expectations, this does not provoke a negative in your address, but, on the contrary, will allow to enlist the support and understanding of loved ones.
  • Well, if you can take a vacation for the second half of the month. You need to rest and gain strength to continue to actively build your happy life further out of a full and energetic state.

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