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Horoscope for Leo for December 2019 — money and career

Horoscope for Leo on December 2019 — a time of dramatic change

The horoscope for Leo on December 2019 says that your mood and attitude can change radically. And what changes will be: positive or negative, depends only on you.

Use the predictions and advice of astrologers, so as not to be mistaken in their decisions.

Love, family and relationships

In December, the Lions will surprise themselves. Such unexpected features as eccentricity, capriciousness and tremendous exactingness towards themselves will appear in their character.

Horoscope for Leo for December 2019 - money and career

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Your requests will grow many times, and it will not be easy for your loved ones to cope with your high expectations. If you do not want to lose those you love and do not spoil relations with them, moderate your demands. More adequacy.
  2. Personal life will be incredibly important for you. And because of this, health and money can suffer. Try to equally distribute the energy in all areas, not focusing only on love.
  3. Lonely Lions can count on a fateful acquaintance that will lead to long and happy relationships. The novel will begin very brightly, it will be full of emotions and love experiences.
  4. To increase the likelihood of meeting with your other half, think about what kind of person you would like to see next to you. Write down his qualities, character traits and appearance, imagine how you feel in a relationship with him. A clear understanding of your desires greatly increases the chances of becoming happier in love.

It is not excluded acquaintance with a person who will become not just your lover, but also a like-minded person, friend, patron. He will solve your financial and other problems, with him you will be like a stone wall.

True, for the sake of all this it is necessary to sacrifice some of its principles.

Energy in December will increase due to your good mood and anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Use your own resources to complete past deeds and achieve new goals.

Horoscope for Leo for December 2019 - money and career

Astrologers advise to spend the New Year holidays with family, to be at home, not outside it. If you decide to invite friends, then only the closest.

It must be one hundred percent people you trust.

Do not be fond of cosmetic procedures and do not try new items. High risk of adverse health effects.

Therefore, use only proven methods.

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Money, career and business

In December, Leo will have to tighten his belt and save more, because the situation with money leaves much to be desired. Expect major expenses that you absolutely could not foresee.

Funds will be needed to help close people.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. There will be no additional income. If you were waiting for a bonus or some kind of bonuses, this month your expectations will not be fulfilled. Therefore, plan a budget based on the amount that you now have on hand.
  2. Remember that the holidays will begin soon, which will require large expenditures. It is better to save money for these expenses in advance so as not to be in the new year with an empty wallet.
  3. Refrain from expensive and unplanned purchases. Acquired items after some time will be unnecessary, and you will regret the money spent.
  4. If you keep a record of income and expenses, and also start drawing up a budget for a week, month and year in advance, the situation will not strain you too much, so grasp the basics of financial literacy.
  5. The work is now better guided by the motto «Slowly you go — you will continue.» Perform your duties calmly, as flawlessly as possible. Then at the end of the month, the management will definitely mark your merits and reward them next year. You now have every chance to strengthen your professional position and authority in the team.
  6. The first half of the month will be extremely tense due to the instability in money. Entrepreneurs have to spend much more than usual on the expansion of their business. You may even have to go into debt.
  7. The second half of December will be more relaxed, there will be hope for the best. During this period, it is important to strive to find a common language with colleagues, superiors and partners. The human resource is what needs to be used to achieve success in matters of material well-being.
  8. Try not to make new debts, and to pay off the old ones to the maximum. The best strategy for this is temporary savings and search for a part-time job. All the «extra» money direct to repay loans. Put a small part in the airbag.
  9. If you work well in December, then next month a barrage of promising opportunities will fall on you. Probably, there will be a lot of lucrative offers, thanks to which you can increase your income several times.
  10. Invest time, effort and money in your education. Improve your professional skills. This is necessary in order to get a rise in the future and increase salaries accordingly.
  11. Be assertive, initiative, feel free to demonstrate your abilities and talents.

Horoscope for Leo for December 2019 - money and career

  • In December, be careful about women from your environment. On the part of one of them, betrayal and deceit are possible. Be guided by the principle: «trust, but verify.»
  • In the second half of the month, take a wait-and-see attitude. It is important at this time not to dwell only on one area of ​​life, but in parallel to develop everything. Harmony and balance are what you need for future success.
  • Be prepared for the fact that fate will bring trouble. They will be associated with some things that you have not completed in the past.
  • Do not rush and do not rush, learn the art of small steps. From small achievements go to medium, from medium to large, from large to legendary.

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