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Horoscope for July 2018: we resolve conflicts calmly

Horoscope for July 2018: we resolve conflicts calmly

Hot summer is in full swing: the holiday season, interesting meetings and a lot of pleasure. The horoscope for July 2018 promises many surprises — pleasant and not very much. On the agenda of personal life, it is a priority for all signs of the zodiacal circle.

What awaits us this month? Let’s look closely at the stars.

Horoscope for July 2018: we resolve conflicts calmly

General trends of the month

Astrologers warn — conflicts with loved ones are inevitable, you need to be prepared for this. Mood swings, irritability, discontent — all this will be caused by the special location of the planets in the universe.

However, this period will not have a negative impact on romantic relationships, and many couples will decide to tie their lives by marriage.

Astrologers advise to use the conflict period to strengthen the relationship — you will have a chance to reconcile, forget the old grievances and come to full agreement. Just forget about everything bad and start life from scratch.

Let only pleasant memories of the time lived together remain in your soul.

The financial situation in July will depend on the effort. Money from the sky will not fall — they need to earn.

Be smart, do not be afraid to find a creative approach to solving financial issues. Stars have to luck. However, one should not show excessive zeal in order not to overstretch the forces — this can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Good things come in small packages.

The main task of the month is not to succumb to aggression and hot temper.

Try to control yourself and not show irritability at the slightest provocation. People prone to aggression should be especially attentive to their behavior.

The month will pass under the sign of conflicts and misunderstandings, but they can be safely passed if desired.

Romantic meetings and dates will bring a lot of positive moments, but not all relationships will continue. Basically it will be passing dates and flirting.

Horoscope for July 2018: we resolve conflicts calmly

Horoscope signs of the zodiac

Fire Aries will be filled with creative energy as never before. Direct it in a constructive direction — at least make efforts to improve your own home.

In a career, too lucky, if you press a little on the pedals. If you are tired of work, you can go on vacation — even at your own expense. The third decade of the month is considered dangerous: it is better to go into the shadows so as not to break the wood.

These can be conflicts with business partners, friends and relatives. Is it not better to retire from time to time or to go into meditation?

In early July, Taurus will feel a lack of financial resources, which will adversely affect mood and behavior. Be careful and do not commit rash acts, which then have to be remembered with regret.

Financially unfavorable time is better to devote to strengthening ties with your half, dissolving into romance. By the end of the month, financial matters will improve, but this does not mean that now you can allow yourself extravagant antics — be more restrained and do not shock others around you with your behavior.


The air sign of Gemini will not have sweet this hot summer. There is a risk to fall into the trap of fraudsters and slip into this dubious path. Be alert and resist the temptations.

If by the end of the month it is not possible to resolve issues with projects, just go on vacation. Then, fresh thoughts will come to the right thoughts, how to get out of this situation.

The main thing — do not be lazy to check any incoming information, so as not to become a victim of circumstances.

Romantic and mysterious Cancers will be lucky this month, but only in their personal lives. Dates, flowers, gifts — arthropods literally plunge into the maelstrom of passion. We’ll have to fork out thoroughly, but by the end of the month the Raki will take to work with double zeal.

Just do not need to actively forge iron, even though it is hot — prudence is never superfluous.

Horoscope for July 2018: we resolve conflicts calmly

The Royal Lions may experience some emptiness in the soul after the turbulent events of July. However, not everything is so bad, because Lions will be able to increase their capital and look at the charming stranger — even get to know each other better.

Families will have a chance to establish harmonious relations with their halves and enjoy the peace and romantic dreams. The stars are located to the royal ladies more than ever, so you can count on luck and long-awaited happiness.

Pragmatism Dev knows no limit, so in July they will manage to make profitable acquaintances and strengthen their social status. There is no place for romance with its pink dreams. If Virgo suddenly decides to get carried away with a new object of passion, then it is likely to meet with an unworthy person.

In the middle of the month, it may seem that life leads to a dead end. However, do not despair — this is just an illusion.

Soon it will open the right door to a beautiful future, and it is not reasonable to knock on closed doors. Allow yourself to relax a little and laze at the end of July — it doesn’t hurt.

July conflict may lead to the rupture of old and new relations. Maybe it’s for the better? However, astrologers are advised to show maximum patience, to maintain prudence and calm.

If your plans do not include spoiling relations with partners, it is better to calm down your ardor and take a compromise position. By the end of the month, the situation will begin to change, a lot of boiling energy and fresh thoughts will appear — boldly plan your future, the stars are willing to help and assist in sensible undertakings.


For quick-tempered Scorpions this month will be very difficult, because you will have to constantly restrain your impulses — and you want to cheat on the insolent! Astrologers remind: a thin world is at times more advantageous than a good battle.

You yourself are well aware of this, so sheathe your sword. Family Scorpions are on the verge of breaking off relations, if they do not calm down their vigorous passions.

At the end of the month there is a risk of injury, so care should be taken when working with sharp objects and sitting behind the wheel of a car.


Astrologers predict a fiery Sagittarius meeting with the second half. But at the beginning of the month it is not necessary to schedule trips and trips.

But in the second decade, you can safely get ready to go, if health allows. The main thing is to establish good nutrition and to revise food habits so as not to damage the stomach.

By the end of July, it will be possible to solve pressing problems, as rational ideas will arise in my head to change circumstances.

The hardworking Capricorns, having rolled up their sleeves, will perform feats in the labor field. That’s just not worth plunging into work with the head, so as not to overdo it — health can fail.

In the middle of the month will have to face unforeseen situations that may arise on the way and spoil the nerves. Capricorns will have to make a choice on which further well-being will depend.

Stars advise to listen to the voice of conscience.

Air Aquarius will have a problem with money at the beginning of the month, so astrologers advise to reduce costs. In the middle of the month there will be a chance to change their position and involve like-minded people in the new project. Stars warn: without friendly support, you will fail, even it is not worth starting.

The advice of an experienced person will be as when by the way. Otherwise, astrologers advise just to rest and recuperate.

At the beginning of the month there will be a chance to strengthen relations with dear people, to restore broken ties. Do not fall for aggressive attacks of others, be discreet and show understanding.

Married Pisces should think about the harmonization of relations in the family, while lone scaled ones will have a chance to find a soul mate.

July promises to be a busy and interesting month. Remember that bad luck in one area is compensated by luck in another. If you are unlucky in personal, you will certainly be lucky in money or career.

Look at the world positively, and you will certainly see bright colors.

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