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Horoscope for December 2018: summing up the year

Horoscope for December 2018: summing up the year

The last month of the year promises to be eventful and interesting. You will get a lot of pleasant pleasures, but not without a taste of disappointment. Horoscope for December 2018 — what can we expect on the eve of the New Year holidays?

Let’s consider the question in detail.

Horoscope for December 2018: summing up the year

Characteristic of the month

December is traditionally considered the month of summing up, payment of arrears on bills and preparation for a new life coil. Astrologers advise to pay attention only to the most important and significant, so as not to disperse forces over trifles.

The beautiful half of humanity will think deeply about changing or improving its image on the eve of the New Year holidays, and this is quite justified.

Some couples will decide on the legal design of their relationship, and married couples may decide to divorce. Do not be upset if in December you have to part with the second half: surely in the new year you will find true love.

Just trust the angel of fate and do not get drunk with sadness and despair. December makes adjustments to established relationships: you can look at the other half from a different angle.

In any situation, maintain optimism and endurance, do not fall under the influence of momentary impulses.

This month, you can solve old problems and bring the situation to a new level of understanding. Even the gloomy Saturn will not be able to prevent people from achieving their goals, although the cunning Pluto will still make unexpected adjustments to the course of events.

For example, some signs of the zodiac will have financial problems at the very beginning of December.

Despite the small troubles, most signs of the zodiac will be positive. Waiting for the new year and the opportunity to start life from scratch gives confidence and some excitement to the general mood.

Believe in the best — and you will manage to move mountains on your way. However, the stars recommend caution in entering into new contracts and deals in the middle of the month. This is not the right time to start a new one — wait for the next year.

Stars say that a favorable period for solving business issues comes in early spring.

Horoscope for December 2018: summing up the year

Love and family

Lonely hearts will be able to win the attention of the opposite sex, thanks to the general atmosphere of high spirits and expectations of New Year miracles. Right now comes the opportune time to meet interesting people. Parties, corporate parties, entertainment events — you will definitely need to take part in this holiday celebration.

Summing up the year is not a reason to draw a line under your personal life: everything is just beginning, and each new day gives a chance for success.

Family people will be immersed in the vortex of New Year preparations and anticipations of change. During this period, it will be possible to refresh your feelings, filling them with romance of New Year miracles.

Give each other warmth and joy, and together with the old year, spend all misunderstandings and scandals. It is necessary to clear not only your premises from last year’s dirt, but also the sphere of feelings — from insults and mutual complaints.

If it is impossible to do this, then you will have to sum up the final result of your relationship and part.

Horoscope for December 2018: summing up the year

Finance and work

Pre-New Year preparations and financial reports will have an impact on bills and wallets — they will be rapidly depleted. Some zodiac signs will even have to empty all supplies for a rainy day or go into debt. This can lead to despondency and even depression, but one should not get upset — the inevitable cannot be avoided anyway.

Is it possible to leave loved ones without New Year’s gifts? You should not save and try to get a lot of cheap things — choose what will leave the memory of your care.

It is better to forget about the beginning of a new business project, since the energies of December do not contribute to successful initiatives.

However, astrologers say that in December, you can change jobs or move to a new place within your team. What expects at work? There may be a complete blockage and a mess.

It seems that everything is stuck on one point and does not want to develop in any direction.

Chagrin will bring the routine work of reporting and unnecessary paperwork. With this you should just accept, otherwise the mood will be spoiled for a long time, and the chief may be reprimanded.

Overtime spent at work, you do not compensate. But all the same, one should not fall into despair — long-awaited New Year holidays and fun are ahead.

December cold also have a positive effect on health — they give tone and vigor. Try to spend more time in the fresh air, dressed for the weather.

Remember that without good health you will not be able to achieve your goals, so pay more attention to it. Physical and psycho-emotional overstrain will lead to illnesses — cold, flu and ARVI.

Especially unpleasant to fall into bed on the eve of the new year.

December is a month of increased injury, so be vigilant on the roads and in everyday life. Ahead of all expect abundant feasts and a lot of alcoholic beverages, so you should prepare the body with a sparing diet.

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