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Horoscope for August 2018: peace and tranquility

Horoscope for August 2018: peace and tranquility

The end of summer will not bring anything new to the signs of the zodiac circle. Routine work, daily cares, laziness and calm.

Horoscope for August 2018 promises the execution of the plans, which have long dreamed of. Tangible victories and achievements expect many representatives of the zodiacal signs.

Consider this question in more detail.

Horoscope for August 2018: peace and tranquility

Characteristic of the month

For some, this last summer month will seem boring, while others will enjoy tranquility and serenity. Household chores will be associated with preparing children for school, buying autumn clothes.

Late resort visitors will visit places of rest, saying goodbye to sunny summer.

Astrologers advise to spend this time with maximum benefit and not to do anything against the desire — allow yourself to do something that has never been in time.

If July was marked by conflicts and misunderstandings, then in August on the agenda is the search for balance and inner harmony. Use this chance to reconcile with your loved ones, restore broken relationships and pay attention to parents.

Life passes very quickly, and for older people, the run of time feels simply impetuous.

Stars of the August sky are not located to those who show egoism and self-love. This is a time of rethinking your life position — a look into the depths of your own «I».

Ambition and self-worth will not lead to anything good this month. You need to control yourself and listen to the quiet voice of conscience — he will not let you down.

August is the time to create a solid foundation for future achievements.

Astrologers recommend to “purge” the relationship: to find the cause of misunderstandings and differences. Possible provocations, forcing negative tendencies — this must be overcome by willpower.

For many, August time will be a real test of strength, but in the moral aspect.

The financial situation is not entirely good: the money supply is unevenly distributed and, at times, unfair. Do not be discouraged — you still have everything ahead.

Use the energy of the month to invest in the future: your work will certainly be rewarded soon.

In the last summer month you can sum up a little of the current year. Evaluate your success — much more can be corrected or make adjustments to what has been achieved.

Ahead of autumn and winter — the last spurt before the start of a new round of time.

Horoscope for August 2018: peace and tranquility

Horoscope signs of the zodiac

The month will be rich in business contacts, travel and business trips. Business partners will get in touch and offer attractive projects.

However, one should not immediately agree to all the offers, one should pay attention to the smallest details — there may be a catch. Personal life will not bring any changes, all attention will be absorbed by career and business.

Astrologers advise not to get involved in heavy food, as the risk of GI disease is likely.

Stars advise conservative Taurus to be more attentive to changes in life. Do not dwell on the monotony, boldly look to the future.

If you do not have changes in your career or personal life, change your image — at least something needs to be changed! This will attract positive energy to life, create favorable conditions for the implementation of the plans. Pay attention to your health.

If you feel unwell, do not delay the visit to the doctor.

Shaky Gemini should be a little temper their ardor and not exchanging small things. This is a time of rethinking priorities, inner work on yourself. Forget about traveling and entertainment — engage in self-education, meditation, yoga.

Do not tell anyone about your plans, otherwise they will be implemented by anyone, but not by you. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to think about the sports section or pool.

In any case, more fresh air, especially before bedtime.

Representatives of the water element will feel perfectly well in August 2018. This is a time of peace and tranquility, lack of fuss and haste.

However, there is a temptation to become lazy and go headlong into illusion. You should not dive into the depths of your internal waters, otherwise you can lose touch with reality.

Meditation and calm music are good in moderation.

Representatives of the fire sign will be able to feel the comfort and long-awaited pleasure of rest. Walking along the seashore, swimming in the sea will help restore inner balance and spiritual harmony. This month, the Lions will receive an unexpected cash prize: the return of old debt, winning the lottery.

Laziness and rest contribute to the accumulation of extra pounds, so try to move more. Morning / evening jogging will help to maintain normal weight or throw off excess.

Hot August does not have a working environment, so working Virgos will have to contend with laziness and unwillingness to be active. If it becomes completely unbearable, take a vacation at your own expense. Traveling to another country or relaxing on the seashore will bring positive emotions that last for a long time.

If there is no opportunity to go on vacation, relax yourself or under the guidance of an instructor. Astrologers advise to pay attention to the nervous system and at least once a week to go out of town or in the spa.

Horoscope for August 2018: peace and tranquility

In August, Libra is expected to spend money unexpectedly, which adversely affects the financial condition. Think about whether to buy a new gadget right now or can you wait until better times? Astrologers advise you to decide on priorities and stick to the most important, otherwise you can waste your energy.

Do not tackle several cases at once and try to avoid contact with unpleasant people — this will greatly upset the nervous system.

Restless Scorpio will gain a chance of career growth in this month. Your vigorous activity will not go unnoticed by your superiors and will be valued with a cash bonus or other incentive.

The energy of the month is very favorable for starting your own business — feel free to take the bull by the horns. However, on the day of the new moon, which falls on the 26th, it is recommended to postpone any important meetings and negotiations. Summer heat is not an obstacle to colds — air conditioners and cold drinks can cause ARVI and even bronchitis.

Take care of your health, do not overcool.

Temperamental Sagittarius expect changes in life. This may be a change of work, worldview or image.

Now is the time to engage in self-improvement and meditation. If you have any ideas for a new project, you can safely turn them into reality.

In August, there is a risk of exacerbation of chronic ailments, so when you first feel unwell, make an appointment at the clinic. If you decide to do sports, choose power or active directions.


This sign will have to constantly overcome any problems and solve minor issues. Try not to get bogged down in the routine and not lose the main thing in life. In general, August will not bring any changes in career and personal life, everything will remain in their places.

Do not allow yourself to get annoyed over trifles and waste energy on unnecessary things. Capricorns are shown a balanced diet, as persistent problems with the gastrointestinal tract can disturb and balance life.

Revise your diet, and also engage in active sports.

Representatives of the air element will want to shelter on the edge of the world from the annoying routine. This applies to both work and communication with loved ones.

Try to find time to be alone in order to enjoy the reflections on the eternal. This will restore internal balance and gain spiritual comfort.

Astrologers are advised not to borrow money, because there is a risk of default on debt. In August, chronic diseases may worsen, so take the time to visit the doctor.

In August, Pisces will have to go through many different events that will affect the state of the impressionable nervous system. Get sedatives in a pharmacy, drink herbal tea, take a walk in the air more, and in a pinch, visit a psychologist.

Astrologers do not recommend conducting financial transactions in August — it is better to wait for autumn.

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