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Horoscope for April 1: the best rally for each sign of the zodiac

Horoscope for April 1: the best rally for each sign of the zodiac

April 1 is a day of fun and good mood. The second month of spring gives us the rays of goodness and warmth, and the holiday of smiles adds special playfulness to this day.

The horoscope for April 1 will tell you which drawing for each Zodiac sign will be the most successful and not offensive. Remember, preparing jokes that the most important thing is for everyone to have fun, including the one you decided to play.

Aries themselves whom you want to play, so much so that then all my life you will watch the video on «You-tube». To them in the instruction is not attached restrictions. Do whatever you want with Aries — they will laugh heartily at themselves.

These people love only good jokes and practical jokes. Do not scare them and joke where Taurus is scary and not at all funny. Although it is sometimes useful to care for the representatives of this Sign, so try to surprise them, but do not overdo it.

The twins are masters of practical jokes, which they turn themselves every day without stopping, so the only reaction to your joke will be: “Hmm. and you did well. I like».

Cancers do not understand jokes, especially from those who are not close to them and not gossiped by ties of kinship. Roughly speaking, do not joke with them and forget about April 1 in relation to Rakov. An exception can be made only if you are a close relative or best friend of the one born under the Sign of Cancer.

Lions and Lionesses love when they play, but only on the assumption that they will be the center of attention. It is better to play them by a group of friends or colleagues. In this case, you will gain complete freedom of action.

Virgos do not like «stupid» holidays like April 1, but they can even understand and appreciate a joke. Just try to make a rally in a harmless style, otherwise you risk not being comically beaten back.

These people also love jokes, but they respect moderation. April Fool’s trick should be restrained and not forcing Libra to blush. Otherwise they will be offended and very much so.

In terms of jokes, Scorpions are like Libra. They will react well only to a good joke. Otherwise, you will find a return joke, which will lead to millions of video views on the “You-tube”.

It will be extremely awkward.

Sagittarius is always on the alert, so it’s impossible to cheat or play them. Only the most inventive can succeed. Otherwise, laugh at you.

Sagittarius masterfully reads people, so you have to try.

The best joke for this Zodiac Sign is a good intriguing joke. The story about the white back is clearly not the trump card that you can use in this case. In addition, Capricorns must feel your respect and kindness.

Otherwise, you can seriously regret what you have done.

Above them, like Aries, you can joke as you like. They will laugh with you, walk away, and then laugh again. Come up with something original, truly funny and unique, as well as matching the style of your Aquarius.

A well thought out and planned joke with the participation of third parties will be excellent.

Fish dream of becoming a star on the Internet, so that everyone can talk about them, what they are unmatched and graceful. Give them that opportunity to make them fit. Just do not go too far.

Remember that Pisces can blush for six months when they meet with you, if they decide that they have exposed themselves in an objectionable light.

The draws on April 1 do not have much popularity in Russia, however many Zodiac signs are prone to being bullied, so try to come up with something original. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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