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Horoscope for 2018 on the signs of the zodiac and year of birth

Zodiac signs — a horoscope for 2018, general characteristics

How to find out about your future? To do this, you need to look at the eastern horoscope for 2018 according to the signs of the zodiac and the year of birth.

This is a great hint how to do better in the coming year, with whom to make business and personal contacts, and with whom it is better to avoid communication. A horoscope is a great opportunity to correct past missteps and not to mess things up in the near future.

Horoscope for 2018 on the signs of the zodiac and year of birth

general characteristics

What surprises prepared us a year of earthen dog? On the night of February 16, we will see off the fiery bully of the rooster, who filled our life with vivid impressions.

The dog also does not differ in degree and calmness, as the cock, however, it has different from the last quality — loyalty and loyalty. In this regard, the main characteristics of the upcoming year will be:

  • loyalty to the commitment of their ideals;
  • loyalty to the chosen path;
  • an opportunity to start business of any complexity.

In the coming year, you can safely proceed to any project, as the dog will be happy to support a good venture and will stretch a paw in a friendly way. You should also remember that the dog is an expression of the elements of the earth, so it is better to adhere to good traditions in all undertakings.

But the dog does not like change, therefore, it is not worthwhile to radically change the direction of its activity — everything will turn into dust. It is better to restore order after the flighty fiery rooster’s wires and draw up a plan for the implementation of long-term projects.

The dog will support those who have worked hard and achieved their goals, therefore in the new year many will be promoted and promoted for patient work.

The yellow dog is a sunny symbol, so good luck will follow throughout the year. You can breathe freely and smile towards the new year — after all, he promises to be happy.

In this year, only cunning and insidious people, as well as all kinds of schemers and deceivers, will be unlucky — the dog cannot stand them. Her task is to protect honest people from rogues and thieves.

Since dogs are gregarious animals, in the coming year you will be able to expand the circle of your acquaintances and replenish it with worthy interesting people. However, it is not recommended to get involved in parties with the use of alcoholic beverages — dogs do not like drunk.

This year must pass under the banner of a healthy lifestyle, and the dog will provide you with energy.

Love and relationships

What awaits us in the field of feelings? The dog prefers loyalty and devotion, so sincerely loving people will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of romance and love. In the coming year, many interesting meetings and acquaintances are planned, but only real feelings have a chance to continue.

Single people will be able to gain a soul mate, and those who love will play the long-awaited wedding.

The dog likes the manifestation of love and mutual aid, so the whole year we will be surrounded by loving and caring people. Be sure that the marriage union concluded this year will be happy and long.

However, remember that dogs do not tolerate snooty, so in response to your reproaches you will get an active response. Do not try to start a quarrel and a showdown on an elevated tone — it will end in a major spat.

Horoscope for 2018 on the signs of the zodiac and year of birth

Horoscope signs of the zodiac

Aries In the current year, attractive prospects await, many doors will immediately open before them. Try not to get confused, but choose the right door.

In this case, Aries expects complete success.

Taurus waiting for a puzzle, they will face a choice — career or family. It should calm down, make a general cleaning of thoughts and decide on the difficult choice.

Gemini long-awaited changes in the field of work. It is necessary not to miss the chance of raising the career ladder, because it is this year that the energy is favorable to progress.

Crayfish will be filled with energy to the brim. They will succeed in everything, whatever they undertake.

They will simply be amazed by their extraordinary activity and business acumen.

Lions they will be able to look at their shortcomings with complete peace of mind and for a time will forget about the claims to exclusiveness and greatness.

The virgins This year it is necessary to overcome their scruples and pickyness, because the year of the dog implies the manifestation of friendliness towards others.

Libra it will also be difficult, because their constant doubts and hesitations run counter to the energies of the year. They risk being alone with their phobias and lack of confidence in the right choice.

Scorpions Year of the dog does not promise anything special. They will sail on the waves of life in the same rhythm and relative calm.

Sagittarius show unusual restraint and prudence, but not for themselves. This year, selfishness will prevail, and the Archers will not be able to cope with its manifestations.

Capricorn Year of the dog promises many new acquaintances. It will be the most fruitful of the last year, you will be surrounded by attention and care from all sides.

For Aquarius The year foreshadows a fun life without any worries or worries. They can just envy.

Fish will be forced to make constant compromises, even to the detriment of themselves. There’s nothing to do; the coming year requires pliability and loyalty to others.

Horoscope for 2018 on the signs of the zodiac and year of birth

Horoscope by year of birth

Year of the dog will be successful primarily for those born under this symbol. You can feel free to realize your desires, because the energies of the year are directed to help you.

It is important not to miss the opportunity to become happy this year.

Born in Year of the Rat, Hare and Snake will have to show perseverance to achieve their plans. If they persist, the dog will give them success.

Lazy during this period will not work in any way.

Boars especially lucky in the coming year, as the dog is adjusted to them very complacently. Time flies without much hassle, as well as quiet and measured.

Tigers expects many surprises for which they are not yet ready. It will be a kaleidoscope of various events, many of them will change their fate in the future.

Bulls, Dragons and Monkeys can completely relax, as the year will be fun and carefree. During this period, you can engage in self-development, review life priorities and make plans for the future.

Goats and Horses will also bathe in the energies of calm and well-being. The fuss of the past year of the rooster is in the past, you can devote time to yourself and pay attention to loved ones.

But Roosters will not be easy. This year promises to be tense and unstable.

We will have to work a lot, to settle misunderstandings and turn around like a squirrel in a wheel.

So, we see that the yellow earthen dog will bring different circumstances for everyone. Some years will seem quite prosperous, luck will always be smiling to someone, and someone will be forced to fight with themselves and with circumstances.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind: the year of the dog is conducive to a benevolent attitude, hard work and balanced actions.

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