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Horoscope for 2018 for Taurus

Horoscope for 2018 for Taurus — Finance and Health

Year of the yellow earthen dog will bring Taurus long-awaited peace. After a stormy time spent under the sign of a fiery rooster there will come a period of calm and recuperation. The horoscope for 2018 for Taurus sets two main tasks — to take care of your own health and family problems.

Consider the highlights of this year.

Horoscope for 2018 for Taurus

General trends of the year

Taurus’s state of health in 2018 will be unstable, so the main focus is on strengthening health and the immune system. You should also pay more attention to your personal life, leaving career concerns in the background.

Lonely Taurus should seriously think about a serious relationship with the second half, which is still walking by itself.

This year, many will face a fateful meeting that will change life and fill with new meaning.

Family Taurus will devote more time to their loved ones and relatives, family values ​​will come to the fore and will be perceived as desired and necessary. Taurus has always attached great importance to the family, but this year the home will be of particular importance.

At the beginning of the year, Tauruses will have to face some minor problems that can spoil their mood. It will be either a conflict at work, or unreasonably spent money or a losing streak — or maybe all at once.

But you should not despair — in front of it expects quite a good time, all the turmoil will be left behind.

Nevertheless, the New Year holidays will be quite successful, and Taurus will be able to get a large portion of the pleasures of the past time. And the turmoil will arise because of the aggravation of selfishness and unwillingness to listen to the opinions of others.

Health may fail in February. No need to delay a visit to the doctor: the disease may worsen and take a chronic form.

If you have the opportunity to go on a trip to warm countries, it will only benefit health, and the nervous system will come into balance.

In the summer of pet land expects a lot of surprises, but troubles can wait for the corner. Be careful with finances — the likelihood of losing a significant amount of money or being robbed is pretty serious.

Astrologers do not advise making large investments or acquisitions before the onset of autumn.

Unfortunately, autumn will not be the best time for Taurus, so you should be very careful. Stars believe that this time will pass under the banner of quarrels and family conflicts. The passions will be serious, if you do not stop yourself in time.

It is necessary to try not to lose business contacts in the heat of passion and not to spoil family relationships.

But in November, the psychological climate will become more favorable, all misunderstandings will simply disappear magically — as there was not. In the autumn, Taurus expects large profits and success in commerce or business.

To strengthen the nervous system, a subscription to a swimming pool or a fitness club will do.

December will bring peace from problems and fill life with peace and joy. You can devote this time to your favorite hobby, go on a trip or just relax in a comfortable home environment. Taurus can finally achieve emotional balance and harmony with himself and the outside world.

It will be just a wonderful time, and the anticipation of the New Year holidays will bring a spark of magic into life.

Horoscope for 2018 for Taurus

Business horoscope

Taurus has a constant desire to increase capital, so the whole year will be concerned about financial affairs. In 2018, there will be an opportunity to find a side job that will help increase capital.

Since Taurus is not afraid of work and is always ready to work, it is not difficult for them to quickly master the basics of a new profession.

Spring is a good time for career growth.

The bosses will certainly pay attention to the hardworking workers and appreciate the efforts invested in the work. Perhaps a tempting offer to raise on the career ladder and a tangible increase in salary.

However, astrologers do not advise to accept, without looking back, a proposal for promotion, if you doubt your competence: this can result in a grandiose fiasco.

In 2018, Taurus may smile at the prospect of moving to another city or country at the invitation of an employer. This proposal needs to be thought out well, as along with the change of residence, the whole life will change drastically.

Are you ready for this?

Financial horoscope

Unfortunately, the beginning of the year is not marked by capital inflows. On the contrary, many Taurus will experience an acute shortage of finances and go into debt.

Money will magically evaporate immediately after receiving a salary. The exit from the financial crisis will be the search for additional earnings, which will soften the desperate state of affairs.

Astrologers advise to reduce costs, so as not to get into debt on a loan with a high interest rate.

By summer, the financial situation will improve significantly, it is possible to move to a more profitable position or job. If you are afraid of cardinal changes, leave everything as it is.

Just then do not regret the lost opportunities. And maybe for the better, nothing changed?

The main thing is to preserve health and not wear out the nerves.

If you manage to save money wisely, the individual financial crisis can be easily overcome. And then fate will make the patient Taurus happy with an influx of money.

Love horoscope

In 2018, Taurus will be ready for the most reckless acts to win the heart of the object of their love. But astrologers advise to temper the heat, so as not to scare away a potential partner before they meet.

Restraint in the gusts will be more than ever.

Especially stormy winter will be. By spring, the storm of emotions will subside, and relations with a partner will become clear outlines and perspectives.

Lonely Taurus will be lucky to establish a romantic relationship with a suitable partner, and family Taurus will be able to cope with bouts of unwarranted jealousy towards his soulmate.

Summer time will be the culmination of the development of romantic relationships. Taurus will be in the maelstrom of events, will be at the peak of love.

However, by the fall of this romantic passion will come to naught due to partner betrayal. The main thing is not to fall into depression and stay afloat.

Because of a nervous breakdown can lead to health, so try to be less impressed with the events. Mental wounds heal for a very long time, so it’s best not to bring yourself to the handle with feelings.

By the winter, the dejected Taurus will manage to get out of the vicious circle of love disappointments and gain confidence in their irresistible. Easy flirting with the opposite sex will help tune in to a wave of new romantic experiences.

Among the variety of fans may be your destiny — look carefully and see.

Astrologers advise Taurus to marry in the winter of 2018.

For those who are already in romantic time, it’s time to think about the official status of a spouse. In the spring or summer, a partner may receive a proposal to legitimize the marriage — you should not refuse!

Hymen has already prepared a cozy nest for a happy married couple, it remains only to settle there.

At the beginning of the year, health will not fail if you adhere to an optimal diet. However, the frivolous attitude to the daily menu can adversely affect health, and avoid hospitalization will not succeed. Taurus, addicted to bad habits, can fail the cardiovascular system.

Is it time to give up what causes irreparable harm to health?

In the spring, you need to stock up on a vitamin-mineral complex after an examination by a doctor, and in the summer to saturate the body with natural vitamins. Only everything needs to be done in moderation: an oversupply of vitamins is just as harmful as their lack.

Consultation with a nutritionist and a therapist is a good thing, so do not be lazy to make an appointment.

In the autumn, visit the dentist, even if the teeth do not disturb. It is cheaper to prevent the development of caries than to treat it later.

The same goes for gums.

Horoscope for 2018 for Taurus

Female horoscope

Favorite goddess Venus will experience an amazing time, full of romantic experiences and colors. Women Taurus will be on a constant emotional lift, which will favorably affect the development of romantic relationships.

Unmarried women will surely attract the attention of a worthy man, and whoever Venus will decide for himself in their fate — a husband or a passionate lover.

Astrologers are convinced that the energetic upsurge of Taurus women will inevitably attract many fans to them. This favorable time cannot be missed, because by the end of the year the female half of the representatives of the sign of Taurus will be covered by another wave — the sobering reality.

Tale ever ends, and this need to know in advance. But how many beautiful memories will remain in the heart

Male horoscope

The year promises to be very productive. Taurus will be able to easily realize all their plans, to achieve their goals.

Astrologers advise not to attach great importance to various barriers to the goal — they can be easily circumvented or overcome.

Do not waste energy on unnecessary experiences, stubbornly move along the intended path.

However, this does not mean that you can go over the heads for success. This can lead to discord in business relationships, you just lose the trust of your partners. Business contacts should certainly be strengthened, because in the struggle with competitors alone it is difficult to withstand.

Friendly leverage and support is more important than dubious success in business.

Around the middle of the year, a personal financial crisis may break out, which will adversely affect the sphere of love feelings. However, this will be a test of the true intentions of the partner — a loving woman will not pay attention to the temporary financial turmoil of her chosen one.

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