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Horoscope fidelity: how zodiac signs behave in relationships

Horoscope fidelity: how zodiac signs behave in relationships

Each Sign has its own characteristics that affect all spheres of life. Perhaps the brightest of all are the qualities of the Zodiac signs in love relationships and issues of loyalty to their partner.

Each sign of the zodiac is unique and has its own pros and cons. For example, representatives of water signs often feel the energy of money and are able to set up a financial corridor without much difficulty, and those born under the constellations of the fire element carry a charge of unique energy. The horoscope of fidelity shows how each Sign astrologically inclined to constancy.

Aries have a truly fiery character: they are passionate, devoted to their work and most often rely only on themselves. These qualities guide Aries and in love: the representatives of this Sign choose their loved one with their hearts and most often are absolutely faithful to their choice.

Taurus tends to overly dramatize events, and often themselves suspect their soul mate of infidelity. However, with all their suspicion, the representatives of this Sign remain faithful to their partners. If Taurus falls in love with another person, he will prefer to honestly tell his partner about everything and leave him before starting a new relationship.

The dual nature of Gemini does not always take up, but in some cases can make representatives of this Zodiac sign think about a fleeting affair «on the side.» The reason for such thoughts can be a misunderstanding in a couple and disrespect for the personal space of Gemini. To avoid such a situation, be frank with your soulmate and less likely to test the strength of her nerves.

Emotional and affectionate Cancers find it difficult to imagine the meaning of betrayal and are unlikely to decide to test for themselves once that this is finding their love. About the meaning of the word «loyalty» this Sign knows firsthand. Those born under the constellation of Cancer expect the same attitude from their beloveds, which is quite fair.

Confident in themselves and their forces, the Lions can spin the novel «on the side» if they begin to doubt their attractiveness or value for the beloved. However, this option is quite rare: most often, Lions, having found love, respect their choice and remain faithful to their partners.

According to the horoscope, Virgos are considered the most faithful of all the signs of the zodiac. Most often, the representatives of this constellation marry once and for life: the exception may be cases where the Virgin belatedly understand that their spouse is dishonest. Lies are hated by Virgins, and this reason for breaking with a partner is the most weighty reason for this Sign.

Scales in a relationship tend to complete and absolute harmony: if they catch a partner for treason, then most likely, without thinking twice, they will take revenge. A love affair with another person is also possible if Libra realizes that for some reason they are not interested in their soul mate. Representatives of this Sign do not forgive coldness and indifference, therefore, their manifestation may well be answered with an intrigue on the side.

Scorpios can destroy loyalty in a relationship if they feel that love is gone. In this case, Scorpio may find that since the relationship is inexorably moving towards the final, then what difference does it make that same final? And if at this moment he is interested in another person, then Scorpio will not bargain with the conscience for a long time.

Impulsive Sagittarius can fall in love, be enchanted, and then just as quickly give up on the object of their passion. Guilt for infidelity may haunt Sagittarius for years, but it may not be enough to acknowledge the forces. To prevent this from happening, you can look at the compatibility horoscope at the very beginning of a relationship and plan important dates and events with it.

To Capricorns, the word “treason” is just as disgusting as Virgos. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign are invariably loyal to their partner, but at the same time they are far more tolerant of the alleged betrayal of their second half. Capricorn is ready to forgive adultery if their partner honestly admits to her and sincerely repent of his deed.

Air Aquarius is sometimes difficult to control their fleeting love that can happen to them 10 times a day. Both women and men-Aquarius are prone to flirting, which can be regarded by their partner as a hint of an incipient romance. However, in most cases, the Aquarius is faithful to their second half, and over time they learn not to test relationships for strength.

It is very easy for dreamy Pisces to be in the romantic world and to confuse innocent fantasies with very real hints of treason. Inclined to dreams, the representatives of this Sign are not always able to immediately separate the created image of the second half from the real one. The result can be frustration, longing and the search for someone who will fit the dream.

To understand whether you are suited to each other with your soulmate, you can use the free calculation of astrological compatibility of the signs of the zodiac. We wish you the strongest relationship. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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