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Horoscope description for Aquarius for April 2018

What will be the horoscope for Aquarius on April 2018

The second month of spring will delight representatives of the sign Aquarius more than grieve. Aquarius with a good mood will meet the first warm spring days, which will bring hope for positive changes, will charge with optimism and inspire new achievements.

Horoscope description for Aquarius for April 2018

What stars promise Aquarius in April?

In the middle of spring, Aquarius will enlist the support of two influential celestial bodies at once — Uranus and romantic Venus. From the main patron of the sign of Uranus, Aquarius will receive many new ideas and plans, an optimistic attitude and a non-standard attitude to doing business.

Loving Venus will provide Aquarius with support in heart matters. She will help many representatives of the sign to find her soul mate and will defend your love front from various adversities and troubles.

In addition, the beautiful Venus will make Aquarius extraordinarily attractive to the opposite sex, endowing beauty and charm.

This month only cloud-melancholic Neptune can darken the cloudless happiness of Aquarius, which can provoke mood swings and depression in representatives of the sign. But his influence will be insignificant against the background of the overall favorable picture.

In April, Aquarius expects success in the scientific, research and literary field. They will enjoy the pleasure of any work that requires mental activity and extraordinary approach.

The middle of the month for Aquarius will be favorable for learning new knowledge and learning new skills.

Aquarius should devote the second half of the month to the family hearth and close people. During this period, travel and relocation are possible.

Household chores will take up most of your time.

In mid-spring, Aquarius will improve relations with relatives. Try to be closer to your loved ones, because you are with them — the most precious treasure.

Try to communicate more with loved ones, contact them for advice, be caring and attentive.

In April, the stars recommend Aquarius to be prudent and patient. Representatives of the sign may be attacked by detractors, be in the center of gossip and intrigue.

The horoscope advises you not to panic and control your emotions, so as not to give a reason for “evil” languages ​​to slander you.

This month, Aquarius should be prudent and restrained, prudent and farsighted. They need to listen to their “sixth” feeling and not to succumb to provocations.

The family should be in the first place this month, even if the work takes all your attention and strength. Aquarius should rest more, make new acquaintances and distribute its energy so that it is not wasted.

Favorable days this month will be: 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 18, 19, 25, 28 and 29 numbers.

Adverse numbers: 3, 12, 20.

Aquarius Health in April 2018

As a rule, Aquarius are distinguished by good state of health and do not like being depressed. But April can bring them unpleasant surprises, if the representatives of the sign will be careless about their health. Against the background of spring avitaminosis, they may have a cold, flu or tonsillitis.

To avoid these troubles, Aquarius should consume more fruits and vegetables, walk in the fresh air and not overstrain your body. Do not forget about health in pursuit of career and money.

Also Aquarius should not avoid light physical exertion and lead an active lifestyle. Do not be lazy to walk or do a general cleaning in the house, for which you still can not take.

This will give your body is constantly in dynamics and improve well-being.

From April 1 to April 15, Aquarius should beware of accidents and various damages. It should be very careful, especially when driving vehicles.

This month should not plan complex medical interventions and manipulations. Do not forget to undergo the necessary tests and examinations in time so as not to start the disease.

In the full moon, which will come on April 30, you should not plan a trip to the doctor and undergo therapeutic measures.

Aquarius health in April may also suffer from exhaustion, insomnia and unhealthy diet. The middle of the month may bring intestinal problems that require medical intervention.

This month, Aquarius will not interfere with the consultation of a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and cardiologist. We should also not forget about your psychological state, because your health will become much stronger if you have a good mood and a positive attitude.

Horoscope description for Aquarius for April 2018

Horoscope Finance and Career for April 2018

In terms of finance and career, April will be ambiguous for Aquarius. The horoscope advises representatives of this sign to avoid unnecessary risk and dubious enterprises.

The first half of the month promises to be a successful career. But be prepared for the fact that you have to make a lot of effort to achieve success.

You should be very careful when signing documents, especially at the beginning of the month.

In April, Aquarius is sorely lacking time, so you need to make yourself a clear plan of action. Also, you should not grab at all at once, otherwise you will not be able to finish a single case.

Be punctual and diligent, cultivate willpower in yourself.

During this period, Aquarius may find a promising job or get a higher position. Be prepared for the fact that your envious person may not like it.

Aquarius women in April expects career success and promotion, but men may face financial setbacks.

April is a favorable period for Aquarius to unleash its creative potential and realize original ideas. This is a great time to start your own business, which will be very profitable.

There are no unpleasant cash surprises for Aquarius in April. Money will be enough to satisfy all immediate needs, and even more.

The stars will be most supportive of you in financial matters after April 7th.

Horoscope description for Aquarius for April 2018

What awaits Aquarius in love and family life?

April will be filled with many positive events in your personal life. Aquarius is waiting for complete harmony with your loved one and strengthen family ties. And lonely representatives of the star sign will be given a chance to arrange their personal life.

During this period, you will find unprecedented interest from the opposite sex and romantic adventures. And towards the end of the month, the beginning of a new relationship is possible.

For many Aquarius, the issue of creating a family will be relevant.

In April, representatives of the sign will have a desire to spend more time at home, equipping their family nest. You will be pleased to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in your home.

April 2018 may bring unexpected problems to Aquarius related to close people. It can be serious conflicts, illness of relatives or some problems.

Families Aquarius stars are recommended to pay special attention to children, to communicate more with them, try to find mutual understanding. Take an interest in what your children are interested in and help them choose an interesting section or circle.

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