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Horoscope career Evgenia Feofilaktovoj: popularity returns

Horoscope career Evgenia Feofilaktovoj: popularity returns

Former participant in the reality show «House 2» Evgenia Feofilaktova told in her microblog that her dreams of realizing herself in her career are beginning to come true. More recently, Zhenya could not even imagine what would become the leading popular Internet channel. According to career horoscope year, the girl will begin a new round of popularity, which will be associated with her new work.

After leaving the project, Zhenya did not even think about a career for a long time and decided to raise her little son for the time being. Zhenya tried to dedicate all her time to her husband and one-year-old Daniel. But the love of publicity was not able to keep her at home for a long time, so Eugene began to actively look for work, and not simple, but necessarily in the field of mass media.

Thus, the former member of “House 2” has become the leading Internet channel “Muzparad”.

Eugene will conduct an entertainment show. According to her, she has already begun to work with might and main, and her new position brings her a lot of positive emotions. She wrote in her blog that she would now be able to realize her career plans and at the same time be engaged in raising her son.

Recall that Evgenia Feofilaktova, along with her husband Anton Gusev and son Daniel left the TV project “House 2” in the spring of this year. The couple constantly quarreled and found out the relationship, and this raised the ratings of the scandalous show. Now the Gusev family settled in Moscow.

Anton has her own business, and Zhenya, until recently, was engaged in online sales of children’s clothes.

It is worth noting that many former members of «House 2» are currently engaged in their own business. For the most part, this is the holding of weddings, holidays, parties and corporate events. For example, Gleb Zhemchugov, nicknamed Strawberry, has long been involved in various events. In this field, he is more competitive with the rest of the former «households»: Yevgeny Kuzin, Stepan Menschikov, Rustam Solntsev and others.

Young people managed to win the love of the audience during their stay under the cameras. They have made a name for themselves and are now taking advantage of it. According to rumors, the performance of a star from “House 2” at the festival is not so cheap. And Yevgeny Feofilaktova decided to go a little different way.

According to the participants of “House 2,” she will never reconcile with the thought that her public life and fame can end after leaving the project. That is why she decided to return to the screens again to warm up the interest of viewers a little more.

Astrologers compiled the horoscope of the career of Evgenia Feofilaktova for the summer-autumn of the year. On the sign of the Zodiac Zhenia — Libra. For the representatives of this constellation, summer was very fruitful and promising in terms of work. This is a period of new opportunities and chances that Feofilaktova did not miss.

But autumn, according to the career horoscope for the year, foreshadows a full immersion for many Libra in its activities. They will have to devote themselves entirely to work. It hurts to get a good profit for the results of their work, they have to take the initiative and become a generator of ideas.

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