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Horoscope career and personal life of Alla Pugacheva

Horoscope career and personal life of Alla Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was born on April 15. On the sign of the zodiac, she is Aries. The moment of her birth coincided with the period of the lunar eclipse, which speaks of her as an extraordinary person, with a difficult fate. At her birth, several planets influenced her zodiacal sign: Mercury, Mars and the Sun.

It is worth noting that Mercury was as close as possible to the Sun. Such an arrangement of the planets speaks of a strong personality, which throughout its entire life will go right through, regardless of the opinions and interests of others. According to astrologers, Alla Pugacheva is one of the strongest representatives of Aries.

It contains not only all the qualities inherent in this sign of the Zodiac, but also the energy of the stars, which strengthens the character.

Energy Pugacheva, given to her from her patron planets, makes her unshakable in front of any kind of life. On the successful career of the singer and actress influenced ascending knot. The creative forces it gives the interaction of the Sun and Mars.

These two planets maximally act on Pugacheva, giving her an incredible power of creation.

Since the action of the moon is very weak, it can be said that Alla Borisovna does not possess such spiritual qualities as gentleness, compassion, pliability.

Black Moon has a strong influence on her zodiac sign. It is because of this that the singer has such personality traits as egoism, narcissism, vanity. She loves luxury, recognition and strive to maintain her authority with all her might.

She likes to go ahead and be famous.

If we consider the influence of secondary planets and constellations on the diva, then we can clearly see that the stars favored her from birth in building a career and winning millions of fans.

Regulus — predicts success and wealth at birth. This is the star of kings. If you believe the ancient Egyptian astrologers, then this planet foreshadowed a great future for man, money, influence and glory.

Two stars, Khan and Albireo, are considered planets that endow a person with creative abilities and excellent intelligence. These stars accompany Pugacheva throughout her life, giving her fame and universal recognition.

What about the personal life of Alla Borisovna? Astrologers analyzed her marriage with Philip Kirkorov and made conflicting conclusions. On the one hand, the couple broke up due to the unconventional orientation of Philip Kirkorov (the position of Venus and Uranus at the time of his birth indicates this).

On the other hand, their parting was predetermined: if we consider a pair of Pugacheva and Kirkorov from the position of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac, the stars initially promised them the happiest life in marriage, and in the end — a divorce.

About the connection with Galkin, astrologers argue that there are undoubtedly feelings between them. Moreover, their marriage is not accidental. Interestingly, both Kirkorov and Galkin were born at the time of the completion of the Black Moon cycle, which lasts 9 years.

This planet at the time of their birth was in Aries, the zodiac sign Alla Pugacheva. By the way, the daughter of Pugacheva, Christina Orbakaite, was also born at the end of the nine-year cycle of the Black Moon.

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