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Horoscope Angela Pearl for February

Horoscope Angela Pearl in February of the year

The horoscope for February of the year will allow each representative of the zodiacal circle to catch luck by the tail. Use the recommendations of Angela Pearl, so that each new day brings you only joy.

Many beloved astrologer and tarologist Angela Pearl shares her observations of the stars and planets. Heavenly bodies have an impact on everyone, without exception, so it is important to know what kind of energy they will report in the last month of winter. Use these tips to achieve success and well-being.

The first 10 days Venus will influence Aries. You can meet new people and even fall in love. After the 11th day, Aries can take care of themselves, improve their appearance and figure, and have a good rest. Mars will have an impact throughout the month, so there will often be a desire for action.

It can be trips, training, desire to develop. On the 14th, Venus will be in aspect with Saturn, which means Aries will be able to soberly evaluate everything that happens to them and choose the right path to well-being. On the 15th there will be a solar eclipse, after which you can find new ideas, make friends, get to know the second half.

On the 18th, the influence of Mercury will help you find the information you need, and on the 19th, the Sun will allow you to take stock of your work.

The first 10 days Taurus will be helped by Venus, which will help you gain the trust of the people around you, especially the authorities. Mars will have a positive impact all month, and you can make the right decisions, avoiding mistakes and troubles. The solar eclipse on February 15 and the New Moon will contribute to new initiatives that will bring Taurus success. 18 numbers Mercury and 19 numbers the Sun will enter your 11th house.

This is the time when Tauruses need to communicate and develop their talents. The end of the month is important to spend actively in order not to miss opportunities to develop. The influence of Jupiter will affect your personal life, you can get acquainted with the second half, and find business partners.

In the first 10 days, Gemini will be able to expand their horizons, go on a journey, begin or complete training, increase their income, meet new interesting people. All this will be possible thanks to the influence of Venus. On February 14, the aspect of Venus with Saturn will provide an opportunity to increase self-esteem, deal with your desires and chart the path to further development.

After the solar eclipse of the 15th day, Gemini will be able to come to grips with learning and start a new page in their lives. Solar energy will help your sign representatives succeed in their careers. Mars will increase energy and help fight for their own well-being.

Up to 10 numbers for the money and the relationship between people will answer Venus. Crayfish will be able to improve their financial situation and start a romantic relationship. On the 11th, Cancers will be able to start an active life associated with traveling and traveling. Active Mars will also favorably influence the representatives of your Sign, and you will be able to perform a lot of duties on time, solve your problems.

The solar eclipse and the New Moon on the 15th day will raise the issue of money, so after this date the Cancers can come to grips with business development, receive money. From February 18, Mercury will allow you to expand your horizons, and the Sun’s energy from the 19th will help to manifest itself in society.

From the very beginning of February, the Lions will be able to establish personal relationships, achieve mutual understanding and happiness in their personal lives. Also, the first 10 days will be successful communication with business partners. After the 11th day, Lviv may have unforeseen situations that you can solve if you are vigilant. Mars will affect the desire to feel love, and in this regard will be able to get acquainted with his half, re-learn your partner.

The new moon and the solar eclipse of the 15th will open the doors to a new life. At the end of the month there will be many pleasant events concerning personal life. Also, the influence of the Sun after the 19th day will affect the financial side of life, and the Lions will have to part with some of their savings.

The beginning of February will be influenced by Venus. This planet of its energy will help to deal with personal issues, improve health and tune in to an active business life. On the 11th, the influence of Venus will increase, and you can enjoy a romantic relationship with a partner or find a soul mate. The connection of Venus with Saturn on the 14th will make it possible to overestimate their actions, to take an important decision about their partner.

After the 15th the influence of the solar eclipse and the New Moon will allow you to find a new job or start a rapid rise on the career ladder. The entire month of Mars will positively influence the resolution of real estate issues. Virgin will be able to move, make repairs or invest in the purchase of a new apartment.

The influence of Mercury after the 18th will provide an opportunity to develop partnerships, and the energy of the Sun will allow to agree with loved ones.

The beginning of the month will be influenced by Venus. The first 10 days she will be in your 5th house, which means that Libra will have time for dates, joy and rest. After the 11th, Venus enters the 6th house, which will positively affect the working atmosphere. You can solve all financial issues.

February 14 aspect of Venus and Saturn will sober you up and allow you to deal with personal relationships. A solar eclipse on the 15th will affect the worldview, and after it, Libra will be able to begin a new stage of life’s journey. At the end of the month, Mercury and the Sun will actively engage in business matters, deal with the accumulated affairs, and solve many business and personal issues.

For Scorpios, the month will begin with the influence of Venus. She will actively participate in your personal life, helping her energy to solve personal issues. This time will be harmonious and successful.

On the 17th, after the New Moon, which will be held on February 15, you will be able to actively begin to implement new ideas. New beginnings in this period will be the most successful. February 18 Scorpions will feel the influence of Mercury. The planet will give you vigor and desire to actively participate in family life, as well as develop your business.

The sun from the 19th gives the will to win and will bring a lot of positive news.

Up to 10, the energy of Venus will provide an opportunity to enjoy life in the company of a loved one, to establish family relationships and meet new people. After the 11th day, the energy of the planet will allow you to do your homework, change the interior of the house or celebrate housewarming with your close relatives. The influence of Mars will require you to be active, which will pay off if you spend it in a positive way: physical exertion, repair, and travel. On the 15th there will be a solar eclipse, and after it Strelets Troops will be able to actively engage in creative work, develop their abilities and establish contacts.

The end of the month will be successful if you do not sit back.

Capricorns, like the rest of the signs of the zodiac, will feel the positive influence of Venus. The love planet from the first numbers will help to relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling of love or love, as well as start making good money. Saturn in aspect with Venus on the 14th will give an additional impetus to solving personal problems, soberly assess their relationships and complete them if they become obsolete.

February will be the month for new business, business, attracting new partners and investors. This will especially become apparent after the solar eclipse of the 15th. From February 17, Capricorns will be able to take advantage of the support of Mercury and the Sun, and build a plan for active work.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and finance, the first 10 days will give Aquarius energy for action in the sphere of personal life. After the 11th, the planet will be your first assistant in solving financial issues. After a solar eclipse, Aquarius will be able to start a new life, actively fight for well-being and develop in any area that you consider the most successful. At the end of the month, the active planets will give strength to resolve urgent issues and establish contacts.

This will especially manifest itself after the 18th. Angela Pearl recommends getting rid of negative thoughts so that life is prosperous.

Venus in the first 10 days will allow Pisces to let go of fears and doubts in order to fully surrender to the power of the senses. This time will be successful for a romantic relationship. After the 11th, the planet will help to be active and start thinking not only about love, but also about the financial side of life. After a solar eclipse, Pisces will be able to start new things that will bring not only profit, but also honor.

Any initiatives dedicated to the second half of the month will be successful and will pass without problems. At the end of the month, activity and fighting spirit will allow you to gain a name and confidence.

The activity shown this month and the desire to reach new heights will allow Zodiac signs to develop and not to postpone important matters. If you begin to change now, you will soon be able to enjoy the first positive results of your efforts. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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