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Horoscope and appearance

Horoscope and appearance

Zodiac sign can give a person not only the properties and traits of character, but also appearance. Each constellation is influenced by a certain planet, which gives a person a special body structure, hair and eye color and even voice.

Many professional astrologers can determine the appearance of a person according to his zodiacal affiliation. Such knowledge helps to solve many problems. In addition, an astrologer can predict the appearance of a future child, if, of course, he knows the approximate date of his birth.

The ability to determine the appearance of the natal chart and the sign of the zodiac can be useful in finding the missing person or criminal. By appearance on the basis of the horoscope can determine important information that will contribute to the resolution of any case.

People with the planet-patron Saturn are usually not very tall, dark skin and thin physique. The hair and eyes are dark-colored, the lips are plump, the nose is wide. A bright representative of this zodiac sign is actor Dmitry Pevtsov and actress Irina Apeksimova.

Their external image completely coincides with their zodiac sign and patron planet.

Everyone who was born under the influence of Jupiter is distinguished by his tall stature. The lower jaw of their face slightly bulges, the forehead is wide, the eyes and hair are blond. As a rule, people of Jupiter are prone to corpulence.

Of the Russian pop stars, such appearance is endowed with Lev Leschenko and Sergey Zhigunov, who are controlled by Jupiter.

Mars gives people a medium height and strong body. The hair is often curly and has a red color. Eyes brown color.

Their face is distinguished by redness, which may occur as a result of nervous situations. This looks from the actor Vladislav Galkin.

The sun gives a man a strong build, open eyes with bright eyes. On the face, as a rule, freckles. Hair blond, curly. In truth, the soloist of the group “Ivanushki” Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov can be called a sunny person.

The sun gave the singer all his characteristics.

People with the protection of Venus, according to astrologers, are the most beautiful. They are tall, have dark thick hair, full lips and big eyes. The skin is clear and light.

This group includes singer Natalia Korolyov and actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Both stars still remain one of the most attractive women in Russian show business.

Mercury makes people tall and thin. The arms and legs are rather skinny and long. The people of Mercury have a long face, a long nose and a large forehead.

Eyes — bright and mobile. Hair — light shades. Mercury is run by singer Kristina Orbakaite and humorist Maxim Galkin.

People of the moon, usually tall, are prone to corpulence. They have a pale face, bulging eyes and puffiness under blue eyes. All these external data can be seen on the example of Larisa Rubalskaya and Anatoly Papanova.

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