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Horoscope Alla Bobrova in July

Horoscope Alla Bobrova for July of the year

The horoscope for July will help you to plan your affairs effectively and make every day more productive. It is time to solve all of their most pressing problems.

The famous tarologist and astrologer Alla Bobrova will tell you how to properly raise your energy, attract luck, protect yourself and loved ones from the evil eye, find the meaning of life and motivation to act in July of the year. Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to forget the weather quirks of June and start looking to the future, simultaneously solving current problems.

July is a great time to pay attention to family issues. The astrologer does not advise you to be selfish, because the Sun in Cancer symbolizes the time of giving energy and attention to people you love. It is time to start a repair, buy something for the house. If, on the contrary, you want to take a break from pressing matters and problems, then it is better to do it after July 22.

Pay attention to teamwork at home and outside. Collective work will have a great effect on luck in general. The astrologer notes that your enemies are activated and will try to annoy you. Mercury is very active in July, so work with documents will be especially effective, especially in the first half of the month.

The main thing now is not to worry about nothing: all misunderstandings will only be a bad dream by the end of July.

It is time to travel. The astrologer argues that this month is simply not allowed to sit still — try to change the situation and yourself, both internally and externally. This month, Mars will provoke you to impulsive actions, so you should be careful and careful behind the wheel. Mars will also be in opposition with Pluto, so the surrounding people will try to put pressure on you.

You will be reproached with words, not actions, so do not take the negative from people. If you decide to make some important deal, then try to do it without the help of other people, because behind your back will gossip those who want to see your fiasco, your enemies and detractors.

The sun activates a second home, so you want to spend money not only on yourself, but also on your loved ones, on your home. This suggests that purchases in July should not be pointless. The second house is also training.

You can go to study, sign up for a master class or refresher courses. This is a great time to get new information. At the same time, it is important to preserve the leadership qualities, and not to distance yourself from the whole world, closing in your comfort zone. Your strength in July will be in eloquence.

Show everyone that arguing with you does not make sense. Let everyone know that you are the best. In love may come disappointment because of Venus, who is in opposition with Saturn.

Until July 22, the Sun will be in Cancer, and then it will go into the constellation Leo. Until July 22 in the family you will be the main ones. If you have a birthday in July, then meet him with his family and loved one. Do everything the way you want, not the way you are told.

This month, according to Alla Bobrova, will be good for personal care. A visit to beauty salons and beauty salons will be the perfect choice for women, and men can make a gift in the form of new clothes. You can take a course of massage, you can start a cycle of exercise. Direct all forces towards yourself.

In business and at work you can experience the feeling that you can do absolutely everything. This is true, so proceed. Mars is in the second house, so you will have the desire to squander money.

Keep track of finances in July.

The sun will be in Cancer, and from July 22 in Leo. Virtual communications will increase — communication on the Internet can not be limited, exactly like talking on the phone. This is a very creative period, so privacy will benefit you.

Write poems, music, create. The 12th house is magic and everything mysterious. You may be interested in esoteric.

Since July 22, your period will come. As early as July 20, you may feel that it is time to start moving from planning to action. Mars will have two unpleasant aspects for you. Do not plan anything for the period from 1 to 3 numbers.

There will be increased pressure from the environment on you. From 15 to 19 there will be problems of a legal nature, with a bureaucratic system. In love, you will find more romance, good luck and positive emotions in general.

For you, it’s time for holidays and entertainment. Treat yourself to pleasant emotions, abstract from business. This is a good time to communicate with people, for dreams and romance. Find your soul mate will be much easier.

Lucky also to those of you who have children. You will be able to devote more time to your child. From July 22, the Sun will be in Leo, so stay in solitude at this time.

At the very beginning of the month you can do sports, active group games such as football or volleyball. At the end of the month Venus will be in opposition with Saturn, so close people can move away from you, but do not be alarmed — all this is temporary.

In July, you can see the first results of your efforts. All that you have given will gradually return to you. If you have proved to everyone that they deserve to be promoted at work, then now you must get what you so eagerly wanted to achieve. Jupiter gives both deserved victories and just good luck in all matters.

Now it is good to advance socially, that is, to show the people around you what you have achieved before. Mars in July will give you the opportunity to move forward in their profession or hobby. On the 20th, Mars will go to Leo, so there will be more craving for trips and love adventures.

It will become more free, your soul will feel lightness.

Until July 22, the Sun will be in Cancer, so it’s time to go somewhere. Mars and Mercury will also contribute to this. The ninth house is a good time to absorb new information. Scientific, legal activities will be relevant now.

Trials for you will run more smoothly. Trigon Venus and Jupiter from July 14 to July 19 is an excellent aspect for you. These days, try to solve all the most important things.

From 21 to 24 the number of Venus will be in bad aspect with Saturn. This will bring cooling and detachment. There may be hidden insults, longing, sadness.

In general, the astrologer notes that July will leave more pleasant impressions.

In July, you may have a strong desire to change something. It will be a great time to see the world differently. In July, it is better to pay off all your debts, pay fines. From July 22, the Sun will turn into Leo Sign.

The element of Fire will help you to become yourself, so wait for the urge to go somewhere, to visit new places. You will become more optimistic. Mars will be very important in July.

He will give you energy, strength, help you realize your desires, become the first in everything. Until July 20, he will be in Cancer, so it is better to direct all forces to change. Do not forget about loved ones.

Until July 22, the partnership house will be active for you. Fire Element helps you find a new partner for love relationships or for workers. And at work, and in love you will find luck, so go to meet the changes.

Possible receipts and pleasant suggestions for work. You should be visible, so if you need to speak in front of people, do not be afraid of the public. In such periods, wars begin, so be careful with threats.

The theme of the seventh house is rivalry. Conflicts beginning of the month will be resolved at the end. Venus in Taurus will be all the first week. It is good for love and for its search.

This is a good period to start a romantic relationship, for declarations of love.

The second month of summer will be good for holidays, but, according to the astrologer, it should be devoted to hectic, solving their problems. If you do not want to waste time in vain, then transfer the vacation to another time. Until July 22, while the Sun is in Cancer, it’s best to stay at work.

July is a great time for the prevention of disease, for medical examinations. Aquarius is now better to take care of their health, do not overload the body once again, go to bed in time to sleep. If you have the spirit of rivalry, then follow it.

Mars in the seventh house will awaken the spirit of war in you. However, this planet will enter into two adverse aspects. Difficulties will be from July 1 to July 3 because of the opposition with Pluto. There may be conflicts due to the attempts of other people to lead you.

Be wary of the wiles behind your back. From 15 to 19 the number of Mars will be in the square with Uranus. Possible damage to equipment, cars, electronics.

The fifth house will be important for you — it is love, romance, hobbies, hobbies, sports, rest and relaxation. Do not be afraid to spend time and money on entertainment. Up to 22 numbers you can go vacation. Live life to the fullest, take everything from it.

On the 22nd, the Sun will turn into the constellation of Leo, so there will be a lot of trouble. Load you will be as if you are working alone. In short, the end of the month will be very difficult.

As for Mars, it will help not to give up in difficult situations. This means that you can be active in everything. This is a very harmonious period, because both Mars and the Sun will promote forward movement.

Women Mars will be able to point out a loved one, so listen to your heart when choosing the second half.

Remember that the law of attraction influences your energy energetically. Keep a positive attitude to make the second month of summer more vivid and productive. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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