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Horoscope Alexander Litvin year

Horoscope Alexander Litvin year

The winner of the 6th season of the “Battle of psychics” Alexander Litvin made a forecast for the year. According to his predictions, the coming year will be marked by both joyful events and sad ones. About what awaits us, Litvin told on the site.

January and February, according to the psychic, will be very stressful periods. At this time it will be difficult to restrain emotions, which in the end can cause conflicts and quarrels. Alexander Litvin does not advise in these months to engage in skirmishes with colleagues, superiors and with close people.

Need to show restraint and patience.

March — a good month for any undertakings. Everything will work out, so this month is better to use for profit.

April — favorable time for expensive purchases and financial investments. According to Alexander Litvin, in April, you can start life from scratch, change jobs, open a business, play a wedding. Any undertakings will be crowned with success.

May, According to Alexander Litvin, it will be dangerous in terms of health. Special attention should be paid to those who suffer from allergies.

June — adverse period for long trips. Special care is recommended to show driving. In June, according to the psychic, there will be many accidents.

July — a good time for travel and business trips. But there is a chance of injury through negligence.

August and September will be a period of analysis of the work done. At this time those people who long and persistently went to success will be able to improve their financial situation.

October, according to Alexander Litvin’s forecast for the year, it will be a busy month. At this time, it is better not to make serious decisions, not to take loans, not to make expensive purchases and not to make long-distance trips. At this time, according to Litvin, perhaps a large number of air crashes.

November — difficult time. Psychic recommends relaxing and not taking on many responsibilities and responsibilities. Better for this month to take a vacation and relax.

December — a favorable period of time for creativity. This month will bring inspiration and a new look at the surrounding reality.

According to the forecast of Alexander Litvin, this year will bear fruit, but at the same time it will take a lot of strength and energy. lucky those who will strive for success and will not be afraid to change for the sake of their future. And to attract good luck for the whole year, do not forget to press the buttons and

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