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Health horoscope inspired Alexei Vorobiev for new achievements

Health horoscope inspired Alexei Vorobiev for new achievements

Singer Alexei Vorobyov, not so long ago, thought that he would no longer be able to pursue an acting and musical career due to numerous injuries resulting from the accident in January. The horoscope of health at that time was depressing: no one even expected that after the accident Sparrows would come into shape so quickly. But now he has practically restored his vocal abilities and is already taking part in the filming of films.

Moreover, very soon Lesha will appear before the audience in a new role for him — he will be the leader in a new television project on the channel «Russia 1».

Already on September 1, a new music show will start on the channel “Russia”, which will be hosted by Alexei Vorobiev. But he will not lead the project alone. The company he will be the daughter of the singer Valeria — Anna Shulgina.

The show called “The Best Voice of the Country” will reveal the most vocal and talented families in Russia. Mentors of 18 families selected for casting will be Stas Pieha, Igor Sarukhanov and Valeria.

For Vorobyov this will be the first experience as a leader. Prior to that, he mostly just starred in TV shows, movies and sang on stage. But Alexei is not afraid to perform in a new role for himself and appear before his fans as an artist of conversational genre.

Moreover, he is even glad that he was so fortunate enough to rejoin the work process after a long hospital stay.

After the artist fully recovered from the accident, he has already managed to star in the American blockbuster «Vatican Records.» In addition, recently Vorobyov finished shooting the video for the song «Be weaker.»

It is worth recalling that at the end of January, Alexei Vorobyev fell victim to a terrible accident in Los Angeles. A car crashed into his convertible. After the collision, Alexey did not regain consciousness for a long time. As a result of the accident, the singer received a strong brain injury and a number of fractures.

But the most terrible for him was the conclusion of the doctors, who told him that he would never be able to sing again. It was a big blow to him. But despite the diagnosis, Aleksey still tries to restore his vocal cords and is already involved in the work process.

Many astrologers associate the rapid recovery of the body and the successful return to Alexei Vorobiev’s usual way of life with his health horoscope. The artist was born under the constellation Capricorn. Perhaps this is one of the few signs of the zodiac, which boasts very good health, endurance and willpower. Capricorns, as a rule, rarely suffer from seasonal diseases.

They have strong immunity, they are not afraid of any epidemic. But, unfortunately, if Capricorn is sick, rarely, it happens aptly.

The natal chart of birth of representatives of this sign does not exclude serious injuries and mental disorders. As a rule, such ailments visit them because of workaholism. A horoscope of health for a year indicates that Capricorns will have to be more attentive to their state of health.

However, Alexei Vorobiev, as a typical Capricorn, may well come once again on the same rake.

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