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General horoscope for March 2018 — love, family and health

General horoscope for March 2018 for signs of the zodiac

What will March 2018 bring? What changes? The first spring month brings renewal in all walks of life.

As nature awakens from winter sleep, so are we ready for the meeting of new energies of the universe. Women think about updating the image and look after new clothes for their wardrobe, men look forward to romantic spring evenings. Consider the general horoscope for March 2018 for all signs of the zodiac.

What should I look for during this period?

General horoscope for March 2018 - love, family and health

Love and family

Should I look for a worthy gentleman in social networks? Isn’t it better to just go out with acquaintances to cafes and clubs of your native city?

March promises to be romantic, as nature awakens from sleep along with the feelings of people. However, psychologists are not advised to start and office romance for one simple reason: you can lose feelings, but you can not always find a decent job.

In March, men become much more active, and women flourish before our eyes.

Married couples will have a rather stressful period of a showdown. The case can reach the end of a relationship if you try hard and give free rein to emotions. But remember: a divorce will be very painful and difficult.

Is it not better to rein in emotions and compromise to save the family? Prudence does not hurt this spring month.

General horoscope for March 2018 - love, family and health

Business and career

The time of nature awakening can be used to update its financial position, because the energies of the universe are quite favorable for this. Many businessmen have long turned their hobbies into a source of financial influx.

Maybe it’s time to think about it too? The time is right. If there is no start-up capital, you can begin to set aside a certain amount from each salary.

You will then be surprised how unexpectedly an impressive amount of money accumulates.

You can take the initiative at work, as a result of which the director will decide on promotion. Do not be afraid of this, if you have long had a constructive proposal to improve the affairs of the company. Businessmen expect a beneficial period of productive meetings and signing lucrative contracts.

Try to spend money wisely, because significant amounts of money are spent on trifles. For successful business, you need to be able to distribute money, otherwise you can say goodbye to this idea.

General horoscope for March 2018 - love, family and health

It is time to put the figure in order after winter cooking, excess fats and carbohydrates. Ahead of the summer holiday at the resort and new outfits.

Therefore, you should pay attention to vitamin nutrition and reduce the consumption of fat with carbohydrates. It would be nice to enroll in a fitness club or do some other type of exercise.

Strengthening immunity — an important thing in this period. According to statistics, in March, most people are covering a new wave of epidemics and colds. The sweet sun is deceptive — it still can not warm the earth and air.

Dress for the season — the most important thing this month. Walking more, moving more is not less important than filling the body with vitamins.

And do not forget about a good mood, but you can bring yourself to depression.

Horoscope important affairs

Let us consider which days in March important matters should be scheduled, and which ones should not be taken decisive steps.

  • March 2 is marked by the full moon. During this period, fateful events may occur.
  • The period from March 2 to 8 is marked by a rise in energy, which will be expressed in a surge of strength and optimism. This time can be used to restore or strengthen ties, restore health.
  • After March 9, a period of recession will begin, which will manifest itself in various obstacles to the implementation of plans.
  • After March 12, you can safely plan and implement various projects, as the energies of the universe are favorable for positive changes.
  • The days of the black moon — the 15th and 16th — should be spent in peace. No need to try to solve important problems, to appoint business meetings. Also these days it is necessary to refrain from bad habits, not to abuse alcohol and excess food. It is not necessary to sort things out with people, because the heat of emotions can go off-scale.
  • From the 20th, when the spring equinox comes, the positive energies of the universe neutralize the negative influences of the black moon. Up to the 23rd day there will be a favorable period in which important matters can be resolved.
  • From March 23 to March 26, any actions will be difficult, so that these days it is better to just relax.
  • From March 26 to March 31, caution must be exercised, especially before the full moon of the 31st. Your intentions can be realized partially or with the opposite effect. However, March 31 will contribute to the strengthening of friendship and family ties, since the Moon enters the sign of Taurus.

The spirit of spring change, which will bring the month of March, will be favorable for signs of the zodiac. If you act in tune with the energies of the universe, you can make positive changes in your life.

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