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General horoscope for January 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

General horoscope for January 2018 — finance, work and health

The coming year 2018 will be held under the symbol of the yellow earthen dog. What promises the beginning of the new year to all the signs of the zodiac?

What will please us and upset the new time? Consider the horoscope for January 2018 for all members of the zodiacal circle in the sphere of personal life, finances and health.

General horoscope for January 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Love horoscope

Personal life for all is in the first place, so let’s start with it. Astrologers do not advise to rush into a new relationship, as in the pool with his head. This is especially true of those who like to flirt with everyone.

It’s time to think about strong and long-lasting relationships, because the dog patronizes trust relationships.

Couples can survive several scandals about jealousy. Do not suspect a soul mate of infidelity and do not take seriously jealousy: sometimes it is a reason to once again draw attention to themselves. If the marriage relationship stagnation, you need to try to revive the relationship.

You can go on a small romantic trip or look in the store of intimate goods — at your discretion.

Astrologers advise to set yourself up in a positive way, and then the energies of the universe will help to renew your life.

Remember that a lot depends on the beginning of the year — let this beginning be joyful and inspiring.

Finance and work

The year of the red rooster is coming to an end, so it is necessary to take stock of what happened and what remains unfinished. Astrologers advise to finish the work begun so that the yellow dog does not growl and not be angry: it does not like unfinished projects and lazy people.

If you have successfully completed everything started, you can safely plan new projects — the dog will look favorably at the good beginnings.

What does the coming year promise us? January has to acquire new funds and even hoarding, if you do not rush to spend the savings right and left.

In general, the whole of 2018 should be spent wisely in terms of finances: it is better to save money, and make large purchases later. Let it be not a piggy-bank for a rainy day, but a contribution to the future.

2018 has to new beginnings and investment of funds in the business.

Astrologers do not advise giving and borrowing, as this approach creates a great risk in the coming year. It is advisable to quickly return all debts to the year of the dog to meet with a clear conscience. Year of the yellow dog has to create your own business, so you can seriously think about such an undertaking.

For example, a small business can be your hobby — why not?

On New Year’s holidays, astrologers advise not to get too carried away with alcoholic beverages, since the energies of the universe do not dispose to the uncontrolled use of alcohol-containing liquids. This is due to two full moons, which will be in January — 2 and 31 numbers.

Increased nervous irritability, multiplied by alcohol, can lead to depression or exacerbate chronic diseases.

General horoscope for January 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope important affairs

Consider what things you can plan in January 2018.

  • January 1 and 2 — these days you can plan to change your destiny for the better.
  • From January 2 to January 5, review your past deeds, as the committed mistakes and wrong decisions may be revealed. Also at this time you can get rid of bad habits, if desired. Cash front possible new interesting acquaintances.
  • From January 8 to 14, you can schedule important meetings and establish business contacts.
  • After January 15, conflicts and misunderstandings between people are possible, so do not schedule important matters and meetings.
  • From January 17 to January 20, you can safely proceed to the implementation of the plans. The energies of the universe contribute to increasing capital, gaining strength to start new projects and to establish promising business contacts.

The last week of January promises to be tense, so this time is better to devote yourself. The period of the last decade of January will be marked by a surge of aggressiveness and criminogenic character.

Be careful on the roads.

General horoscope for January 2018 for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for signs of the zodiac

Earth signs in January 2018 will be able to improve their financial situation. However, it should be remembered and their loved ones, and not dive headlong into the money affairs.

You are lucky if you are able to maintain a balance between personal and financial interest. Otherwise, discord in relations with dear people threatens.

Air signs will be able to realize their brilliant ideas, more than ever. If you add determination in your actions, you can significantly increase capital.

The universe favors all new fresh beginnings, you need to take advantage of this chance.

Fire signs also lucky, but caution should be exercised and not overestimate their capabilities. Success can be achieved by acting in collaboration with other people.

Divide and conquer — this approach is not for January 2018.

Water signs will be able to solve many conflict situations in the sphere of relations and finance. Despite the resistance of circumstances, everything will be resolved in your favor — do not give up.

The energies of the universe will help resolve the problems that have arisen recently.

January begins a new chapter in the book of human life, so you should not miss the chance of planning the necessary changes. If you do not plan the events of your life, they will put you before a fait accompli.

Use the start time of the year to create the future with your own hands.

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