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General horoscope for February 2018 — business, finances and health

The general horoscope for February 2018 for all signs of the zodiacal circle

February 2018 promises to be full of different events. And although health leaves much to be desired, a string of bright impressions awaits everyone. If the January holidays were taken out of working condition, then in February it’s time to take on unfinished business and restore order everywhere.

Consider the horoscope for February 2018 for representatives of all signs of the zodiac.

General horoscope for February 2018 - business, finances and health

Love and family

Astrologers advise you to spend more time with your soulmate. Are you alone yet?

Then February gives you a chance to find it on Valentine’s Day and February 23. A rainy winter day can be the beginning of a spring thaw in the heart and can warm the soul with nascent love.

Therefore, there is no reason to fall into depression — your second half is also waiting for a meeting with his fate.

Couples will be able to achieve harmony in relationships, if before there were clashes and misunderstandings. Valentine’s Day is designed not only for unmarried couples, but also for families.

You have a reason to remember the beginning of your novel, to spend an unforgettable day alone. Just forget about all household chores and dedicate this time to a romantic meeting in a restaurant or a cozy cafe.

One should not think that cold February is not suitable for hot meetings. It is at this time you can feel the happiness of love, more than ever.

Open your heart to your feelings and bathe in a sea of ​​romantic emotions. This month is expected a whole tangle of official intrigue and novels. However, one should not give in to the impulse and rush to the neck of the one who will mark you with his attention.

It is better to wait for a more serious option than to bite your elbows from vexation. This is especially true of married colleagues, because all the secret will one day come to light.

Do not arrange yourself Varfolomeevskuyu night with the spouses with their own hands.

General horoscope for February 2018 - business, finances and health

Business and Finance

February is the shortest month of the year, so there’s no time to rock and it’s time to take decisive action after the festive January. You have not done anything yet?

So spring will fly by, so get down to business right now.

Your finances start singing romances after the New Year fireworks holidays? Take a little time to go to the piggy bank — the savings will still be useful. February will give every sign of the zodiac a chance to earn money, it just needs to be used.

However, do not put at stake all the savings for the sake of opening a new business: the dog does not like extremes. The same applies to the temptation of easy money — in the year of the dog it is better not to risk it.

If your plans do not include opening a new business, leave everything as it is. This month unwanted changes, stay in the comfort zone.

A long-awaited salary increase awaits the hardworking ones. Just do not ardently thank the authorities for such an award, otherwise you will be added new responsibilities in the appendage. It is necessary to take the increase as a matter of course.

However, if you were dissatisfied with the work and thought about dismissal, this can be done in February.

Insidious February may prolong the period of exacerbation of colds, as the immune system is exhausted. So stock up on vitamin complexes, and better — fill the lack of trace elements with fresh fruit and frozen berries.

Long evenings in front of a computer are not the best pastime. Try to distract yourself with other things, because your health will begin to pass unnoticed. Find your favorite hobby, and for socializing in social networks, a couple of hours a day are enough.

At the first indisposition, do not be too lazy to undergo a comprehensive examination, as in the winter chronic illnesses can aggravate and new ones appear.

General horoscope for February 2018 - business, finances and health

Horoscope important affairs

Consider what can be planned on separate days of February.

  • The period from February 3 to 11 will be tense, so planning important meetings is not worth it. Also, these days are dangerous complications of diseases, so do not overstrain at work. The mental state of most people will be very unstable, so avoid conflicts.
  • The period from February 12 to 16 will bring positive energy, so the tense situation will gradually decline. These days you can get rid of all unnecessary things and tune in to the renewal of life.
  • February 16 will begin the long-awaited year of the yellow dog — it is worth noting this event in the family and friendly circle.
  • February 18 will bring tension to life again. Need to be very careful and circumspect.
  • The period of February 20-25 will be favorable, which will allow you to look at life more confidently and optimistically.
  • February 23rd is a good time to strengthen relationships and new acquaintances.

Horoscope for signs of the zodiac

February 2018 can be a turning point for many zodiac signs.

Fire signs will have to rely only on their own strength, without waiting for outside help. This can be expressed in a sense of loneliness and abandonment.

Water signs get some advantage, they will be able to control their actions and feelings better than anyone else — this will allow to achieve many goals.

Earth signs, as always, they will rely on common sense. However, in February, it is necessary to be much more flexible and use solutions to life questions and intuitive sensations.

Especially when it comes to romantic feelings and relationships.

Air signs will benefit, thanks to the patronage of the moon. In February, they will sharpen the sixth sense, which always puts a person in a more advantageous position in relation to others.

In general, February 2018 will not create dangerous critical situations that will not be able to cope. However, you should pay attention to the stressful periods of the month and not to break the wood.

In favorable periods, maximum efforts should be made to achieve positive moments.

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