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General and podrbny horoscope Leo in September 2018

Horoscope for September 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Leo

Leo is ambitious by nature, purposeful and optimistic, but with the coming of autumn his enthusiasm will diminish. Representatives of this zodiac sign will begin to be depressed, and someone will even show apathy, which will negatively affect all areas of his life.

Horoscope Leo in September 2018, strongly advises to take himself in hand, and to abstract from the negative. He needs to surround himself with pleasant things and do things that bring pleasure.

General and podrbny horoscope Leo in September 2018

General astrological forecast

In September 2018, Leo should not wait for help from others, because only he himself was able to correct the situation in which he had refused. Enough to pour tears and pity yourself — you just need to start acting, otherwise the problems will only accumulate and become more serious. In the end, Leo will be left without work, financial income, and love will pass by.

Find for yourself the incentive and motivation, because this month, if you wish, you can drastically change your life.

If Lev begins to work hard from the first days of September, he will be able to achieve great success in the professional sphere. This period is great for learning, so the stars are advised to start attending advanced training courses, or to master a new profession altogether.

Thanks to the acquired skills, the Lions will move up the career ladder, and those who are in search of work will receive a favorable offer of cooperation.

At the beginning of autumn one should recall relatives and friends whom you have not seen for so long. Start to devote more time to them — go on a visit, arrange evening «gatherings», attend entertainment events.

Thus, you will not only strengthen relationships with your close people, but also receive the moral support that you need so much during this difficult period.

General and podrbny horoscope Leo in September 2018

Health horoscope

In September 2018, Leo needs to focus on psychological health. Despite the fact that he is cheerful and positive by nature, depression can overcome him in early autumn. Horoscope advises to concentrate on the good things and not be nervous over trifles.

In addition, it is necessary to protect from negative-minded people and avoid stressful situations. If you feel that the nerves are at the limit, then you should go on vacation, even if short-lived.

At the beginning of autumn, the stars recommend Lions to engage in self-development in order to understand themselves and overcome their negative attitude. This will help reading philosophical books, communication with a psychologist, meditation. In addition, it is worthwhile to find an interesting hobby for yourself that will bring moral satisfaction.

If you have long dreamed of painting, embroidering, or doing pottery, but putting it off all this plan, then in September it’s time to learn it.

As you know, in the fall the chance to catch a cold is quite high, but for those who have a strong immune system, it does not threaten. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you need to do to improve their health.

It should enrich your diet with healthy foods, and start taking vitamin complexes. Also, the horoscope recommends that you start to play sports, and you do not have to register in the gym — it can be morning exercises, cycling or jogging.

General and podrbny horoscope Leo in September 2018

Horoscope career and finance

At work, the Lions in September will need to prove themselves in the best possible way. Do not refuse the orders of the chief, and properly perform all tasks.

After a short break, some representatives of this zodiacal sign will find it difficult to return to the previous mode of operation, but the desire to earn more money and get a long-awaited promotion will help you to tune in the desired fashion. Of course, sometimes you have to work not only on weekdays, but also on weekends, but it’s worth it.

Purposeful and ambitious Lviv expect useful acquaintances and good deals. The main thing is not to lose one’s head from such overwhelming success, and not to sign documents without prior reading.

In addition, you do not need to immediately agree to incoming offers, pull the time, perhaps there will be more profitable options.

If Lev will take on absolutely any job, then in September he will be able to significantly improve his financial situation. At the beginning of the month there will be some financial difficulties, but it is important to wait out this period and not get into debt.

It is better to find a side job, even with a small payment, but in no case, do not take out a loan and do not borrow money from friends. At the end of September, the Lions will receive a solid premium, which the stars advise to invest in their own business or to invest in a promising project.

General and podrbny horoscope Leo in September 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

The lion is naturally charming and attractive, besides he likes to chat and make new acquaintances, therefore there are always a lot of fans around them. In September, they will only receive compliments and invitations for dates, but they will not be in a hurry to respond.

Of course, there is no need to hurry with the choice of a potential partner, but you should still look to the fans and go on a few dates, otherwise you will have to go for a long time in bachelors.

In September 2018, some of the Lions may start a relationship based not on sincere feelings, but on material interest. But from which side it will manifest itself, is still unknown.

Carefully look at the second half, if you are afraid that you simply take advantage of, like a wallet. But if you yourself lead on money, then keep in mind that such relationships are unlikely to be happy.

Lions, long-standing in a relationship, will want to enter into an official marriage with a loved one. Here are just an application to the registrar should be submitted in the second half of the month, because it will be more conducive to making such an important decision.

In addition, at the end of the month, the financial situation will improve significantly, and you can play a gorgeous wedding. As for family Lviv, they need to spend more time with their households, for example, to attend entertainment events or have a picnic.

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