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General and detailed horoscope of Cancer in May 2018

What prepared May 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Cancer

For suspicious and indecisive Cancers at the end of spring will fall a difficult period. Due to constant doubts, it will be difficult for them to adjust their lives and decide on changes.

Horoscope Raku in May 2018 advises less to reflect on their actions, and boldly embark on their commitment. This month we will have to face rather large problems, which cannot be solved without the help of close people.

General and detailed horoscope of Cancer in May 2018

General astrological forecast

In May, Cancers will often analyze what is happening around them in order to understand why they are in the current situation and how it can be corrected. Of course, they will start looking for reasons not only in themselves, but also in those around them.

It is important that representatives of this zodiac sign do not try on the role of a tyrant, otherwise relationships with relatives will deteriorate sharply and it will be rather difficult to restore them.

The end of spring is not suitable for changing professional activities, so those who planned to quit their current job, it is better not to hurry. Some Cancers will be confused by their colleagues.

Due to difficulties in dealing with them, conflict situations will often arise. Stars advise representatives of this zodiac sign to change the tactics of their behavior.

No need to respond with stinginess and rudeness to the attacks of offenders, because it will only amuse them.

Cancers tend to focus on past relationships, so it’s difficult for them to let go of their ex-lovers. But if lonely representatives of the sign in May do not try to do this, they will condemn themselves to long loneliness.

Memories and empty hopes make it impossible to understand that life goes on, and there are so many people around with whom you can build happy relationships.

General and detailed horoscope of Cancer in May 2018

Health horoscope

In May 2018, Raku should beware of intimate relationships without commitment. And this concerns not only free representatives of the mark, but also those who are in a relationship.

Domestic difficulties and boredom may make even approximate family men go to the left, but the horoscope strongly recommends against giving in to such temptations. Such lightheadedness can have serious consequences, namely, sexually transmitted diseases.

As a rule, Cancers are attentive to their health, so they get sick quite rarely. But because of the tense situation in May, they will simply forget about adhering to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which adversely affect the work of the urinogenital system, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

Noticing the manifestation of anxiety symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor who will order an examination and necessary treatment.

In order to avoid any problems with psychological health in May, the stars advise you to carefully plan your day and avoid haste. A calm measured schedule will allow Raku to manage to cope with all things, and at the same time not to get tired. It is important to streamline not only work and household chores, but also food.

In addition, it is desirable to find time for sports and walks in the fresh air.

General and detailed horoscope of Cancer in May 2018

Horoscope career and finance

By the end of spring, Cancers may suddenly receive a business proposal from people who once had disappointed them. In no case should you agree to it, even if you are promised “reinforced concrete” guarantees.

Stars recommend staying at the current place of work, but try to show yourself from the other side. For example, to become a more proactive and active person, and not to be afraid to share with your superiors your creative ideas.

Some Cancers will often have to travel around on business trips. Of course, this can be tedious, but you should not refuse to travel, because they will bring a lot of promising acquaintances and useful connections.

In the near future, this will help not only to move up the career ladder, but also to start your own profitable business. That’s just a constant workload at work can adversely affect personal relationships, so you have to learn how to properly distribute your time so that the second half does not feel lonely.

Despite the fact that Cancers know how to manage money, yet they sometimes simply cannot deny themselves the purchase of fashionable clothes or beautiful jewelry. In May, it is worthwhile to show frugality, and not to spend money on unnecessary things, otherwise in early summer you will have to go into debt.

It is also better to refuse attractive investments, since this month there is a high risk of losing all accumulated funds at once.

General and detailed horoscope of Cancer in May 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

Free representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Cancer, ready for a serious relationship or even starting a family, should take a closer look at others, perhaps there is a person among them who has long been trying to draw attention to themselves. Also in May, the Yellow Dog promises a fateful acquaintance with a worthy person.

Being in love will quickly grow into a deeper feeling, and Cancer will decide on a “civil” marriage with a new chosen one.

Those who are in a long relationship, horoscope strongly advises to show loyalty and restraint. No need to constantly criticize your soul mate and impose your opinion, because nobody likes it. It is time to learn to give in and make compromises, otherwise the relationship will finally deteriorate.

Joint pastime will help to renew old feelings, therefore it is advisable to get out on the nature for the weekend, and on weekdays to have dinner together, watch a movie or just discuss the past day.

In relationships, couples can not do without conflicts, but the resolution of all disputes will depend solely on Cancer. In order not to bring the situation to a scandal, you need to learn how to control your emotions, and know when to keep silent.

And this applies even to those situations where a partner in the heat of anger is clearly overdone with statements about you. As soon as the anger passes, he realizes that he was wrong and will try to make amends.

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