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Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

Flower horoscope by date of birth: history of appearance, distinctive features

Not everyone knows, but apart from the traditional ones — the Zodiac and Oriental (Chinese), there are still a lot of different horoscopes: the Slavic horoscope by year and date of birth, the Japanese horoscope, the flower horoscope. At the last I want to dwell in more detail in this article.

Flower horoscope: history of appearance

In the distant times of the ancient Celts, our wise ancestors invented an unusual horoscope of colors. For its basis they took the calendar of the druids with the division into 36 periods.

It was believed that each of the periods is protected by a certain flowering plant. It also gives people born in this period their own characteristic qualities.

Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

It turns out that having familiarized with the flower horoscope, it is really possible to find out what kind of person is in life, find out his advantages and disadvantages, plus get a warning about the dangers threatening him. It will take here only the date of your birth.

Find out which flower you are

Gentian yellow (January 1-10)

Very visible personalities that stand out in any society. Although there are also introverts gentian.

Representatives of the yellow flower are altruists, have a developed mind (although they tend to complicate things), one-lover, loyal, punctual and strict.

Thistle (January 11-20)

Thistle-people are incredibly modest, quickly get tired of outside attention, do not express what they think and are generally non-initiative in life. But they are distinguished by attentiveness, kind heart, responsiveness, friendliness, honesty.

Often left started unfinished.

Immortelle (January 21-31)

The personalities of the mark have a special charm, charm, accuracy, tact, attractive appearance, they always take care of themselves. It looks impregnable and cold, whereas in practice it is simple and open, born leaders.

Mistletoe (February 1-10)

Mistletoe is filled with charisma and charm, but, alas, often uses personal charm with selfish motives, without thinking of others. Often shows egoism, concentrates only on the person.

Acts as a professional in the chosen field of activity.

Belle (February 11-20)

Difficult and controversial person, getting along with others with difficulty. Belle is always shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery and mystery. Is a workaholic, performs its work efficiently.

But he does not like to give to the business to the maximum, which prevents to achieve success.

Mimosa (February 21-28)

Very strongly perceives external stimuli, acts as an excellent empath. Mimosa is also distinguished by developed intellectual abilities, great inner strength.

Needs care and understanding.

Mac (March 1-10)

They say about such people that it is not clear what to expect from them. They are very extraordinary, intricate, mysterious: on the mind they have one thing, but in fact quite another. Prone to frequent travel and changes in living conditions.

Thanks to his charisma and charm, they easily get along with those around him.

Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

Lily (March 11-20)

Too self-confident, likes to talk, very cheeky. Such personalities are distinguished by arrogance, egoism, and all because they are well aware of what they need in life and are not inferior to anyone.

They can show some hypocrisy, although they can be charming, they are excellent interlocutors.

Digitalis (March 21-31)

People of this floral sign are typical scientists, who are characterized by rational thinking, curiosity, commitment, love of work and incredible perseverance. They can become leaders, leading large masses of people.

Magnolia (April 1-10)

Magnolias is vital to admire others. They strive to be the first to achieve professional success. They are easy to conquer with flattery and compliments.

For them, solitude is like death. But they are also very hardy, love to work.

Hortensia (April 11-20)

It may seem to you that the man-Hortensia is a bright extrovert, although this is not true. Such an individual is characterized by heightened sensitivity, vulnerability, he likes loneliness, although he is a good companion.

It shuns society of gossips and seeks to keep its soul shut.

Dahlia (April 21-30)

Representatives of this sign are very unpredictable: their mood changes a million times a day. Therefore, many think that they are not all right with the psyche.

Despite this, Dahlia is an intelligent plant, able to argue nicely, and still modest.

Lily of the valley (May 1-10)

Clean, naive and transparent, always believing in miracles. And also — sincere and direct, like a child.

Lilies of the valley are modest in nature, they don’t need much attention to themselves, and everything that is new, but without noise and fuss. And just love to dream!

Usually realized in the works.

Portulak (May 11-20)

Harmful and naughty flower. People belonging to him are also very complex, selfish, they do not understand the word «no.» Can turn into tyrants.

The life of Portulac is an amazing adventure, because he knows a lot about entertainment. He is an ideal worker, doing everything perfectly.

Chamomile (May 21-31)

The tender plant is distinguished by kindness and mercy. Chamomile people will never offend anyone on purpose, can show sympathy, as well as keep other people’s secrets.

Even by nature they are scrupulous, tactful, they can’t stand boring and monotonous work, preferring diversity.

Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

Hand bell (1-10 June)

Always steady on his feet. People of this plant are calm and stable, strongly tied to their homeland, family, exhausted by long trips. In the first place they have family values.

They love to do something, create an atmosphere of comfort at home.

Daisy (June 11-21)

Daisies highlights their modesty and friendliness. They do not like too much attention to themselves, although indifference will also not allow, they have many friends.

Not aggressive, very soft and tactful, able to achieve their goals.

Tulip (June 22 — July 1)

The flower gives people born in this period, great love, it is not difficult for them to make new acquaintances. They are also characterized by personal charisma, charm, helping them to be popular with the opposite sex.

Tulips are very cheerful, funny, love risk and adventure.

Water Lily (July 2-12)

Has an incredible ability to adapt. Very rarely something really surprised.

A water lily is a flexible person who can easily find an approach to almost everyone. Differs in self-sufficiency, responsibility, enjoys success with the authorities.

Violet (July 13-23)

The plant is inherent modesty, unobtrusive. His representative can wait long for the «star hour», being content with the experience gained from life and improving himself.

Violet is honest, friendly, does not tolerate gossip, intrigue and backstage action.

Dogrose (July 24 — August 2)

At first glance, it gives the impression of being stubborn and insensitive, which is far from the truth. In fact, Rosehip is a born altruist who adores his loved ones.

Has a stormy temperament, but is able to cope with emotions, chooses a peaceful solution to problems.

Sunflower (August 3-12)

Almost legendary personality, unusually stubborn and focused. In achieving its goals will not break any obstacles on the way.

Sunflowers are not whimsical, they can make a lot of things, if necessary. They have powerful energy, often take on the role of energy donors.

Rose (August 13-23)

He has a truly royal self-esteem, leadership skills, wants others to obey her. The rose is very popular for members of the opposite sex with little effort on its part.

It can be difficult for her to arrange her personal life, since her worthy partner is not found.

Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

Delphinium (August 24 — September 2)

He deserved the title of pedant, because he is incredibly demanding, loves order, will not tolerate untidy, pays great attention to appearance. Such individuals really need recognition from the side, they are too suspicious, they are frightened by gossip and ridicule.

Carnation (September 3-11)

To justice, with innate loyalty, honesty, self-confidence, as well as goodwill, excellent sense of humor. Carnation is a conservative, not loving everything new.

Becomes a wonderful parent who devotes himself to the baby.

Astra (September 12-22)

From such personalities emanates inner glow, so much they are life-loving, charismatic and charming. They simply can not be overlooked in the crowd due to their excellent health and impressive energy potential.

Asters are also deep and diverse personalities.

Heather (September 23 — October 3)

Very secretive man who is difficult to unravel. He carefully controls his emotions, thinks through all the following steps.

She loves to look stylish and spectacular, getting pleasure from compliments. Heather Man is an erudite, observant, loving everything new, brave, has the talent of a leader.

Camelia (October 4-13)

Often they create an image of the weak, insecure, notorious and squeezed, although in reality they have great courage, like adventures. Simply Camellia more like loneliness than a noisy company.

And she is incredibly secretive, is unlikely to reveal all her secrets.

Lilac (October 14-23)

Lilac is the perfect friend and reliable business companion. People attributed to this plant are distinguished by friendliness, curiosity, great enthusiasm. A little childish, but show maximum perseverance and dedication, when necessary.

With age, they show great coldness and despotism.

Freesia (October 24 — November 2)

It does not frighten her with defeat, because she doesn’t hold on to persistence — if necessary, she will go over her head to realize her wishes. It can be a clever manipulator, applying this talent in the work.

They marry late, although they almost always have a happy personal life.

Orchid (November 3-12)

Often has the gift of clairvoyance. The orchid is a superstitious mystic and fatalist.

In life, he believes that “everything is predetermined from above,” does not try to change fate. Strongly attached to the family, the older generation, has good relations with parents.

Flower horoscope: features, characteristics of signs

Peony (November 13-22)

Peony is characterized as a strong and active person with good health and powerful vital energy. Differs huge stamina, not used to complaining about the problems, as it easily copes with them.

Often successfully implemented in sports. Has versatile hobbies.

Gladiolus (November 23 — December 2)

Knowing the typical Gladiolus people, one can confidently baptize them as “favorites of fate”. They usually achieve the greatest success among all the other signs of the flower horoscope by date of birth.

But this helps them hard work and their own efforts, as well as the adoption of their mistakes.

Dandelion (December 3-12)

Cheerful flower hates the cold winter and autumn slush. But what he really likes and inspires is the sea element.

By nature he is a sociable, life-loving extrovert, he likes his opinion more than the public. In the work — incredibly responsible.

Lotos (December 13-22)

The lotuses have pure thoughts, sincere and noble in themselves. They are characterized by endurance, inner strength and vigor, they always choose justice. The finances go well for him — as a rule, he has a stable financial position.

Not prone to selfishness, has a great kindness.

Edelweiss (December 23-31)

A freedom-loving, impulsive, inconsistent personality, not enduring the routine, boredom and routine. Edelweiss Man — generous, generous, and therefore often has many friends.

He perceives the future with optimism, is able to support others.

That was the horoscope of colors by date of birth. And in conclusion, I want to offer viewing of thematic video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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