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Fire signs of the zodiac: their characteristics, features

Fire Signs of the Zodiac: Their Distinctive Features

In astrology, there is a division of all constellations into 4 elements (or principles). Total distinguish Earth, Air, Water and Fire Zodiac signs.

In this article, I offer you a detailed description of the latter category.

Fire signs of the zodiac: their characteristics, features

Why do you need to know your element?

This information will be useful for 80% of people who have a fairly powerful position of the Sun in the natal chart (horoscope). Each of the constellations is included in one of the 4 elements (listed above).

In the horoscope, mostly from 1 to 3 elements act, but the element of the Sun sign (that is, the sign of the Zodiac) is the most important. This is due to the fact that it is she who demonstrates the main tuning of the vital energy of the individual.

Tells about many individual features.

Fire Elements: Distinctive Features

Defining fire signs in society is not so difficult: they are unusually live, with burning eyes, they see everything new, they emanate an insane charge of emotions. Have you seen an actively gesturing person who stubbornly proves his point?

Most likely, you have a representative of the Trigon of Fire.

This category is characterized by great vigor, temperament, irascibility, ingenuity. Fiery personalities can not tolerate a long showdown, «debriefing» because of their innate assertiveness and impatience.

They are also distinguished by their boundless faith in themselves, their strength, inexhaustible optimism, and love for being in the center of everyone’s attention. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries love to take the leading position always and everywhere, they are piously convinced that they are right.

The constellations of Fire are very sensual and sexy.

If you wanted to describe such people in a few words, then a hot phrase would be a good phrase. They promptly react to what is happening, have a great imagination, a lively mind.

True, they tend to make decisions (and conclusions) are not always well thought out.

As a rule, people of the Fire element are lucky in life. However, sometimes Mrs. Fortune turns away from them, sending them various trials. Signs of Fire on a horoscope can not stand to apologize, since they sincerely believe that they are always right, they consider their own opinion the only true.

Often hot temperament and straightness play against them.

This trine has a distinctive feature — it ignites and retains devotion to its ideas, work, partners, bordering on self-sacrifice. His representatives are brave, courageous, courageous.

Due to their distinguishing business activity, they achieve success in their careers, but do not neglect spiritual values ​​either. The work they do gives them a sense of real satisfaction, makes them proud of the results of their work, and, of course, they expect public recognition.

The virtues of the element of Fire: decisiveness, dynamism, sociability, vigor, optimism, courage, energy, activity, attractiveness.

disadvantages: impatience, love of command, superficiality, arrogance, stubbornness, aggressiveness, hot temper, love of flirting.

Fire horoscope signs feature

The element of fire is formed by three constellations:

Fire signs of the zodiac: their characteristics, features

Further I propose to find out more information about each of the signs.

  1. Sagittarius. He acts as a seeker and traveler, desperately striving for everything new, emotions and impressions. Endowed by nature with a cheerful disposition and good health — these are his distinctive features. But it is too straightforward, because of what often conflicts with others. It is useless to fight with this quality: the desire to tell the truth is inborn in Sagittarius, because they always fight for truth, piety and their principles.
  2. Aries. He is the most stubborn and assertive representative of the trigon. Aries frank, purposeful, active, although often offended by other people. It’s true that they get rid of insults quickly, as they are not used to being angry for a long time. Without a mind of command and control, but to themselves such a relationship is not allowed. If Aries sets a goal for himself — it is laid out to achieve it to the maximum, often “burning to the ground”.
  3. a lion. Ambitious and noble, proud and independent. As a rule, all Leos are selfish, they make too high demands on their surroundings and on themselves. Leo is vital to achieve success in life, to have a good prosperity. If necessary, for this he is ready to work for days. Having set yourself a difficult task — will do everything to fulfill it. Lions are great leaders, leaders who inspire and motivate others to new achievements.

Interesting information about fire signs

What is your fire? Let’s find out.

  • Aries — It is considered the most fiery fire, undying, tireless.
  • a lion — associated with a steady, steady burning fire, not so impulsive, firm and measured.
  • Sagittarius — is changeable fire, lightning, lightning. He tends to unpredictably flash, but at the same time quickly cool and die out.

Astrologers recommend that the representatives of the hottest elements in the Zodiac live in cool, spacious places. Ideally, if there is an open fireplace in the dwelling, near which you can enjoy the contemplation of the tongues of flame.

Cool rooms are also more suitable for work, preferably in the open air. With a long stay in confined spaces with a lack of air, the fire begins to be suppressed, quenched.

The element described symbolizes the salamander — the fiery essence, is the spirit of Fire.

Fire signs of the zodiac: their characteristics, features

Elemental Compatibility Overview

Compatibility between the elements is different. Let’s find out what Fire and other elements will have.

  • Fire with Fire. Excellent compatibility, it is easy for such people to get along with each other, they have an excellent mutual understanding. They never get bored together, and thanks to the presence of common hobbies or joint business, they are even more attracted to each other.
  • Fire with Air. Here you can talk about medium compatibility. In this alliance, the greater influence is in the Air, since only it extinguishes the energy of Fire. Therefore, relationships usually go on as long as Air needs them.
  • Fire with Water. We are talking about very poor compatibility. These two personalities are too different from each other, and Water is able to extinguish the flames in a few moments.
  • Fire with the Earth. Compatibility will be average, ambiguous, as is the case with Water. The earth also extinguishes the flames, but it itself needs it, and therefore the relationship may well develop quite well.

As you can see, the best compatibility among flaming individuals with representatives of their own element. Although, of course, one cannot rely only on this indicator — there are many examples of happy exceptions to the rules.

In conclusion

You can summarize that:

  • The element of Fire is probably the brightest, eccentric and eye-catching in the whole Zodiac.
  • Its representatives are distinguished by activity, impatience, emotionality, idealism, they adore attention, they are sure that they are right.
  • Differently combined with other constellations: someone admires their liveliness and activity, while others, on the contrary, tire and annoy.

In conclusion, I propose a thematic video:

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