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Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

Firestone opal: deposits, types, properties

One of the rarest and most expensive minerals is fire opal. Due to its unique appearance, it is of great value for jewelers and collectors.

And the interest of lithotherapists and esoteric to this stone is due to its healing and magical properties. In this article I will talk about the secrets of fire opal, how to distinguish a natural mineral from a fake, and who can wear it.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

History of origin and deposits

For the first time, fire opal was discovered in Mexico, so it is still called the Mexican stone. This mineral was incredibly popular among the Aztec and Mayan Indians — they made cult objects and mosaics from it.

Residents of those times believed that the fiery stone personifies sincere love, and also associated it with the bird of paradise.

Extraction of opals was suspended for many years due to the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexican lands. Only in the middle of the 19th century did the inhabitants of those parts decide to resume work.

From 1835, opals began to be mined at the industrial level, which made it possible to find new deposits of the mineral. The richest terrain is the Mexican Highlands.

Today, South American fire stones are considered the most valuable, because They have richer shades and a high degree of transparency.

Over time, residents of other countries and continents learned about noble opal. He gained special popularity in Greece, Ancient Rome and India, and all thanks to the presence of magical and healing properties. Many legends and legends assigned to this mineral have survived to our days.

For example, for the Romans, the fiery stone was a symbol of purity, the inhabitants of eastern countries believed that it embodies the truth, and the Greek people in ancient times believed that with its help you can discover the gift of clairvoyance.

Today, noble opals are mined in various parts of the world, including the Czech Republic, Japan and the USA. The largest deposits found in Australia.

It was there that a stone was found with a record weight of 5 kg. There are also mineral deposits in Russia, but they are too small to bring mining to an industrial level.

As a rule, fire opal is found by pure coincidence in the neighborhood of the places of origin of other precious stones.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

Physically properties

Fire opal is an amorphous mineral and for the most part consists of water, therefore it cannot be called durable. The stone can be damaged even with strong compression in the hand, and for complete dissolution it is enough to use alkali.

In addition, due to sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity, cracks may form on its surface, therefore, the mineral needs proper storage and care. Given the listed properties, the firestone is used only for the manufacture of pendants and earrings, and it is absolutely not suitable for rings.

Noble opal has a high degree of transparency and amazing pearly luster. It can also have the effect of dispersion, birefringence or pleochroism. The color of the firestone depends on the impurities that make up its composition.

The most common shades are red, orange, yellow and brown. Extremely rare minerals are interspersed with white, black, green and blue.

The most expensive copies are those that have a pronounced red color.

Fire opals are divided into 3 types:

  1. Fire opal is the most valuable specimen, characterized by rich fiery tints of red or orange color.
  2. Pinfire is a stone, iridescent with various shades of red, yellow, terracotta and orange, which seem to flare when changing its position.
  3. Contra-Luz is a type of mineral that plays in many colors and shades regardless of position and lighting.

Jewelry with fire opal look spectacular and fit almost any backgammon. But it should be noted that rather large elements are used for inlaying products, since stone processing is complicated by high brittleness.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

Medicinal properties

Since ancient times, a number of healing properties have been attributed to fire opal. It was believed that he absorbs ailments and negative, and in return fills a person with clean, healthy energy.

Previously, the mineral was used mainly for the treatment of heart disease, but over time the list of its possibilities has expanded significantly. To this day, this noble stone has been successfully used to combat such illnesses as:

  • Impaired function of the cardiovascular system. In this case, it is recommended to wear pendant with fire opal, especially during periods of exacerbation of the disease or in moments of poor health.
  • Vision problems and eye diseases. Colorful play of opal, and its powerful energy radiation has a positive effect on the visual apparatus. As a treatment, experts advise every day to gaze at the depths of the mineral for 10-15 minutes.
  • Strengthening immunity. The firestone forms a powerful protection for its owner and strengthens the biofield, thus protecting it from negative influence from the outside. It helps strengthen the immune system, thereby increasing resistance to various diseases.
  • Treatment of diseases of the reproductive system. Long wearing of opal can cure people of infertility, normalize the work of the reproductive system, strengthen the libido and restore the former potency.
  • Nervous system disorders. Depression, neurosis, mood swings — the firestone can be easily handled with all this. The therapy sessions can be carried out at any convenient time, for this you only need to take a comfortable position, relax, peer into the flickering overflows of the mineral and periodically rub it.
  • Elimination of pain. For overwork, sprains, bruises, and other injuries, use fire opal instead of painkillers. It should be applied to the site of pain, and after 10 minutes you can feel a significant relief.
  • Cancer Prevention. Lithotherapists claim that the energy emitted by fire opal normalizes the work of the whole organism, contributes to the regeneration and healing of cells and tissues. Thus, pathological processes, including tumors, are inhibited and their occurrence is prevented.

It is believed that with the deterioration of health noble opal begins to dim, so he warns its owner about the problem. Therefore, if a product inlaid with this mineral has lost its luster and its former play of colors, then you should immediately undergo a full medical examination to identify pathologies.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

Magical properties

Since ancient times, fiery opal has been given magical abilities, so it was often used for various rituals and talisman making. Many legends and beliefs have reached today.

People believe that this noble mineral has incredible strength and energy that can work wonders.

  • Protects from negative — bad incidents, magical effects, the evil eye and diseases.
  • It protects its owner from natural disasters and various kinds of trouble.
  • It gives extrasensory abilities and the gift of divination.
  • Helps to understand their purpose and uniqueness.
  • Promotes the development of intuition and hidden talents, especially creative.
  • Prompts the right decisions in ambiguous situations, and directs on the right path.
  • Strengthens the energy of the person and gives confidence.
  • Provides support in all endeavors, and helps to achieve goals.
  • Gives consolation and peace of mind to those who have experienced a serious loss and grief.
  • It helps to keep love in relationships and the warmth of the family hearth.

The only drawback of the firestone is that it assists absolutely everyone. Regardless of what thoughts a person has — good or evil.

But it should be noted that noble opal can be harmful to some people. His powerful energy will bring chaos into the life of calm, balanced personalities.

Such a mineral is more suitable for an active person with a strong character who goes against the rules and wants to independently decide his destiny.

Any product with fire opal is not only an extravagant decoration, but also a powerful amulet, only its strength largely depends on the rim. It is believed that only gold and silver can enhance the magical properties of this mineral, while another metal can to some extent block its energy.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

How to recognize a fake?

Noble fire colored opal is one of the most popular stones, so it is not surprising that there are not only natural specimens on the market, but also fakes. Moreover, some analogues are so good that only an expert can recognize them.

For the manufacture of synthetic stone is most often used glass and shiny elements, due to which overflows are created inside the product, close to the natural structure of opal.

There is another, more complex way to create a fiery stone, consisting in the cultivation and tight connection between the balls of silica, which are further subjected to special processing. This technique allows the manufacture of high quality opals, so in 1964 a patent was issued for it.

Many connoisseurs of this mineral, consciously choose artificial products, because their external characteristics are not inferior to the original, but they do not need to provide special conditions of care and storage.

To avoid fraud when buying jewelry with fire opal, you need to know the main distinguishing features of natural stone.

  1. The first thing you need to explore the gem in direct sunlight. If the light is not refracted, but go through, painting the fingers of the person holding it with bright colors — this is exactly the original.
  2. The color should look uniform, and regardless of the angle of light.
  3. Each mineral has unique internal patterns and never repeats.
  4. Considering the stone in natural light, inside you can see a bright band. If it is dark or completely absent, then you have a fake.

To buy high-quality products inlaid with natural fire opal, it is recommended only in jewelry stores, where there are necessary certificates of authenticity.

Fire opal: magical properties and history of origin

Care and storage

Fire opal requires careful handling, since it is rather fragile and unstable to the negative effects of the external environment. In order for the mineral to retain its attractiveness and integrity as long as possible, it is necessary to create the right storage conditions for it, and to ensure careful maintenance. Jewelers recommend that firestone-encrusted jewelry owners adhere to the following rules:

  • Store the product in a room with high humidity, or even in a container with water, otherwise the mineral will gradually dry out, and cracks will form on its surface.
  • Protect from direct sunlight and bright light sources.
  • Do not allow contact with chemicals or household cleaners.
  • Catching up on household chores, be sure to remove the decoration, because stone can be damaged even with a slight blow or squeezing.
  • The professional should clean and polish the jewelry using special tools and tools. At home, the stone can be washed in warm water and cleaned with a soft cloth.

What signs of the zodiac fit?

The energy of fiery opal is so strong that not everyone can cope with it. According to astrologers, this gem is suitable only for those who are strong spiritually and morally, are not afraid to take risks, prefer to be in the center of events, do not stop in front of difficulties and always achieve their goals. The noble mineral will become a faithful assistant and a powerful talisman for the following signs of the zodiac:

  • Scorpio will find a way to realize its potential, increase efficiency and strengthen its own energy.
  • Sagittarius will add dedication, as well as provide reliable protection from trouble and negative impact.
  • Capricorn will gain unshakable faith in himself and in his strength, so that he can achieve great success in life and realize any plans.
  • Leo will give you emotional stability and rationality, teach you to keep yourself in hand, and tell you an effective way to get rid of a negative.
  • Aries will get rid of impulsiveness, and will gain a clear understanding of what is really important for him, and what he wants from life.

Let’s sum up

  • Fire opal is a rare gemstone with unique magical and healing properties.
  • Natural minerals are often counterfeited, but knowing its features, you can avoid buying counterfeits.
  • Products with opal need special care and storage conditions.
  • The stone is suitable only for a few signs of the zodiac, which have a strong energy and solid character.

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