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Find out who you are in the Chinese horoscope and how it affects you

Chinese horoscope — what makes it interesting, the characteristics of all signs

Surely many of you would like to get more interesting information about the features of your personality, as well as about your close people. This improves the understanding of their own behavior and the behavior of their environment in various life situations.

If you, just like me, are interested in esotericism and want to find the key to understanding other people, then I strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the Chinese horoscope — the analogue of a regular horoscope, but no less interesting and informative.

Find out who you are in the Chinese horoscope and how it affects you

Historical information about the Chinese horoscope

According to an old legend, the most important deity in Buddhism — the Buddha, when he was about to leave our planet, called all the representatives of the animal kingdom. But of all the called animals, only twelve gathered to say goodbye. As a sign of gratitude, the Buddha gave the opportunity to each of the animals to rule on Earth for one year.

The result is a completed twelve-year cycle.

Since then, animals have the right in the prescribed manner to come to people, as well as affect their lives and destiny. For this reason, a person born in the year of an animal is endowed with some typical qualities, abilities and talents.

All representatives of the eastern horoscope placed in a circle, which are located in a strict sequence, and each friend in front of friends. There is an opinion that animals that are clearly opposite each other are opposites, which means that people born in such years cannot find common understanding.

The beginning of the account according to the Chinese calendar marks the second full moon, falling on the twenty-second of December, when the winter solstice ends. And the score in the eastern calendar occurs on the lunar calendar.

Therefore, each new month begins a new moon.

The distribution of the triads in the eastern horoscope

The astrology experts from the Middle Kingdom divided all the signs of the eastern horoscope by triads. A triad is a group of animals with the most similar characteristics.

It is believed that those who are in the same triad, it is very easy to find mutual understanding with each other. This is repeatedly confirmed by the results of observations and studies, according to which, marriage unions and partnerships that are between people in one triad are the most long-term and happy.

Therefore, if you and your other half have entered one triad — you can start preparing for the wedding without delay. Further we will consider all triads in more detail.

  • The first triad is represented by the signs of Monkey, Dragon and Rat. It characterizes active, energetic individuals, prone to extremes. So people like competition and action.
  • The second triad is represented by the Bull, the Rooster and the Serpent. These signs are characterized by prudence, diligence, self-confidence, dedication and high intelligence.
  • The third triad is represented by the signs of the Tiger, the Dog and the Horse. Its representatives are notable for their friendliness, impulsiveness, easy establishment of friendly relations with people around them.
  • The fourth triad is represented by the Goat, Rabbit and Boar. These personalities are characterized by responsiveness, ingenuity, modesty, tenderness and care.

Eastern signs of the zodiac by year characteristic

Now it’s time to deal with all the signs of the Chinese horoscope in more detail.

The rat is distinguished by pragmatism, is inclined to carefully plan its actions and always leaves ways to move backwards. Such a person is distinguished by a wonderful sense of humor, ability to work, a love of earning money, because thanks to finances they feel stability and their own importance.

In the love life of the Rat is not distinguished by constancy, it rarely binds to people, more often — to housing. Therefore, if you want to win over the Rat, you must provide it with a cozy “hole” in which it will feel comfortable and will not want to leave it.

In general, Rat people are rarely capable of wild passion, however, if they also see a friend in their partner and respect him, then their union promises to be long enough and successful.

About the fact that the bull — an animal stubborn, can not speak. He is inclined to reach the goals, getting rid of any visible and invisible obstacles on his way.

The bull in the eastern horoscope is the most powerful, strong and purposeful sign, quite down to earth, seeking to earn finances and steadily stand on their feet.

Bulls are distinguished by increased responsibility, rigor, but justice. Such a person will always protect the weaker and offended, and will deal with the enemies in such a way that they will not envy them for sure.

In matters of personal life, the bull appears to be loyal one-man. He is distinguished by passion and loyalty to his soulmate.

The same attitude he wants to get in relation to himself. If the bull is faced with betrayal or betrayal — suffers greatly, turns into a tough and powerful tyrant.

And with a gentle and loving partner, the bull transforms itself into a softer, more open and peaceful person.

Tigers are bright, ambitious and passionate personalities. They are extremely purposeful, if they set a goal, then they will certainly achieve it.

In addition, the tiger has an amazing ability to influence other people, conquering them with its aggression and charm.

Unfortunately, not all Tigers’ ideas manage to be completed, because they tend to rush from one target to another too often.

In love, Tigers need thrills, constant novelty. Sadly, it’s not difficult for such a person to commit treason or side-story romance.

Therefore, the second half of the tiger should be very vigilant and constantly maintain a burning passion in its partner.

Find out who you are in the Chinese horoscope and how it affects you

Cat (or Rabbit)

For the representative of this sign, luck just still follows on the heels. All spheres of his life are meant: work, career, and even risky projects and undertakings.

The rabbit, however, does not like to risk too much and tries to take care of itself from this.

Such a person is inherent in aestheticism, good taste, he loves when other people admire him. Accordingly, all his actions are aimed at receiving praise, admiration.

The rabbit creates the impression of a soft and pliable person, but do not flatter yourself — if necessary, then such an individual will show the pressure with which even the energy of the Bull and the Tiger cannot be compared.

The Dragon

It is a very unusual sign of the eastern horoscope. The dragon is an amazing bright personality, whole and purposeful, while quite ambitious.

Able to feel the people around, readily helps them.

The dragon has enormous internal power, which it rarely demonstrates and only in those cases if he or his relatives need protection. Such a person is accustomed to achieve his goal with the least loss, easily solves even the most complex and confusing life situations.

Does not like to brag about his merits, but if the need arises — he will definitely show his abilities.

In the sphere of relationships, the Dragons are not distinguished by increased passion, however, their love is very deep and tremulous. It is easy for a dragon to get close to a man, he can quickly fall in love, which often scares off potential partners.

As for the Snake, it is probably the most wise, prudent, but also rather lazy sign in the whole Eastern horoscope. The snake can easily solve even very difficult life situations.

She has the ability to convince people around her, she is well versed in psychology and knows when to stand still and when to rush at her prey with a deadly grip.

In this case, the Snake is inherent caution, it will not dare to potentially risky actions. If a danger arises on her way, she will step aside and wait until a more convenient moment arrives.

Snakes, as a rule, do not complain about the lack of attention, have a large number of suitor, but with difficulty get closer to other people. Their coldness often repels their relationship partners.

Snake, in principle, really conquer unprecedented heights, but it is often distinguished by increased egoism, which prevents it from doing so.

The horse is a bright, impermanent and freedom-loving person who does not recognize the rules and restrictions. He loves the process of making money and creativity.

It is impossible to tame such a person, you can only admire her.

The horse is distinguished by increased impulsiveness; it is easy for you in a fit of anger to tell you harsh words, for which it will subsequently begin to suffer torments of conscience. Surely, it is for this reason that the circle of her friends and acquaintances is not too extensive — only those people who are well aware of the peculiarities of her wild temper, but are ready to accept her for who she is, remain next to her.

Horses like a beautiful life, she is crazy about expensive things, jewelry, travel. Moreover, such people are never gangers, their expenses always correspond to incomes.

In the love sphere of life, as well as in all others, the horse shows its egoism and sometimes even egocentricity. For this reason, her ideal second half is an incredibly patient and calm person, able to perceive all her antics philosophically.

Find out who you are in the Chinese horoscope and how it affects you


Representatives of this sign are accustomed to occupy a high social position and always bathe in compliments — this plays an enormous role for such individuals.

The goat stands out against the background as it is characterized by elegance, smartness and good manners. She strives to arouse a feeling of admiration from other people, but she doesn’t like difficult ways, taking initiative, and solving complicated life situations.

Often such a person is much more attracted by material benefits than spiritual. Therefore, in marriage, she seeks to find a financially secure partner.

The close environment of a goat-man is often shocked by the inconstancy of her character — she can be gentle, gentle and calm, then suddenly and suddenly become nervous and awake.

In general, it can be summarized that for the goat the most important thing is to stay in the zone of absolute and complete comfort in the state here and now. It is absolutely contraindicated to change and the risk is exactly the same as the manifestation of excessive freedom.

It is an incredibly charming sign that seeks favor with its charm and ability to convince. Monkeys, as a rule, come out with wonderful “gray cardinals” who allow others to think that the situation is under their complete control, although in reality everything is influenced precisely by Monkeys.

Monkey people are easily given the custody of other people’s secrets, they are easily rubbed into the confidence of other, even unfamiliar people. In addition, such personalities are distinguished by ease on the rise, however, if they cannot cope with any activities, they are able to easily abandon them.

Devotion to the work of the Monkey is expressed so strongly that it often suppresses its own interests, is dependent on the boss and is subject to exploitation.

Ape-man is characterized by lightness on the rise, festivity, a certain amount of frivolity and superficiality. The same applies to the issues of personal relationships.

It is imperative that the monkey’s choice does not put extra problems on her, plus he has a wonderful sense of humor, since the Monkey will not like the dullness and monotony.

The Rooster Man practically does not go unnoticed in any society, as he stands as a bright, always flawlessly dressed person, loving society and able to present himself in the right light.

As a rule, Rooster people are aware of the latest fashion trends, have a refined taste and show increased demands on themselves and other people. They are also distinguished by great scrupulousness and meticulousness; he will do everything 100 percent for anything that no one will undertake.

It is for this reason that the roosters are very irritated by all those who are not able to fit into such high standards, which they do not hesitate to say openly. It should be noted that the Roosters themselves often suffer from their honesty and frankness, because even their close associates sometimes find it difficult and it seems that the rooster is simply poorly educated and always angry with other people.

In love, Roosters act as big dreamers, prone to suffer greatly if their dreams are not true. They need a partner who will be able to accept their identity as it is, as well as capable of establishing the most honest and straightforward relationship.

And if on the road of life the Rooster gets just such a partner — he will greatly appreciate him and will make every effort to save the union. And the natural courage of the Rooster will help to cope with such a mission by 120 percent.

Find out who you are in the Chinese horoscope and how it affects you

Doggie People are loyal, loyal, likeable and very helpful. They are distinguished by inborn kindness, a tendency to sympathy, it is easy for them to help other people solve their problems.

They are also prone to dreams and incredibly strongly attached to their close surroundings. It is easy for a Man-Dog to feel the presence of injustice, and thoughts about such things will cause a lot of negative emotions in his soul.

Representatives of this sign of the Eastern horoscope may be worried about even completely unrealistic or not too often occurring things — for example, natural disasters or the threat of apocalypse. It is extremely important for them to learn to pacify and not worry over trifles, and also to realize that they are not always able to control everything, however much they would like.

As for the question of love, here the Dog shows increased loyalty and devotion, she feels happy when she shares her energy with a worthy partner. And if, at the same time, the beloved will also highly appreciate the efforts of the Dog and begin to accept them gratefully — this will be a variant of the ideal relationship.

Representatives of the Pig (or Boar) sign are by their nature peaceful, tolerant, kind-hearted people who are always ready to help but have a narrow circle of contacts.

Such personalities are not accustomed to hurry, panic, so scrupulous monotonous activities are just perfect for them. Also, they are not very touchy and do not seek to avenge others, therefore, their friends often make fun of them at work.

The pig likes to relax outside the city, even more than a visit to another state, this is largely facilitated by conservatism and a sense of insecurity in the new conditions.

There may be an erroneous opinion that if such a person is always calm, calm and not prone to conflicts, it means that he is weak in character, but this is absolutely wrong. If the Pig is required to stand up to defend itself or its inner circle, then it will do it to the last drop of blood.

In a love relationship, the Pig is extremely annoyed by the “roller coaster”. She needs a partner with whom it will be possible to create a calm, homely, smooth relationship, without unnecessary scandals and nerves.

I want to believe that now that you know the entire Chinese horoscope, as well as the detailed characteristics of the eastern signs over the years, it will become much easier for you to find a common language with your near environment. You will be able to reduce conflict situations, plus you will always understand which approach is right and will help to achieve the desired result for each person.

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