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Find out what to prepare for you in November 2018, if you

Informative horoscope for Pisces on November 2018

Want to know the distinctive features of the last month of autumn, which stars have prepared for you? Then be sure to read the next interesting horoscope for Pisces for November 2018, from which you will learn how your life will be in the run-up to winter.

Find out what to prepare for you in November 2018, if you

The main characteristics of November 2018 for Pisces

Representatives of the Pisces constellation are characterized by stinginess on expressing warm words and manifesting their sincere emotions towards their close surroundings.

And if Pisces used to like to compliment their relatives and even strangers, now they will acquire a completely new character trait — their habitual talkativeness will evaporate, as if by a wave of a magic wand. And Pisces will open their mouths only when they plan to produce something really important.

This does not mean that you immerse yourself in your inner world or give up the usual contacts. The reason for this is different — your attention will be paid to more important things (and more precisely, to career development).

How stars with planets affect Pisces in November

No wonder why Pisces will now begin to try on the role of business people. This is due to the prevailing pattern in the sky, when your patrons will be the traditional leader of the sign Neptune and the bright Sun.

Daylight will bless all plans of Pisces, which they have been bearing for a long time, but did not want to be realized in real life. And this will lay the foundation not only for the next thirty days, but for the next few months ahead.

Therefore, Pisces, having received the necessary solar support, will go to storm career peaks, coping with absolutely any obstacles in their path.

The planet Neptune will not remain on the sidelines and will offer its help — it will start sending familiar people into your life who will contribute to more active career growth. Also remember that it is always much easier for team players to succeed, so make business contacts and search for reliable partners.

But there is, of course, a negative point — namely, the actions of the pest planet, which in November becomes Mars. And he would like to make Pisces, accustomed to be charming spies, angry furies.

Try to control your negative emotions and not get annoyed over trifles.

Find out what to prepare for you in November 2018, if you

How is the personal life of Pisces

Despite the fact that, on the whole, Pisces will become more serious in November 2018, this will not particularly affect their amorous life. Pisces in love relationships continue to give their beloved due attention and love.

But who exactly will stand aside now is relatives and friends who are accustomed to using Pisces as their vest, constantly dissatisfied with life and actively express it.

As for the lonely representatives of the sign, their search for a new feeling in November promises to be not very active. Due to this, it will be created in an excessively free way, complemented by a lack of free time.

Although the beginning of a new novel in this period of time is not planned, Pisces will begin to appear admirers who wish to melt the ice of their “cold” heart.

How the fish will feel in November

By the end of autumn, Pisces’s well-being promises to be quite good: the stars will give them a lot of personal charm and charm. But astrologers note that Pisces should use their potential exclusively for peaceful and constructive purposes, because only in this way can they achieve a lot.

The sphere of health promises to be cloudless. The only caveat is to pay extra attention when traveling, do not drive, if you can not concentrate on the road to save yourself from trouble.

Also in November 2018, Pisces should not drink a lot of alcohol, so that their old illnesses do not get worse. In the specified time interval, there is a heightened sensitivity of Pisces to food and beverages, as well as to flavors.

It is recommended to visit a perfume shop to choose a perfume perfectly emphasizing your individuality.

Now the stars advise representatives of the constellation Pisces to take comprehensive care of their body and face. Pay special attention to cleansing and restoring the water balance of the skin.

With regard to anti-aging care, it is better to use the already proven means and do already familiar to this procedure.

What will please the field of finance

With the money in Pisces in November 2018, no problems are foreseen, on the contrary, the situation will be stable with a tendency to improvement.

In this case, the most successful in financial matters will be the first 2 decades of November, up to the twenty-second number.

The dates on which the largest sums of money are likely to be received are the first, tenth, eleventh, twentieth, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth of November.

Find out what to prepare for you in November 2018, if you

What to prepare in the business sphere of life

Astrology experts are in a hurry to warn Pisces people that, despite all their goodwill towards colleagues, it’s now worth taking their own strength and capabilities as a guideline. In the end result, you will receive a nice bonus — promotion on the career ladder.

November promises a lot of activity, but also some fuss and anxiety. In general, there will be a good development of relations with non-resident partners, it is possible to conduct negotiations related to opening a business in another city or even in another state.

A more modest option — your business will simply start to grow more actively in the old place.

You may not be alarmed if there is some delay in negotiations and other events — Fishes in November 2018 will have a wonderful opportunity to think carefully and analyze the situation and to improve it. Most likely, you still do not understand everything in a new business, so it is worthwhile to get to the clarification of the problem!

Fish-servants begin to think about changing jobs and take the first steps in this direction. You can ask for support from your old friends, as well as from people from whom you have previously received protection.

On November 15, 2018, the aggressive planet Mars appears in the constellation of Pisces, therefore in negotiations you will probably need more diplomacy and tact.

At this time, it is not recommended to take any drastic actions in order not to worsen the situation and not to come to a conflict. Do not forget that getting what you want is real with the help of various methods, and also about the fact that «the best war is the one that did not take place.»

This wise Eastern saying is very relevant to you now.

Recommendations from the stars on November 2018

  • In the period from the first to the seventh of November, various opportunities and roads open up for Pisces, but they must remember that it is much easier to achieve success if you cooperate with other people.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth, show openness and friendliness towards the world and people. Due to this you can become successful.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second of November — get ready for the fact that you will be forced to solve some unsolved problems or contact an unpleasant person for yourself. The surest solution to the problem is to close all questions once and for all, so that the situation can never arise in the future.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirtieth of November — you can not cling to the outdated, that which has already exhausted itself and must go out of your life. Remember that only getting rid of the old stuff, you discover for yourself many new opportunities and promising acquaintances.

This promises to be November 2018 for representatives of the constellation Pisces. You can get even more information from the following video:

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